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Touring Jerusalem with RHR’s Jezreel Valley College Beit Midrash students

No Comments 07 May 2017

On Tuesday April 18 2017 participants of RHR’s human rights Beit Midrash program at Jezreel Valley College toured Jerusalem and learned about human rights on both sides of the wall.

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Join us Thursday April 6 for a special refugee seder at Holot

1 Comment 04 April 2017

Please join us on Thursday April 6 for a special celebration of Passover, the Jewish festival of freedom, at the Holot “open” detention center in the Negev.   The event will consist of a seder and other activities in order to raise awareness of the detention center and the African asylum seekers currently detained there. Together, we will call to close the detention center and to release the asylum seekers while making the connection between  Passover and the meaning of freedom and liberty in Israel. Continue Reading

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A Hanukkah lesson plan: Shalom bayit and the Hasmonian daughter

No Comments 29 December 2016

Please feel free to use the following lesson plan, written by Rabbi Nava Hefetz, director of Rabbis for Human Rights’ education program, as you see fit.  Continue Reading

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Lesson Plan: Yom Kippur 5777

No Comments 10 October 2016

Please feel free to use the following lesson plan, prepared by the education department of Rabbis for Human Rights, as you see fit.

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On Jealousy, Zealotry, and the Sound of Sheer Silence: A Lesson Plan for Tisha B’Av

No Comments 11 August 2016

Saturday evening starts Tisha b’Av, the sad day when the Jews commemorate many of the tragedies that have befallen our people over the years including the destruction of the First and Second Temples. Below please find a lesson plan for use on Tisha b’Av, prepared by Rabbi Nava Hefetz of RHR’s education department.

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Jerusalem seminar for Nahshon and upper Galilee pre-military academy programs

No Comments 13 June 2016

Rabbis for Human Rights is proud to run human rights courses within 13 different pre-military academies across the state of Israel. Pre-military academies in Israel offer young adults the chance to take a year off to study between high school and enlistment in the Israeli army.  RHR’s human rights courses expose these young people to the connections between human rights, Judaism, and the state of Israel with the belief that a deeper understanding of these complex issues will result in soldiers more able to make decisions in-line with human rights values during their service. A crucial component of the courses are their field trips.  Continue Reading


Pre-Military Academy “Gal” from Acre meets with educational director Rabbi Nava Hefetz

No Comments 31 May 2016

Rabbi Nava Hefetz, RHR’s Educational Director, shares about an exciting and very experiential encounter that occurred Sunday May 29th  2016 with the students of the pre-military academy Gal in Acre. Continue Reading


Photos: Int’l rabbinical & Israeli yeshiva students come together for Yom Haaztmaut program

No Comments 10 May 2016

Yesterday May 9th, rabbinical students and other future Jewish leaders from abroad joined RHR human rights yeshiva students for a special study session titled The Prophetic Vision of ‘Freedom, Justice and Peace’ led by Rabbi Nava Hefetz in preparation for Yom Ha’aztmaut.  Continue Reading

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Lesson Plan for Yom Ha’atzmaut: The Meaning and Limits of Freedom

4 Comments 09 May 2016

In honor of Yom Ha’aztmaut, Israeli Independence Day, RHR’s Education Department is releasing  a downloadable lesson plan along with accompanying texts for use by teachers and Jewish educators. The lesson, entitled “‘It Will be Based on Freedom, Justice and Peace as Envisaged by the Prophets of Israel’: The Meaning and Limits of Freedom” is from RHR’s Independence Tractate, a unique Talmudic style commentary of Israel’s Declaration of Independence. The lesson is designed to encourage critical thinking regarding the “limits of freedom on different levels, and the conflicts that arise when freedoms are restricted  in order to safeguard other values and liberties.”


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May 9th Student Program: What does Yom HaAtzmaut mean to you?

No Comments 03 May 2016

Rabbinical students and other future Jewish leaders from abroad, please join us on Monday May 9th for a special program in preparation for Yom HaAtzmaut.

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