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Press release: Book launch for collection of essays on interfaith & reconciliation dialogue in Israel

No Comments 09 June 2015


Book launch for collection of essays about interfaith and reconciliation dialogue in Israel, edited by Dr. Ron Kronish, with Rabbi Michael Melchior Continue Reading

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Being Ruth: Shavuot Thoughts 5775 by Rabbi Arik Ascherman

No Comments 22 May 2015


Rabbi Arik Ascherman

President and Senior Rabbi

Rabbis for Human Rights

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Don’t miss: Rabbi Ascherman May 2015 USA speaking tour dates

No Comments 12 May 2015

Rabbi Arik Ascherman, president and senior rabbi of RHR, will be all over the United States this month. Please look below for a listing of events and locations.

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Legal Work

LISTEN: Rabbi Ascherman on Israeli radio on Susya (Hebrew)

No Comments 12 May 2015

On May 12th 2015, Rabbi Ascherman went on Israeli radio to debate with the legal advisor for the NGO Regavim, an organization pushing to destroy Susya. The interview, in Hebrew, in below, followed by comments in English:

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Friday: Student study tour to the South Hebron Hills

No Comments 26 April 2015

International students, join RHR this Friday, May 1st for a study tour of the South Hebron Hills and a visit to the village of Susya. Continue Reading

Occupied Territories

WATCH: Rabbi Ascherman encounters settler & invites him for additional dialogue

1 Comment 26 April 2015

While waiting for Palestinian farmers to safely arrive at their lands in the Shilo Valley on April 21st 2015, Rabbi Arik Ascherman was passed by a settler in a car who identified him, turned around,  and began this conversation.

In the recording Rabbi Ascherman mentions two other settlers who “visited” his home previously when we want not present.

That visit took place a week before this recording.

Again and again, Rabbi Ascherman shows his interest in having open, respectful dialogue with settlers and others who disagree or are concerned by the work of RHR.

The day ended when the army refused to let the farmers go back the way they themselves had brought them. Rather, they had to drive home. Firstly, they didn’t have cars. Secondly, even if they did, they had a donkey with them.  Eventually, they had to give in and order a truck, making it clear to the OT legal advisor’s office that this was unacceptable.



Yom Haaztmaut Thoughts: We are much stronger than you, much more stubborn, much more persistent

1 Comment 23 April 2015

On Israel’s 67th birthday, Rabbi Arik Ascherman, President and Senior Rabbi of RHR, shares his thoughts on the vision and dream of our people, the struggle ahead, and why we must be strong, stubborn and persistent.  Continue Reading

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Passover Thoughts: On Khan El Akhmar, The Abuse of Power and the “Us” In The Promise

No Comments 03 April 2015

On Khan El Akhmar, The Abuse of Power and the “Us” In The Promise


Rabbi Arik W. Ascherman

RHR President and Senior Rabbi

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Rabbis for Human Rights Haggadah Supplements 5775

No Comments 02 April 2015

Below, please find human rights related supplements by Rabbis for Human Rights for your Passover seder. There are three parts: “Who sits with us at our seder,” “The Four children at the seder table: Which child am I?” and “Commentary to the Torah by Rabbi Samson Rapael Hirsch.” We encourage you to use all or as little as you choose. They are available for download and are also copied below.

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Occupied Territories

Solar panels confiscated from Bedouin community of Khan al Ahmar

No Comments 02 April 2015

Yesterday, April 1 2015, Israeli authorities confiscated eleven solar panels from the Bedouin Palestinian community of Khan al Ahmar – leaving residents without electricity.

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