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Donate an olive tree to a Palestinian farmer – $10 buys one sapling!

1 Comment 19 January 2016

Donate olive trees to Palestinian farmers living under the threat of Jewish extremism and help sow seeds of hope and justice! Just $10 for one sapling!


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Field Reports, Occupied Territories

More olive tree uprooting in the village of Luban

1 Comment 18 January 2016

Just last month we reported about a family who was threatened by extremists carrying a gun as they attempted to plant trees on their own land. The extremists destroyed the trees after the family left, and threatened to do it again the following day when RHR staff was present. Continue Reading

Occupied Territories

Tree nursery previously robbed by Israeli settlers, demolished by the army

1 Comment 14 January 2016

Yesterday (January 13 2016) morning, the Israeli army destroyed a tree nursery in the occupied territories which had previously been the subject of a Channel 2 report exposing , with the help of RHR,  footage of Israelis stealing from it night after night without any police action. The video and coverage (Hebrew) of the previous theft can be viewed here Continue Reading

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State seeks legalization of outpost where Duma murder was reportedly planned

No Comments 03 January 2016

The state failed last week to submit its latest response to a petition submitted by Rabbis for Human Rights on behalf of a Palestinian family whose land and property was stolen by extremists who used intimidation and violence in order to achieve the theft. Continue Reading

Field Reports, Occupied Territories

Palestinian trees destroyed, settler threatens to return and uproot them again

1 Comment 24 December 2015

On Tuesday, December 22nd 2015, RHR Palestinian field worker Zakaria Sadah arrived on the scene at Palestinian village Luban after a farmer reported that three Israelis threatened him and his family with a gun as they were planting trees on their own land. Continue Reading

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Smokes grenades thrown at Palestinian home outside of Ramallah

No Comments 22 December 2015

Rabbis for Human Rights condemns the smoke grenades thrown at a Palestinian house in Baytillu, where there was a couple with a baby that could have been seriously harmed by the smoke. Continue Reading

Legal Work, Occupied Territories

Police close investigation of Jewish terror while announcing developments in another

No Comments 03 December 2015


Parallel to announcing progress in investigation a case of Jewish terror, the police close investigation into the throwing of a Molotov cocktail into a Palestinian home Continue Reading

Occupied Territories

Attempted arson attack in Palestinian village Mizra’a al Qibliya

No Comments 24 November 2015

Palestinians report that around 4am on November 20th, Israeli extremists coming from the direction of the settlements Neria and Talmon threw a firebomb into a home in the Palestinian village of Mizra’a al Qibliya. Rocks were also thrown through a window and Hebrew graffiti was sprayed on the house. Residents were home but thankfully, no one was injured. RHR condemns this senseless violence, and calls for a full investigation into this crime.

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Surrendering to Jewish Terror: A Summary of the 2015 Olive Harvest

No Comments 19 November 2015


Rabbis For Human Rights has a message for the military authorities at the conclusion of the Olive harvest: Continue Reading

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Suspect arrested in connection to assault of Rabbi Ascherman

No Comments 08 November 2015


Response from Rabbi Arik Ascherman, president and senior rabbi of Rabbis for Rabbis for Human Rights,  to the arrest of a suspect in his assault, announced today by the police. Continue Reading

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