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Palestinians saved three armed Israeli soldiers from Palestinian village Kusra

No Comments 25 January 2017

Below please find an unofficial translation of an article published in Ynet [Hebrew] regarding an incident where four Israelis were discovered in a Palestinian village. The Israelis were in danger and Zakaria Sadah, Palestinian field worker of Rabbis for Human Rights, along with the head of the village council, successfully aided them.

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Palestinian reports attack by 4 Israelis in West Bank

No Comments 03 December 2016


Issa Salich, 54, a Palestinian resident of the village Saviiya, south of Nablus, reported he was attacked yesterday (Friday, December 3) around 11:00 am near the entrance of the Palestinian village Sawiya, near the Israeli settlement Eli.

Salich reports that four Israelis emerged from a car that pulled up alongside him and beat him with rods while cursing him. The car then drove off, leaving him laying on the side of the road. 

Salich was admitted to Rafidia Hospital in Nablus with bone fractures (pictures below by Zakaria Sadeh, RHR). Rabbis for Human Rights will demand the security forces quickly investigate the incident.



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Field Report: 2016 Olive Harvest

No Comments 14 November 2016

Please see below for a summary of this year’s olive harvest.

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Road blockages disrupt lives of 90,000 Palestinians in Northern West Bank

1 Comment 07 September 2016

Blockages and barricades in a number of Palestinian villages in the Northern West Bank have disrupted the lives of 90,000 people since Monday evening. The action is an unreasonable form of collective punishment in response to claims by the army of stone throwing on Route 60.    Rabbis for Human Rights has written an urgent request to the army to remove the barricades immediately since they  are disproportionate and in contradiction to a High Court of Justice decision. In addition to disrupting day to day life, the barricades may delay the movement of those in need of medical assistance.

UPDATE [September 11 2016]:

Blockages of Palestinian villages in northern West Bank mostly removed.

Yesterday [Saturday Sept 10 2016], the Israel army removed the major roadblocks disrupting the lives of Palestinians in the Huwara area of the northern West Bank. A small number of the blockages remain on backroads. As part of our ongoing work, Rabbis for Human Rights will pressure the army to also remove them. We will continue to monitor the situation on the ground, observing if the roadblocks will be returned after the celebration of the Muslim holiday of Eid el-Adha.

Below: Children  forced to take a detour when returning to their homes

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Below: Blockages at the entrance to Palestinian village of Burin

IMG-20160906-WA0003 (1)


Photos:  Zakaria Sadah, Rabbis for Human Rights field worker

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Field Report: Winter 2016 Ploughing and Planting

No Comments 13 June 2016

This winter, RHR assisted Palestinian farmers in over a dozen villages exercise their court-mandated right to safely and completely plough and plant on their agricultural lands located near settlements or outposts. RHR’s field team assists these farmers by providing a protective presence in situations where there is a threat of settler violence, and by assisting them in coordinating with the Israeli army for both access and protection in certain areas. Sometimes coordination is required with the army, and sometimes Palestinians request it out of fear for their safety.  Continue Reading

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Palestinians report blockade imposed on Huwara village after stone throwing incident

No Comments 05 April 2016

Palestinians report that a total blockade was imposed on the village of Huwara following a stone throwing incident. Rabbis for Human Rights opposes collective punishment as immoral, and contrary to Jewish and democratic principles. Continue Reading

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With RHR’s assistance, Palestinian farmers from Sinjil successfully plough their lands

No Comments 08 March 2016

Yesterday, farmers from the Palestinian village of Sinjil successfully plowed their lands near the Givat HaRoeh settler outpost.  Although this is an area that doesn’t require coordination, the farmers needed to arrange for army protection. In previous years settlers have blocked tractors when the farmers have tried to work on their own.  Continue Reading

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Palestinians report ax thrown by extremist settler at Palestinian car

1 Comment 10 February 2016

Palestinians have reported that an extremist settler threw an ax at a Palestinian car today near Karnei Shomron. The car window was smashed, and there were no injuries.

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More olive tree uprooting in the village of Luban

1 Comment 18 January 2016

Just last month we reported about a family who was threatened by extremists carrying a gun as they attempted to plant trees on their own land. The extremists destroyed the trees after the family left, and threatened to do it again the following day when RHR staff was present. Continue Reading

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Palestinian trees destroyed, settler threatens to return and uproot them again

1 Comment 24 December 2015

On Tuesday, December 22nd 2015, RHR Palestinian field worker Zakaria Sadah arrived on the scene at Palestinian village Luban after a farmer reported that three Israelis threatened him and his family with a gun as they were planting trees on their own land. Continue Reading

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