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First-hand testimony: The Expulsion of Susya in 1986

No Comments 19 May 2015

How Palestinians were expelled from the original location of their village, which later became the archaeological site Sussia Continue Reading

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Israeli state pushes court to take unusual step threatening demolition of entire village (Arabic post)

No Comments 14 May 2015

Download the PDF file .


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SIGN NOW: Petition to Save Susya!

1 Comment 14 May 2015

Please sign the petition to save Susya, currently under threat of imminent demolition. Continue Reading

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British Consul and other diplomats visits Susya

No Comments 13 May 2015

Yesterday, British, German, French, Spanish and Danish diplomats visited the Palestinian village of Susya, currently under the threat of imminent demolition.  The British have released the following press release: Continue Reading

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LISTEN: Rabbi Ascherman on Israeli radio on Susya (Hebrew)

No Comments 12 May 2015

On May 12th 2015, Rabbi Ascherman went on Israeli radio to debate with the legal advisor for the NGO Regavim, an organization pushing to destroy Susya. The interview, in Hebrew, in below, followed by comments in English:

Continue Reading

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High Court rules to demolish Bedouin village Umm al Hiran

No Comments 11 May 2015

On Tuesday, May 5th 2015, the High Court ruled that Umm al Hiran, an unrecognised Bedouin village in the Negev, will be demolished and the residents forcibly displaced. This comes despite the fact that the village was relocated twice by Israeli authorities to its present location. The court rules that the land is state owned, the residents have no right to it, and the entire village will be destroyed and the  Jewish settlement of Hiran will be built on top of it. Continue Reading

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READ: Powerful affidavit by planner with CA on why Palestinian plans are rejected

No Comments 07 May 2015

Click here to read the unofficial translation of the powerful affidavit by Professor Rassem Khamaisi explaining why the tens of professional master plans he has submitted for Palestinian villages in Area C are languishing unfulfilled. These plans will continue to be unrealised  if the Israeli High Court does not agree to the petition RHR and partners* have submitted to return planning authority for Palestinian villages to Palestinian hands. Professor Khamaisi explains how the Israeli army ignores planning standards and cultural norms in order to implement discrimination through the planning of communities.

Continue Reading

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Israeli state pushes court to take unusual step threatening immediate demolition of entire Palestinian village

1 Comment 06 May 2015


Israeli state pushes court to take unusual step threatening immediate demolition of entire Palestinian village 

The entire Palestinian village of Susya is in danger of demolition and expulsion. By refusing to issue an interim order preventing preemptive demolitions before their case is heard, the Israeli High Court is allowing for the demolition of the entire Palestinian village of Susya and subsequent expulsion of its 340 residents. The refusal of the State to commit to not demolishing before the conclusion of proceedings suggests it has plans to destroy the village in the near future.   Continue Reading

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Update on Susya: State opposes freezing of demolition orders

9 Comments 31 March 2015

This past Thursday (March 26th, 2015), RHR received the position of the state opposing our request for an interim order to freeze the implementation of Susya’s demolition orders until the hearing of the appeal.

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APRIL 12TH: High Court to hear our petition demanding planning rights returned to Palestinians

No Comments 29 March 2015

Join us as the High Court hears our petition, jointly submitted with partners the village council of Dirat-Rafa’aya, The Jerusalem Legal Aid and Human Rights Center, The Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions, and The Society of Saint Yves- The Catholic Center for Human Rights, to return planning authority to Palestinian hands for their own communities in Area C of the West Bank.  By allowing Palestinians to plan their own communities, the plague of administrative housing demolitions will effectively end. The discussion will be held in the Supreme Court building in Jerusalem, at 10am, on April 12th. Please join us and show  the world we are watching!
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