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Occupied Territories

International Women’s Day: Supporting the right to an education for Bedouin girls

No Comments 08 March 2017

As we observe International Women’s Day today, Rabbis for Human Rights highlights the struggle to save the beloved ecological school at Khan al Akhmar, serving approximately 150 Jahalin Bedouin children living on the outskirts of Jerusalem. The school, currently slated for demolition due to Israel’s unjust planning policy, is the only viable formal educational option for the girls of the Khan al Akhmar community, and its destruction would signify a tremendous loss for the Jahalin women. Continue Reading


“Jerusalem Bedouin – to the Garbage Dump!”

1 Comment 23 February 2017

By Deborah Greniman

“Several years ago, we took a short drive into Kfar Adumim, a pleasant bedroom suburb of Jerusalem, on the well-traveled road linking Jerusalem to Ma’ale Adumim, Jericho and the Dead Sea. In a bid to attract young families, a huge sign over the settlement’s entrance read “Education is our highest priority!” Indeed, Kfar Adumim has a beautiful school. ” Please click here to read the full blog posted on the Times of Israel Continue Reading

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Weekly parasha: “Your own wives shall become widows…” Heaven Forbid!

No Comments 22 February 2017

“An eye for an eye” is one the most quoted phrases from the bible,  often used to justify harsh punishment. In his commentary to Parashat Mishpatim, Rabbi Yehiel Grenimann shows how these words can also teach us about honoring the rights of the vulnerable, and ensuring we work to do good in the world. 

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Rabbi Grenimann at Knesset: “The occupation is corrupting our Judaism”

No Comments 20 February 2017

As we face the news of a renewed demolition threat for the tire school of Khan al Akhmar, a Jahalin Bedouin community located on the outskirts of the Jerusalem,  along with forty other structures in in the village, this week we also worked to raise awareness of the village in the Knesset….

Khan al Ahmar school

Khan al Akhmar school

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Occupied Territories

Volunteers needed: Jahalin Bedouin summer camps!

No Comments 28 January 2017

Rabbis for Human Rights and the Comboni Sisters  are looking for enthusiastic volunteers to help at summer camps for young Jahalin children this July and August. Volunteers should have some Arabic and experience working with children. Continue Reading

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Weekly parasha: Who is suited for leadership & what are the boundaries of violence?

No Comments 11 January 2017

It is within the range of human behaviour to respond with great violence to attacks against one kin. However, as Rabbi Yehiel Grenimann shows us in Parashat VaYehi, our forefathers worked hard to ensure that individuals who displayed vengeful personality traits were kept from leadership positions. Continue Reading

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Rabbinic case against the “Formalization Bill”

2 Comments 27 December 2016

A Rabbinic Statement Regarding “The Formalization Bill” (known also as the “Theft from non-Jews law”)

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Weekly Parasha: Human Rights Day

No Comments 07 December 2016

As we observe International Human Rights day this week, which falls on the reading of Parashat VaYetze, Rabbi Yehiel Grenimann reminds us of the call, both ancient and modern, to walk in the path of justice and holiness. Continue Reading

Occupied Territories

Army returns damaged solar panels to Bedouin village without compensation

No Comments 07 November 2016

Last year, the army confiscated solar panels from the Jahalin Bedouin community Khan al Ahmar, outside of the Israeli settlement Kfar Adumim. After a legal battle, the court ordered the panels to be returned. However, they were returned damaged and no compensation has been ordered. Rabbi Yehiel Grenimann, who has worked with the Jahalin community for years, explains: Continue Reading

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Dvar Torah for Shabbat of Sukkot: Vanity of Vanities — All is Vanity

No Comments 20 October 2016

 In this week’s dvar Torah for the Shabbat of Sukkot, Rabbi Yehiel Grenimann reminds us that in addition to being a time of joy and family, Sukkot is also a time to remember the fleeting nature of life and all that is part of it.  Continue Reading

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