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MONTREAL: Human Rights Shabbat on December 5th

No Comments 25 November 2014

On December 5th 2014, along with over 100 communities worldwide, B’nai Or Montreal Community Shul, Mile End Chavurah and Canadian Friends of Rabbis for Human Rights will host a human rights Kabbalat Shabbat in Montreal. We hope you will join them in this expression of the profound connection between Jewish values and human rights.


Human Rights Shabbat

Co-hosted by B’nai Or Montreal Community Shul, Mile End Chavurah & Canadian Friends of Rabbis for Human Rights

Friday, December 5 at 7pm

Kellert Hall, Snowdon YM-YWHA, 5400 Westbury Ave

Admission free, but donations welcome.

Additional information: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], or 514-489-5651.


Human Rights Shabbat is a moment of celebration, a yom tov for human rights. Over 100 communities around the world will come together on this Shabbat to recognize the connection between Jewish values and human rights, and pledge to manifest the value of k’vod ha-briot – human dignity – in our world. Canadian Friends of Rabbis for Human Rights, B’nai Or Montreal and Mile End Chavurah are pleased to be co-hosting this Kabbalat Shabbat that marks the connection between Jewish values and human rights challenges of our day.

Canadian Friends of Rabbis for Human Rights in Montreal, through programs including films, guest speakers, music and, in alternating years, an Environmental Pot Luck Tu B’Shvat Seder and a Human Rights Passover Seder, supports the goals and the work of RHR.

BnaiOrMontrealAbout B’nai Or Montreal Community Shul: At B’nai Or you are welcome whether or not you have another synagogue affiliation, religious training, or experience in Judaism. We are committed to egalitarianism and the inclusion of GLBTQ individuals, interfaith families, people who are exploring Judaism, and people with special needs in all areas of synagogue life. Our services are deeply sweet and warm, informal and musical, welcoming, user-friendly and very accessible. We celebrate a Jewish path that is spiritual and beyond denomination, imaginatively combining tradition with innovation and renewal. We respect, honour, and encourage diversity of Jewish expression in our congregational life and activities. We welcome you without regard to race, gender, ethnicity, religion, socioeconomic status, or age. Let the spirit of being in a vibrant, friendly spiritual community that feels like home warm and open your heart.
After the service: We invite you to join us after the service for a scrumptious Oneg Shabbat (“Shabbat delight”).

About Mile End Chavurah (MECh): MECh was created in the summer of 2009 by a small group of Mile End neighbours looking for community and for a space to explore our Jewishness. Many of us felt estranged from mainstream Jewish institutions and yet all felt a longing to connect with other Jews and with Judaism. We are a diverse community of Jews and non-Jews committed to creating spaces for Jewish study, learning, prayer, celebration and acts of social justice. We are non-denominational, but inspired by the ideals of the Chavurah movement, progressive Judaism and Jewish Renewal. We lead and teach each other; we honour both tradition and innovation; we are committed to egalitarianism and inclusivity. Our vision is to create a sustainable, progressive Jewish community in our own neighbourhood—one which will nurture us, and our children.

Canadian Friends of Rabbis for Human Rights in Montreal, through programs including films, guest speakers, music and, in alternating years, an Environmental Pot Luck Tu B’Shvat Seder and a Human Rights Passover Seder, supports the goals and the work of RHR.


November 2014- Rabbi Ascherman’s North America Speaking Tour Dates

1 Comment 31 October 2014

ArikTourNov2014Rabbi Ascherman, President and Senior Rabbi of RHR,  will be speaking at a number of events across the US East Coast, Midwest and Canada this November.  Check the schedule below and see if he will be in a city near you!


Screen Shot 2014-05-08 at 12.05.29 PM

NOTE: As  more details become available, listings will be updated. Information is subject to change, so please check back closer to any scheduled event dates.


ArikTourNov20142See schedule as PDF


Rabbi Arik W. Ascherman graduated from Harvard University in 1981 and from 1981-1983 worked for Interns For Peace, a community work program in which Israeli Jews and Arabs as well as Jews from around the world, worked together to bring Israeli Jews and Arabs together in positive interaction. For most of this time Rabbi Ascherman lived in the Israeli Arab village of Tamra. He studied in the Schwartz Program for community center directors at Hebrew University while a rabbinical student, and was ordained by HUC-JIR in New York in 1989. At HUC-JIR he helped set up a student-faculty soup kitchen, and worked on issues of advocacy for the homeless. Rabbi Ascherman served as the director of Hillel at U.C. Davis from 1989-1991, as the rabbi of Temple Beth Hillel in Richmond, CA from 1991-1994, Director of Congregation Mevakshei Derekh in Jerusalem from 1994-1997 and rabbi of Kibbutz Yahel from 1997-2000. While in Richmond, Rabbi Ascherman set up a homeless shelter rotating between Beth Hillel and local churches. He and his wife worked with nascent congregations as the Former Soviet Union was breaking up.

