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Parasha / E-Letter

Weekly Parasha: Akharei Mot

No Comments 28 April 2016

From now until August, the Torah reading in the Land of Israel will be different than the Torah reading outside of the Land of Israel because this Shabbat we in Israel read “Akharei Mot,” while abroad Orthodox and Conservative Jews and some congregations in other movements celebrate an additional day of Passover. Abroad, even those who only celebrate 7 days of Passover, will read Akharei Mot next week.  This means that our readers and supporters abroad will have an additional week to ponder each dvar Torah. Continue Reading

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Passover Thoughts 5776: Where is God’s Glory?

No Comments 26 April 2016

As we near the final days of Passover, Rabbi Arik Ascherman, president and senior rabbi for Rabbis for Human Rights, shares his thoughts on the holiday. Continue Reading

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Every Person Has Their Hour: Purim Thoughts for 5776

1 Comment 23 March 2016

“Perhaps some of the students, and some of you, are/were infuriated by any suggestion that the responsibility for what we had just seen lay with anybody other than the perpetrator, or perhaps Palestinians in general. Others may be angry with me for justifying violence against Palestinians by seemingly backing the dangerous assertion we actually hear from time to time, that Palestinians are descendants of Amalek.” Continue Reading

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All charges against Rabbi Ascherman dropped by police

No Comments 20 March 2016

In the spring of 2014, Rabbi Ascherman was arrested and falsely charged with obstructing police work as he peacefully protested the demolition of the Bedouin village Al Arakib. Continue Reading

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Photos: Rabbis come out in support of Bedouin villages Umm al Hiran & Atir

No Comments 06 March 2016

On Thursday, March 3rd 2016, the residents of Bedouin villages Umm al Hiran and Atir called on the public to join them in a protest in Beersheva  in response to the refusal of the Israeli Supreme Court to reconsider its decision to demolish their villages and evict all of the residents.  The government’s  intention is to forest over Atir, and, perhaps more disturbingly, build a new Jewish town over the rubble of Bedouin village Umm al Hiran, to be called “Hiran.” Continue Reading

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Why I Didn’t Listen To My Lawyer: Rabbi Ascherman on his upcoming trial

No Comments 11 February 2016

In June of 2014, Rabbi Arik Ascherman, president and senior rabbi of Rabbis for Human Rights was arrested under the false accusation of obstructing police work during a demonstration against the demolition of the Bedouin village Al Arakib.

Dear Friends and Supporters,

My lawyer warned me of the potential consequences of not accepting a plea bargain, but I didn’t. Today we informed the judge that my trial will continue.  I handed the prosecuting attorney the true account of what happened and said that I am willing to cut to the chase by  acknowledging this version of events, without acknowledging guilt.  Continue Reading

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RHR donates trees and plants with Palestinian village of Duma

1 Comment 04 February 2016

Today (February 4 2016) Rabbis for Human Rights donated around 150 trees to the village of Duma, where the terrible arson-murders took place last summer. RHR also brought a delegation of Israeli and international volunteers, eager to get their hands dirty, make new friends, and stand up for justice, compassion and fellowship,  with us to help get the majority of the trees in the ground.  Continue Reading

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Photos: Tu B’Shevat tree planting in Beit Shean and social justice seder

1 Comment 26 January 2016

Yesterday, January 25th, Israeli public housing activists plant trees in a low-income Beit Shean neighborhood in honour of Tu B’Shevat, the Jewish new year for trees. We had originally planned for a larger planting, but due to bad weather we could only do a small symbolic planting instead.

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Photos: A light unto nations in the context of the current conflict

No Comments 03 January 2016

On Thursday, January 31st, the interreligious department of Rabbis for Human Rights (ICCI) held a panel entitled “A Light Unto Nations in the Context of the Current Conflict.” The panel featured speakers from across the political spectrum – including Rebbetzin Adina Bar Shalom, winner of the Israel Prize; Dr. Alick Isaacs of Hebrew University, author of Prophetic Peace; Rabbi Yehuda Glick of Likud and the Temple Mount Heritage Foundation; and Rabbi Arik Ascherman, of Rabbis for Human Rights. Please see below for a summary of the discussion written by Rabbi Yehiel Grenimann. 

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Rest Assured we won’t: Address from Rabbi Ascherman

No Comments 27 December 2015

Read below for a letter from Rabbi Arik Ascherman, president and senior rabbi of RHR, on why we hope you’ll choose RHR for your end of the year donation. Continue Reading

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