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One Step Closer to Redemption

1 Comment 28 February 2018

As Jews across the world celebrate Purim, Rabbi Gideon Sylvester draws parallels between the hints of redemption in the story of the festival, and the glimmers of it we find in our current world.

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The Day After Purim: Dvar Torah for Purim 5778

No Comments 26 February 2018

By Rabbi Levi Weiman-Kelman Continue Reading

Parasha / E-Letter

Purim Sameach: The social side of Purim

No Comments 08 March 2017

Purim is a fun holiday for children and adults alike. But, as revealed by Rabbi Daniel Goldfarb, the holiday also has a more serious side, demanding that in addition to the fun, we also raise up the  most disadvantaged around us.  Continue Reading

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Weekly Parasha: On the clothes we wear

1 Comment 24 March 2016

In Parashat Tzav, Rabbi Yehiel Grenimann reminds us that it is not always the clothes that make the person. Behind a beautiful and impressive garment can easily lurk the danger of lies and corruption.  Continue Reading

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Every Person Has Their Hour: Purim Thoughts for 5776

1 Comment 23 March 2016

“Perhaps some of the students, and some of you, are/were infuriated by any suggestion that the responsibility for what we had just seen lay with anybody other than the perpetrator, or perhaps Palestinians in general. Others may be angry with me for justifying violence against Palestinians by seemingly backing the dangerous assertion we actually hear from time to time, that Palestinians are descendants of Amalek.” Continue Reading

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WATCH: Violent settler attempts to attack Palestinian, threatens children & activists

No Comments 23 March 2016

An Israeli resident of the South Hebron Hills was filmed by a Ta’ayush activist as he attempted to attack an elderly Palestinian shepherd, threatened to butcher his children at night, and called to hang human rights activists.

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Shabbat Zakhor: Remembering Amalek, remembering the dangers within

1 Comment 15 March 2016

This Shabbat Zakhor Rabbi Leon Wiener Dow reminds us that all people have the capacity for darkness and violence lurking in them.  In order to ensure this shadow be contained,  we must face the truth of it head-on, and then we must overcome it through acts of love. Continue Reading

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Press release: Cars torched, racist graffiti in Palestinian village of Murayer

2 Comments 05 March 2015

Two cars torched, racist graffiti found this morning in Murayer

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Purim Thoughts 5775: There is meaning in absurdity

1 Comment 04 March 2015

With elections just two weeks away, Rabbi Ascherman, president and senior rabbi of RHR, shares his thoughts on Purim and the importance of knowing the difference between wrong and right. Continue Reading

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On Remembering Amalek

No Comments 27 February 2015

Who is Amalek? How must we remember him? What does it mean to truly “blot him out”? Rabbi Dr Ron Kronish, member of RHR and founding director of ICCI, on Purim and the curse of Amalek. NOTE: This post originally appeared on Rabbi Dr. Kronish’s Huffington Post blog.

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