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Field Reports, Occupied Territories

10 mature olive trees chopped down in Turmous Ayya

1 Comment 18 January 2017

Ten mature olive trees in the Palestinian village of Turmous Ayya were recently found chopped down not far from the outpost Adi Ad. Encryptic graffiti was sprayed including the word “revenge” and relating the destruction to illegal outposts as an act of “mutual responsibility.”  Continue Reading

Field Reports, Occupied Territories

Palestinians report 166 olive saplings uprooted in Turmous Ayya

No Comments 13 December 2016

Palestinians reported that yesterday, December 12 2016, 166 olive tree saplings were uprooted from the agricultural lands of Palestinian village Turmous Ayya. We are currently investigating the complaint, and are coordinating with the Israeli security forces. The High Court, in 2006, set a precedent mandating Israeli authorities to ensure the safety of Palestinian farmers on their lands in Area C of the occupied territories.  Continue Reading

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Palestinian reports attack by 4 Israelis in West Bank

No Comments 03 December 2016


Issa Salich, 54, a Palestinian resident of the village Saviiya, south of Nablus, reported he was attacked yesterday (Friday, December 3) around 11:00 am near the entrance of the Palestinian village Sawiya, near the Israeli settlement Eli.

Salich reports that four Israelis emerged from a car that pulled up alongside him and beat him with rods while cursing him. The car then drove off, leaving him laying on the side of the road. 

Salich was admitted to Rafidia Hospital in Nablus with bone fractures (pictures below by Zakaria Sadeh, RHR). Rabbis for Human Rights will demand the security forces quickly investigate the incident.



Field Reports, General, Occupied Territories

Field Report: 2016 Olive Harvest

No Comments 14 November 2016

Please see below for a summary of this year’s olive harvest.

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Field Reports, Occupied Territories

Extremist settlers threaten Palestinian farmers & RHR volunteers

No Comments 09 October 2016

Today was the first morning for our volunteers in this olive harvest season. As soon as we got to our chosen harvest location, an extremist settler from the Tapuah outpost came with a large stick towards us, threatening both the Palestinians and our volunteers. He tried to expel the Palestinians from the land, but we stood between him and the Palestinians, and we’re now our way to file a complaint with the police. Continue Reading

Occupied Territories

Extremists attempt to disturb Palestinian plowing near Jalud & Esh Kodesh outpost

No Comments 15 June 2016

On Sunday June 5th, extremist settlers interfered with the planting/plowing work of Palestinians in an area between the village of Jalud and the outpost of Esh Kodesh known for its history of violent confrontations.  Police forces responded and delayed a number of the settlers from the group, but did not initially prevent the entrance of the perpetrators of violence into the agricultural area.  
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Legal Work

RHR legal success: Settler encroaching on private Palestinian land to be removed

No Comments 27 April 2016

On April 11th, RHR achieved an important milestone in a seven year struggle to return to Palestinians from Kariyut the lands taken over by a settler from Shilo. In her ruling, the judge gave credence to Kariyut’s claim that their ability to access or defend their lands had been severely curtailed because of settler guns and army roadblocks.

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RHR statement on recent arrest of Jewish terror cell

1 Comment 20 April 2016

The Shin Bet today announced the arrest of six settlers and a soldier suspected of attacking Palestinians in the West Bank. RHR responds: Continue Reading

Field Reports, Legal Work, Occupied Territories


No Comments 10 April 2016

On April 4th, extremist settlers from Itamar came down in the direction of the Palestinian farmers who had entered their farmlands in coordination with the Israeli army. The settlers approached the farmers in a threating manner. However, the farmers were accompanied by IDF forces who prevented the extremists from getting near the Palestinians or harming them.

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Legal Work, Occupied Territories, Press Releases

WATCH: Violent settler attempts to attack Palestinian, threatens children & activists

No Comments 23 March 2016

An Israeli resident of the South Hebron Hills was filmed by a Ta’ayush activist as he attempted to attack an elderly Palestinian shepherd, threatened to butcher his children at night, and called to hang human rights activists.

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