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Joint letter by Israeli HR organizations to Attorney General and JAG

3 Comments 22 July 2014

Ten Israeli human rights organizations, including RHR, sent a letter of concern to the Attorney General and JAG (Judge Advocate General) regarding Operation Protective Edge. Continue Reading

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Job opening: RHR seeks a lobbyist

No Comments 20 July 2014

Rabbis for Human Rights seeks a lobbyist. See below for requirements.  (Hebrew speakers only, please)

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Urgent letter to state demands procedure to evacuate injured in Gaza Strip

2 Comments 20 July 2014

In an urgent letter sent to The Ministry of Defense the morning of July 18th 2014,   eight Israeli human rights organization including RHR demand a procedure to evacuate the injured in the Gaza Strip.

"Palestinian Red Crescent ambulances that tried to reach them, as well as other sites in the neighborhood encountered firing."Palestinian Red Crescent ambulance at checkpoint. Photo:Justin McIntosh. CC-wkipedia

“Palestinian Red Crescent ambulances that tried to reach them, as well as other sites in the neighborhood encountered firing.”Palestinian Red Crescent ambulance at checkpoint. Photo: Justin McIntosh. CC-wikipedia

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Field Report from the Occupied Territories: A Tragic, Worrying Time

No Comments 15 July 2014

Summer is often a quite time for RHR’s Department of Human Rights in the Occupied Territories. Tragically, this summer has been anything but. Rabbi Yehiel Grenimann, director of the department, provides an update from the field between June and July of 2014.

By: Rabbi Yehiel Grenimann

It has been a tragic, worrying time as we all know, and this has profoundly impacted our work in the OPT. Continue Reading

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Rabbis for Human Rights statement on Operation Protective Edge

No Comments 15 July 2014

“That be far from You to do after this manner, to slay the righteous with the wicked”

On the Right to Self Defense and its Limitations

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Rabbis for Human Rights is guided by the paramount Jewish value of preserving every human life. We totally reject deliberate destruction and bloodshed. Judaism appreciates efforts to preserve life even in the heat of battle, both by developing defense methods and by efforts not to target helpless non-combatants. “Far be it from You to do such a thing, to slay the righteous along with the wicked” (Genesis 18:25) Continue Reading

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To be Considered a Traitor under Hamas Fire: Reflections by RHR Director Ayala Levy

6 Comments 10 July 2014

Ayala Levy is a resident of Israel’s south and RHR’s Executive Director. She is also a mother to both young children and soldiers, and a former IDF officer and Israeli diplomat.  As part of Rabbis for Human Rights’ series  featuring the reflections, both human rights related and not,  of our staff and rabbis during Operation Protective Shield, she reminds us that even under the fire of rockets, she is still forced to prove herself a patriot. Continue Reading

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When Will the Messiah Come?- A Cry for our Beloved Country

1 Comment 10 July 2014

 As Israel  seems to plunge deeper into darkness, Rabbi Ascherman provides an update on a number of pressing issues in human rights in Israel and the occupied territories. Continue Reading


RHR Mourns the Murder of Eyal Yifrach,Naftali Frenkel and Gilad Shaar

No Comments 05 July 2014

Murdered teens: L to R Naftali Frenkel, Gilad Shaar, Eyal Yifrach

Murdered teens: L to R Naftali Frenkel, Gilad Shaar, Eyal Yifrach

Words fail at this time. Nevertheless, at hearing the news of the murders of Naftali Frenkel z”l, Eyal Yifrach z”l and Gilad Shaer z”l, we wish to express the profound pain we feel along with all of Am Yisrael and those of all faiths who honor the Image of God in every human being. We send our most profound condolences to the families and we mourn alongside them. Baruch dayan ha’emet.

Please note: Text was originally posted on Monday, June 30th (when the news of the deaths broke) but due to unrelated technical issues, had to later be deleted and reposted.

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PRESS RELEASE: Authorities Violently Break-up African Asylum Seeker Protest Camp

No Comments 05 July 2014


Reports of violence against asylum seekers and Israeli human rights activists during the “Freedom March” protest in a forest near Nitzana.


On Sunday (June 29 2014) evening, hundreds of African asylum seekers were evacuated from a forest next to the village of Nitzana near Israel’s border with Egypt. The asylum seekers were violently evacuated by riot police forces and Immigration Department agents, as well as people in civilian dress, apparently civilian security officers from surrounding villages. Continue Reading


July 5th: Rabbi Ascherman to Receive Honorary Doctorate from Hebrew Union College

2 Comments 27 June 2014

Screen Shot 2014-06-25 at 11.38.46 AM

Hebrew Union College
proudly invites you to a special prayer service
with the American Conference of Cantors and President Rabbi Aaron Panken, Ph.D.
during which an honorary doctorate will be issued to
Rabbi Arik Ascherman
in honor of twenty-five years of ordination

July 5th 2014 (7 Tammuz 5774)
Blaustein Hall, Bet-Shmuel-Mercaz Shimshon, Jerusalem

For more details on the event, please see here

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