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Occupied Territories

Photos: Jahalin Bedouin summer camp!

No Comments 25 July 2017

Every year, Rabbis for Human Rights (RHR) organises or helps organise summer camps for Jahalin Bedouin children living on the outskirts of Jerusalem. The programs give the children a chance to grow, develop, and play in a safe and supervised environment alongside mentors from the Bedouin community as well as international and Israeli volunteers. Continue Reading

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Parashat Pinchas: To Build and To Plant

No Comments 12 July 2017

In this week’s dvar Torah to Parashat Pinchas, Rabbi Yehiel Grenimann examines the “Divine pathos” of the prophet Jeremiah. What can we, as an Israeli human rights organization, learn from his unwavering commitment to his people and his mission?

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Occupied Territories

Update on legal proceedings regarding the Jahalin Bedouin

No Comments 12 June 2017

The following update was provided by Rabbi Yehiel Grenimann of Rabbis for Human Rights. Rabbi Grenimann has worked with the Jahalin community for more than decade. 

Occupied Territories

Tomorrow: High Court to respond to demands to demolish Khan al Akhmar school

No Comments 11 June 2017


Tomorrow, Monday June 12th at 11:00am the High Court will respond to the demands of the settler organisation Regavim to carry out the army demolition order issued against the tire school at Khan Al Akhmar, which successfully provides education for one of the poorest and most marginalized communities in the West Bank. The government now actively supports this demand after repeatedly postponing until now because of international (and local) pressure. The outcome of this hearing could affect all of the Jahalin Bedouin communities in the Jerusalem periphery, especially as the State is supporting the settlers’ demand and seeking alternative sites for the school, which shows that the Civil Administration and the State are planning to go ahead with the demolition. Continue Reading

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Parashat Naso: The Meaning of Peace in the Priestly Blessing

No Comments 01 June 2017

This week’s parasha which is loaded with verses about the tabernacle and its dedication, in addition to the details of Sota (“the suspected wife” ritual) and the laws of the Nezir, also contains a very familiar and beautiful blessing : the priestly blessing. This is its wording:

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Occupied Territories

Art exhibit and campaign kick-off for the El Bustan centre at Jabal al Jahalin

1 Comment 15 May 2017

On Thursday, May 11 2017 an event opening a campaign to help the El Bustan centre of the Jabal Al Jahalin next to Azaria become independent was held at the Willy Brandt Centre in Abu Tor.

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Yom HaShoah – Holocaust Memorial Day and Human Rights

No Comments 23 April 2017

By Rabbi Yehiel Grenimann

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Parasha / E-Letter

Weekly Dvar Torah: This too is G-d’s work

No Comments 13 April 2017

In this week’s Dvar Torah for Shabbat of Passover and seven of Passover, Rabbi Yehiel Grenimann lays out the calendar of Jewish and Israeli observances following in the weeks after Passover. Many  are commemorated by events with strong nationalistic and triumphalistic overtones. As Jews and Israelis, how can we mark these meaningful days while also remembering our past as former slaves and our responsibility to seek freedom and dignity for all those living in our midst?

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Occupied Territories

International Women’s Day: Supporting the right to an education for Bedouin girls

No Comments 08 March 2017

As we observe International Women’s Day today, Rabbis for Human Rights highlights the struggle to save the beloved ecological school at Khan al Akhmar, serving approximately 150 Jahalin Bedouin children living on the outskirts of Jerusalem. The school, currently slated for demolition due to Israel’s unjust planning policy, is the only viable formal educational option for the girls of the Khan al Akhmar community, and its destruction would signify a tremendous loss for the Jahalin women. Continue Reading


“Jerusalem Bedouin – to the Garbage Dump!”

1 Comment 23 February 2017

By Deborah Greniman

“Several years ago, we took a short drive into Kfar Adumim, a pleasant bedroom suburb of Jerusalem, on the well-traveled road linking Jerusalem to Ma’ale Adumim, Jericho and the Dead Sea. In a bid to attract young families, a huge sign over the settlement’s entrance read “Education is our highest priority!” Indeed, Kfar Adumim has a beautiful school. ” Please click here to read the full blog posted on the Times of Israel Continue Reading

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