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How much is left after rent?

No Comments 05 February 2017

At Rabbis for Human Rights’ socio-economic rights center in Hadera, Rabbi Idit Lev sat with two different men. Continue Reading

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Unbelievable! Driver’s Licenses of those who drive for a living revoked due to debts

1 Comment 29 December 2016

According to estimates, hundreds of driver’s licenses are frozen each year by the Bailiff’s Office. For many Israelis, this immediately results in their inability to earn money and pay off the debt they owe.

In a story published in Haaretz on this issue, journalist Lee Yaron interviewed Rabbis for Human Rights’ staff Rabbi Idit Lev and Rabbi Sigal Asher in response to information we acquired at our Rights Center in Hadera, where we provide assistance to economically vulnerable Israelis.

Justice in Israel

The right of single parents to attend university & receive guaranteed minimum income

No Comments 09 November 2016

 The Knesset has enacted a law allowing single parents to pursue academic studies while receiving a guaranteed income, but government regulations are preventing the realization of this right. Continue Reading

Justice in Israel

Thursday: Information session on new debt and bankruptcy legislation

No Comments 06 November 2016

Many people deal with debt, and for some,  bankruptcy is an opportunity to start a new page.  The Knesset is currently discussing a new proposed law dealing with this issue.  We at Rabbis for Human Rights, after consulting with people who are living in debt,  have already studied the legislation and identified points that, in our opinion, need to be changed.  Continue Reading

Justice in Israel

Exciting Developments at the inauguration of the new Rights Center in Hadera

No Comments 08 June 2016


By Rabbi Idit Lev

Earlier this week we celebrated the opening of the new location of RHR’s Hadera Rights Center  together with activists, members, staff and partners of RHR  partners. Continue Reading

Justice in Israel

On International Women’s Day, we honor the memory of Kultum Agabariya

No Comments 08 March 2016

Today, on International Women’s Day, we honor the memory of Kultum Agabariya, a leader, activist and mother. We must not be silent about violence against women.

A Rabbis for Human Rights activist from our Socio-Economic Rights Center in Hadera, Kultum Agabariya, was murdered. Her death was not published in the media, and she did not apear in Haaretz’s recent special project on women who have been murdered. As a result, we contacted Haaretz’s staff and they’ve since added Kultum and her story. Continue Reading

Justice in Israel

Hadera socio-economic rights center moves to a new location!

No Comments 08 February 2016

Yesterday, our Hadera Socio-Economic Rights center moved to its new home, still in Hadera of course. Moving is never easy, so congratulations to the staff for getting things set up so quickly! Their doors will officially open once again tomorrow, February 9th. Continue Reading

Justice in Israel

The story of a man expected to live on 250 ILS per month ($64 dollars)

No Comments 04 January 2016

Rabbi Sigal Asher, director of RHR’s Socio-Economic Rights Center in Hadera, tells of a man who is supposed to live off 250 ILS per month. Continue Reading

Justice in Israel

Rabbi Lev named a person of the year by Yedioth Ahronoth!

1 Comment 30 December 2015

Rabbi Idit Lev, the director of our socio-economic justice department, has been named a “person of the year” in 2015 by the popular Israeli paper Yedioth Ahronoth! Continue Reading

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A taste of open hours at RHR’s Hadera Socio-Economic Rights Center

No Comments 20 December 2015

Open hours for the public at the Rabbis for Human Rights Socio-Economic Rights Center in Hadera are an unpredictable time;  perhaps no one will come, or perhaps there won’t even be a free moment to drink a glass of water. When there are no people, we try not to let ourselves get too deeply into something from which it might be hard to tear ourselves away, in case someone should come in.  On some of the days we hold open hours, we only have one staff member is present in the center, while one day a week we are all there, and another day two of us are there.   Continue Reading

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