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4 Palestinian Children attacked, one badly injured, by Israeli Extremists

No Comments 24 April 2014

Israeli settlers attacked with stones four Palestinian children who were returning home from school with their mother

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Weekly Parasha: A Just People Based on a Moral Present

1 Comment 23 April 2014

In parashat Kdoshim, Rabbi Kobi Weiss warns us of the dangers of using our past and future as a chosen, holy people for justification of an immoral present.  Continue Reading

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At it Again: Settler previously caught red-handed arrested on suspicion of arson

No Comments 01 April 2014

Resident of the settlement Eli arrested on suspicion of setting fire to trees is the same person filmed early this month with a chainsaw in a Palestinian olive grove.


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Two Palestinians injured by extremists near the village of Murayer

No Comments 09 March 2014

March 6 2014: Two Palestinians attacked with sticks and stones by a group of Israeli extremists near the village of Murayer in the Occupied Territories. The men sustained mild to moderate injuries which required medical care– mostly bruises to their heads and legs. Continue Reading

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Helpless against the might of the state: Rabbi Ascherman replies to a friend of Carmel

3 Comments 02 March 2014

The Bedouin village of Umm el-Kheir is just a stone’s throw away from the Carmel settlement in the South Hebron Hills. Its residents live in huts and tents in abject poverty, without water hook-ups or electricity, while the residents of Carmel enjoy an existence resembling life in the suburbs of any Western country.

For a number of years, the shepherds of Umm el-Kheir have struggled against the settlers of Carmel who claim that part of Umm el-Kheir sits on the Jewish settlement. Recently, tensions came to the surface again as settlers planted trees on a ridge– a tactic used in the past to “claim”  their land. The trees were uprooted and as a result, the village shepherds were collectively punished by blocked access to their pastures. Additionally, Carmel settlers physically attempted to prevent the flocks from passing. Continue Reading

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Twenty years since 29 slaughtered at the Tomb of the Patriarchs massacre

1 Comment 25 February 2014

Today marks twenty years since 29 Palestinians, including seven children, were brutally gunned down as they prayed by the Jewish nationalist fanatic Baruch Goldstein at the Cave of Patriarchs (Ibrahimi Mosque). In addition to destroying the lives of those injured and the lives of those who lost loved ones, the massacre resulted in a milieu of restrictions on the freedoms of Palestinian residents, dramatically changing the face of Hebron until this very day. 


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Extremists likely from Havat Gilad attack Palestinian village Jit

No Comments 23 February 2014

PRESS RELEASE |  February  21 2014

Video and stills from extremist attack on the village of Jit yesterday afternoon


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WATCH: Saved by Palestinians only to return with threats

No Comments 20 February 2014

PRESS RELEASE |  February 20 2014

A youth who was involved in a previous incident in which extreme rightists were captured in the village of Qusra can be seen in the video threatening violence against the Palestinians of Turmus Ayya. This incident followed a tense morning which began with the discovery that 700 seedlings had been uprooted in Turmus Ayya.

This morning (February 19th), the Palestinians of Turmus Ayya discovered that their tree seedlings had been uprooted in the area of the village adjacent to the outpost of Adei Ad. Initial reports indicated that around 700 trees were uprooted. In the wake of the incident, enraged Palestinians set out to destroy an old building that extremist settlers have taken control of, which the villagers’ claim sits on Palestinian land. Settlers also arrived at the location, and a confrontation ensued.

During the confrontation, Rabbis for Human Rights field worker, Zakaria Sadah, recognized one of the extreme rightist activists who had previously been captured by Palestinians after attempting to attack the village of Qusra. Sadah and other Palestinians had protected the settlers from angry village youths who had captured the extreme rightist activists. This time, Sadah recognized one of the same extreme rightist activists raising a stick and threatening the Palestinians, and documented the incident.

IDF soldiers broke up the confrontation and prevented escalation. We applaud the soldiers for their actions and call on security forces to prevent the ongoing abuse and systematic discrimination that heightens tensions and volatility in the West Bank. As our sages knew, “The sword comes upon the world because of justice delayed and justice perverted; and because of those that teach Torah not according to Halacha.”

WATCH: Video of extreme rightist activist threatening Palestinians

WATCH: Video of soldiers preventing confrontation

Below: photos of the building taken over by the extremists.







Photo and video credit: Zakaria Sadah, Rabbis for Human Rights



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2014 Olive Tree Planting Campaign Summary

No Comments 17 February 2014

For the last decade, as part of Rabbis for Human Rights’ efforts to stand in solidarity with our Palestinians neighbors while showing a compassionate face of Judaism to the world, RHR has planted olive trees with various Palestinian villages in the West Bank. This year, our planting felt especially urgent and needed, as the end of 2013 and start of 2014 saw an unprecedented amount of vandalism and theft towards Palestinian agriculture (below for details). Continue Reading

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Updated response regarding Far’ata indictments

No Comments 08 February 2014

Updated response from Rabbis for Human Rights after receiving additional information about the indictments issued against suspected “price tag” perpetrators last night.

Rabbis for Human Rights opposes violating the rights of suspects under investigation, even in cases of severe hate crimes: Continue Reading

April 28: RHR Planning Appeal against housing demolitions!

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