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Attempted arson attack in Palestinian village Mizra’a al Qibliya

No Comments 24 November 2015

Palestinians report that around 4am on November 20th, Israeli extremists coming from the direction of the settlements Neria and Talmon threw a firebomb into a home in the Palestinian village of Mizra’a al Qibliya. Rocks were also thrown through a window and Hebrew graffiti was sprayed on the house. Residents were home but thankfully, no one was injured. RHR condemns this senseless violence, and calls for a full investigation into this crime.

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Surrendering to Jewish Terror: A Summary of the 2015 Olive Harvest

No Comments 19 November 2015


Rabbis For Human Rights has a message for the military authorities at the conclusion of the Olive harvest: Continue Reading

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Suspect arrested in connection to assault of Rabbi Ascherman

No Comments 08 November 2015


Response from Rabbi Arik Ascherman, president and senior rabbi of Rabbis for Rabbis for Human Rights,  to the arrest of a suspect in his assault, announced today by the police. Continue Reading


CCAR releases statement on the attack of Rabbi Ascherman by extremist

No Comments 04 November 2015

The Central Conference of American Rabbis (CCAR) has released a statement on Rabbi Ascherman’s October 23rd attack by an extremist armed with a knife, calling on the “Israeli police to revise their report [inaccurately calling the incident a "confrontation" between left and right wing activists], issuing an accurate one in its place” and demanding that “the settler who attacked Rabbi Ascherman be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.”

Read the full statement here

RHR would like to add a few corrections to the statement:

 1. It happened underneath the outposts connected to Itamar, not Yitzhar

2. We are willing to say that he definitely was an Israeli. We are fairly sure he was a settler, but can’t be sure.

3. Rabbi Ascherman wasn’t defending people, although in the end he had to defend a journalist who was with me.

4. Rabbi Ascherman actually would have to sit down and think how many tines he has been attacked over the last decade.



Media Summary: Rabbi Ascherman attacked by armed extremist

No Comments 30 October 2015

There has been much media coverage after Rabbi Ascherman was attacked by an armed extremist last week.  Below please find a [non-comprehensive] listing of coverage. Continue Reading

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Rabbi Arik Ascherman interviewed by Amy Goodman for Democracy Now!

No Comments 27 October 2015

On October 26th 2015, Rabbi Ascherman was interviewed by Amy Goodman of Democracy Now! following the release of a video of him being attacked by an Israeli extremist which went viral. Unfortunately, the satellite feed cut out midway through the interview.

Please click here to read the transcript of the interview.

More on the attack, including photos

Note: Rabbi Ascherman is NOT a co-founder of RHR. He joined five years after it was founded.

"Amy Goodman in 2010" by ChrisEaves.com - Amy Goodman. Licensed under CC BY 2.0 via Commons

“Amy Goodman in 2010″ by ChrisEaves.com – Amy Goodman. Licensed under CC BY 2.0 via Commons

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Palestinian farmers reportedly attacked in N. West Bank, 70 year old man injured

No Comments 27 October 2015

OCTOBER 27th: Palestinians reported that 15 Israelis arrived yesterday (October 27th) around 10am to a Palestinian agricultural area near Elon Moreh and attacked them with rocks and sticks. The Palestinian farmers are from the village Dar al Khattab, and they had been picking olives on their land in coordination with the army. On their way to carry out the attack, the Israelis passed by soldiers who do not stop them; only after the DCO arrived after receiving a report from the group was the violent incident stopped. A 70 year-old Palestinian was lightly wounded from blows to his head. Rabbis for Human Rights Palestinian field worker, Zakaria Sadah, arrived at the scene and coordinated with the army for the safe return of the Palestinian farmers to work in their olive grove.

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Testimony of Rabbi Ascherman, attacked by extremist armed with knife

7 Comments 25 October 2015

On Friday October 23 2015, Rabbi Ascherman was attacked by an extremist armed with a knife near the outposts of the Itamar settlement. Baruch HaShem, Rabbi Ascherman is OK. Please see below for an explanation and a video of the incident.

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Police fail to stop thieves in Palestinian olive groves

2 Comments 20 October 2015

Despite real-time reports and documentation, police fail to stop thieves in Palestinian olive groves

In a pattern that continues each year at the start of the harvest, we have once again witnessed thefts of olives from Palestinian groves. As has occurred previously, once again this is accompanied by the unwillingness of the security forces to take action despite photos taken of the criminals, the crimes taking place in broad daylight, and reports filed in real time.

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Army accompanying settler cows leaving Palestinian groves

No Comments 15 October 2015

From Rabbi Ascherman, October 13 2015:

For years RHR has been talking to the DCO (of the Israeli Civil Administration) about cows from the outposts connected to the Itamar settlement in the Palestinian olive groves below, eating the produce. We saw this again over the last few days while accompanying the olive harvest. But this time I saw something I have never seen. The settler atv is accompanying the cows back to the outposts, followed by the army. Are they protecting the tresspassers, or expelling them? What do you think?

Screenshot 2015-10-14 11.43.38

וודיאו 4: קאובויס בסגנון מתנחלי-במטעי הזיתים של הפלסטיניםVideo 4: Herding cows settler style-In the Palestinian olive groves.

Posted by Arik Ascherman on Tuesday, October 13, 2015

ודיאו 3: שיירת הפרות של המתנחלים/ות הביתה, לאחר יום שלם במטעים הפלסטיניםVideo 3 Settler cows on the way home, after a full day of feasting in the Palestinian olive groves.

Posted by Arik Ascherman on Tuesday, October 13, 2015

וודיאו 2: הפרות של המתנחלים/ות סועדות על זיתים של הפלסטינים/ותVideo 2: Settler cows feasting on Palestinian olives.

Posted by Arik Ascherman on Tuesday, October 13, 2015

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