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Extremist Israelis arrested after theft & violence against Palestinians olive farmers

No Comments 16 October 2017


Israelis were documented stealing olives from a Palestinian grove near the Palestinian village El Jenia and the illegal Israeli outpost Zayit Ra’anan on Sunday October 15. They were arrested following the swift intervention of the head of the field department of Rabbis for Human Rights, Zakaria Sadah, who informed the security forces. Continue Reading

Field Reports, Occupied Territories

Olive Harvest 2017: Incidents of violence & olive stealing in harvest’s first week

No Comments 15 October 2017

Last week, the second week of October, Rabbis for Human Rights began assisting Palestinian olive farmers with their harvesting in Area C near Israeli settlements and outposts. Our presence in the groves deters extremist settlers from violence while ensuring the army does not place unnecessary and unfair restrictions and limitations on the farmers’ right to harvest. Continue Reading

Field Reports, Occupied Territories

45 olive trees destroyed near Burin

2 Comments 25 June 2017

Today June 25 2017, 45 olive trees, aged around forty years old, were found destroyed near the Palestinian village of Burin, outside the Yitzhar settlement. The damage was done just adjacent to Route 60, the main road running through the West Bank. Graffiti reading “revenge” was also sprayed.

Ma’an News agency: Assailants destroy 45 olive trees and spray paint “revenge” on Palestinian land

On Saturday, 24 June, twelve olive trees were discovered destroyed in a grove belonging to the village of Turmus Ayya. A Palestinian  present documented a group of settlers who claimed to be connected to the crime and the arrival of the security forces while the settlers were still present. As far as we know, no one was detained for questioning. Rabbis for Human Rights will work to clarify the details of the incident.

Haaretz: Nine attacks by settlers have been caught on camera in two months. Zero have been indicted.

Field Reports, Occupied Territories, Press Releases

Palestinian arrested for stone-throwing while Israeli stone-throwing ignored

No Comments 11 May 2017

On Wednesday May 10 2017, both settlers and Palestinians went to the scene of a fire below the Givat Ronen outpost on the edge of an olive grove belonging to Palestinians from Burin.

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Field Reports, Occupied Territories

Settler threatens RHR worker Zakaria Sadah with rifle

No Comments 10 May 2017

Three days ago, an armed settler loaded his rifle and aimed its barrel at the chest of the Rabbis for Human Rights’ Palestinian field coordinator Zakaria Sadeh. Zakaria had been nonviolently documenting Palestinians protesting.  Additionally, a soldier snatched Zakaria’s cell phone, which fell and cracked. Continue Reading


Vehicle burned in north West Bank in suspected hate crime

No Comments 26 April 2017

Breaking report: Vehicle torched in Huwara in suspected hate crime; police investigating 

Hebrew writing was spray painted alongside the torched vehicle on a cloth attached to a nearby fence. However, the writing is charred and difficult to read other than a few letters. The police have informed RHR’s field coordinator that they have opened an investigation.

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Field Reports, General, Occupied Territories

Liberman condemns violence against soldiers, but not against Palestinians

No Comments 24 April 2017

Rabbis for Human Rights expresses anger and amazement in response to the statement yesterday by Defense Minister, Avigdor Liberman, in which he references the violent attacks over weekend in the West Bank. Continue Reading

Field Reports, Occupied Territories

Wave of attacks against Palestinians continues in villages of Urif and Huwara

No Comments 24 April 2017

Look below or click here for disturbing photos of recent violence which culminated Saturday (April 22 2017) in two incidents in the Northern West bank. According to a Palestinian reports, three Palestinians were wounded in Huwara, two in the head and one in the hand, by roaming groups of extremist settlers. Among the injured is a 70 year old woman (see below for details). Continue Reading

Field Reports, Occupied Territories

Olive trees destroyed near outpost of Migron

No Comments 13 April 2017

Around one hundred olive trees were discovered uprooted in a Palestinian grove near the outpost of Migron last week. The damage is extensive. Our colleagues at Yesh Din are currently assisting the farmers in contacting the appropriate Israel authorities.

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Field Reports, Occupied Territories

Israeli soldiers ignore stone throwing extremists & army replaces judicial system

No Comments 03 April 2017

On Saturday April 1 2017, a group of extremist settlers from the Givat Ronen outpost came to the Palestinian village of Burin and threw stones at the residents on the pretense that the villagers had stolen a donkey from the outpost. The Palestinians responded by also throwing stones. The army soon arrived, fired tear gas at the Palestinians, turned a blind eye on the extremists throwing stones, and finally removed the donkey from the Palestinians’ hands and gave it to the extremists. Continue Reading

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