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No Comments 13 August 2015


In an apparent “price tag” arson attack in the West Bank community of Ein Samia, a Bedouin tent was set on fire and completely burned. Inside the tend was only animal feed; however, it is extremely fortunate that no people were present, as the children usually sleep in the corner of the tent but were elsewhere due the heat. Nearby the burnt tent graffiti was scrawled reading “administrative revenge” – implying a revenge attack following the administrative detention of some right wing Israeli extremists by the Israeli authorities.
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Rabbis for Human Rights mourns the murder of Sa’ad Dawabshe

No Comments 09 August 2015

Rabbis for Human Rights mourns the murder of Sa’ad Dawabshe one week after sustaining serious injuries in an arson attack that killed his 18 month old son, and seriously injured his wife and other son. We continue to pray for the recovery of his wife and son, still in serious condition in the hospital. Continue Reading

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High Court throws out petition against illegal outpost near Carmei Tzur

No Comments 06 August 2015

PRESS RELEASE | Aug 3 2015


High Court throws out petition against outpost encroaching on Palestinian land even though state has no intention of evacuating the it. 

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RHR statement on the use of administrative detention on suspected Jewish terrorists

1 Comment 04 August 2015

Suspicions that the recent arson attack in the Palestinian village of Duma was committed by Jewish terrorists has resulted in calls for the use of tools such as administrative detention to be used against suspected perpetrators.  Continue Reading

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The story behind the photo

19 Comments 03 August 2015

The following photo of RHR Palestinian field worker Zakaria Sadah (blue checkered shirt) went “viral” and was shared widely online (mostly Hebrew) without proper context or understanding.  This situation has resulted in the vilification of our worker by settlers and some Palestinians. Please see below for the story and video behind the  photo. Continue Reading

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After Condemning Jewish Violence Friday, Security Forces Permit it Saturday

12 Comments 02 August 2015



Same Old Games: After Condemning Jewish Violence Friday, Security Forces Permit it on Saturday 


Rabbis for Human Rights: One day after the Israeli security forces condemned murderous violence against Palestinians,  they protect violent settlers near Qusra.  


On Saturday violent far-right activists came from the outpost of Esh Kodesh (“Holy Fire”) to a plot of land cultivated by Palestinian farmers from the village of Qusra. The area is classified “Area B”  and is under  Palestinian civilian control. There is no Israeli administered “state land” present, and there is no legitimate debate regarding ownership of the land the Palestinians  were attempting to work on. Despite it being Shabbat, the right-wing extremists attacked Palestinian farmers in front of Israeli army soldiers, preventing the farmers from completing their agriculture work.  The situation developed into a violent confrontation, and the soldiers present did not try to stop the right-wing extremists, but rather offered them protection.  Later, after the situation had de-escalated, a member of the police attacked Palestinians with a taser gun without cause.




RHR opposes any form of violence while condemning the Israeli security forces’ actions of tacitly permitting violence against Palestinian farmers by Jewish extremists. This behavior is especially egregious since it occurred in Area B.  Only one day after the shocking murder of a Palestinian toddler in the village of Duma, the army’s refusal to respond appropriately to violence by Jewish extremists demonstrates that no lessons have been learned as a result of Ali’s death. Israeli authorities must act decisively and strongly against Jewish violence and terror.


While it is natural that the security forces may identify more with their own people, procedures regarding law enforcement in situations involving violent Israelis must be clearly laid out and consistently implemented.


Photos by Zakaria Sadah, RHR field worker

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Five settlers detained in relation to harassment of Palestinian family

No Comments 02 June 2015

Five settlers were detained on Sunday, May 31 2015 in relation to the harassment of a Palestinian family from the village of Sair who owns land near the settlement Metzad (also referred to as Asfar) and the outpost Pnei Kedem. Continue Reading

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Tag Meir Coalition arranges theatrical performance in Murayer

No Comments 16 March 2015

Last week, on Purim (March 5 2015), cars were torched and racist graffiti scrawled on a home in the Palestinian village of Murayer. In response, the Tag Meir Coalition organized a solidarity visit with the village yesterday (March 15 2015), which included an amazing theater performance for the children (and adults!).  Continue Reading

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He who casts fear: Security coordinator from Nokdim does as he pleases

No Comments 10 March 2015

On Tuesday, March 3rd, a settlement security coordinator, apparently from the settlement of Nokdim, attempted to intimidate Palestinian land owners during a coordination with the army near the settlement of Eldad. Upon arrival at the scene, he demanded to see the IDs of the Palestinians, which he also collected.
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Press release: Cars torched, racist graffiti in Palestinian village of Murayer

2 Comments 05 March 2015

Two cars torched, racist graffiti found this morning in Murayer

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