Beginning in 1995 Rabbi Ascherman served as co-director of Rabbis For Human Rights, serving as executive director from 1998-2010. He currently is President and Senior Rabbi. Rabbi Ascherman is internationally recognized as leading advocate for human rights and social justice as religious, Jewish and Zionist obligagion, and has several times stood trial for acts of civil disobedience. He has received numerous awards and recognitions for his human rights work, as has Rabbis For Human Rights. He is frequently quoted in the press, is a sought after lecturer, and has contributed chapters to several books. Rabbi Ascherman is married to Dr. Einat Ramon. They have two children.



2005 Abraham Joshua Heschel Award of the “Jewish Peace Fellowship”
2006 Humanitarian Achievement Prize by the ” Wholistic Peace Institute”
2009 Keter Shem Tov Prize awarded by the Recontstructionist Rabbinical College
2010 Yeshayahu Liebowitz Prize awarded by “Yesh Gvul”
2011 Gandhi Peace Prize awarded by “Promoting Enduring Peace.” (Along with Rabbi Ehud Bandel on behalf of Rabbis For Human Rights)


1993 Speaker of the Knesset’s Prize for Contributions to Israeli Society
2006 Niwano Peace Prize

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Is Hope Defensible? Rosh Hashana thoughts 5775 by Rabbi Arik Ascherman

1 Comment 23 September 2014

Is Hope Defensible?
Rosh HaShana Thoughts 5775 Continue Reading

General, Occupied Territories

Joint letter by Israeli HR organizations to Attorney General and JAG

3 Comments 22 July 2014

Ten Israeli human rights organizations, including RHR, sent a letter of concern to the Attorney General and JAG (Judge Advocate General) regarding Operation Protective Edge. Continue Reading

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Job opening: RHR seeks a lobbyist

No Comments 20 July 2014

Rabbis for Human Rights seeks a lobbyist. See below for requirements.  (Hebrew speakers only, please)

logo - with othersדרוש/ה מקדם/ת מדיניות Continue Reading

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Urgent letter to state demands procedure to evacuate injured in Gaza Strip

2 Comments 20 July 2014

In an urgent letter sent to The Ministry of Defense the morning of July 18th 2014,   eight Israeli human rights organization including RHR demand a procedure to evacuate the injured in the Gaza Strip.

"Palestinian Red Crescent ambulances that tried to reach them, as well as other sites in the neighborhood encountered firing."Palestinian Red Crescent ambulance at checkpoint. Photo:Justin McIntosh. CC-wkipedia

“Palestinian Red Crescent ambulances that tried to reach them, as well as other sites in the neighborhood encountered firing.”Palestinian Red Crescent ambulance at checkpoint. Photo: Justin McIntosh. CC-wikipedia

Continue Reading

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Field Report from the Occupied Territories: A Tragic, Worrying Time

No Comments 15 July 2014

Summer is often a quite time for RHR’s Department of Human Rights in the Occupied Territories. Tragically, this summer has been anything but. Rabbi Yehiel Grenimann, director of the department, provides an update from the field between June and July of 2014.

By: Rabbi Yehiel Grenimann

It has been a tragic, worrying time as we all know, and this has profoundly impacted our work in the OPT. Continue Reading

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Rabbis for Human Rights statement on Operation Protective Edge

No Comments 15 July 2014

“That be far from You to do after this manner, to slay the righteous with the wicked”

On the Right to Self Defense and its Limitations

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Rabbis for Human Rights is guided by the paramount Jewish value of preserving every human life. We totally reject deliberate destruction and bloodshed. Judaism appreciates efforts to preserve life even in the heat of battle, both by developing defense methods and by efforts not to target helpless non-combatants. “Far be it from You to do such a thing, to slay the righteous along with the wicked” (Genesis 18:25) Continue Reading

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To be Considered a Traitor under Hamas Fire: Reflections by RHR Director Ayala Levy

6 Comments 10 July 2014

Ayala Levy is a resident of Israel’s south and RHR’s Executive Director. She is also a mother to both young children and soldiers, and a former IDF officer and Israeli diplomat.  As part of Rabbis for Human Rights’ series  featuring the reflections, both human rights related and not,  of our staff and rabbis during Operation Protective Shield, she reminds us that even under the fire of rockets, she is still forced to prove herself a patriot. Continue Reading

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When Will the Messiah Come?- A Cry for our Beloved Country

1 Comment 10 July 2014

 As Israel  seems to plunge deeper into darkness, Rabbi Ascherman provides an update on a number of pressing issues in human rights in Israel and the occupied territories. Continue Reading

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