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On Gates of Justice, Joy, and Um El Khiran: Sukkot Thoughts 5776

No Comments 29 September 2015

Rabbi Arik Ascherman
President and Senior Rabbi – Rabbis For Human Rights

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Justice in Israel

July 21: Knesset Housing Caucus conference on “pinui/binui” plans

No Comments 16 July 2015

Although RHR and our partner advocates for public housing still have many concerns, we praise the fact that for the first time in years there is a serious plan that reverses the long standing policies to neglect/dismantle public housing. Continue Reading

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Press Release: Forum for Public Housing response to new public housing plan

No Comments 16 July 2015

This week Housing Minister Yoav Galant released a 5 point plan related to public housing in Israel. The Forum for Public Housing, in which RHR is an active member, responds to the plan in the following statement. Continue Reading

Parasha / E-Letter

Weekly Torah portion: The merits of a matter, or the merits of a man?

No Comments 18 June 2015

Real values, like human rights, are never a “position” in a debate. These values are timeless, and are required long after the end of any argument or confrontation. Read on for Parashat Korach, by Rabbi Kobi Weiss.
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Amidar: The public housing company that’s not building public housing

No Comments 04 May 2015

Public housing corporation Amidar has big plans to build – the problem is they won’t be building public housing! Continue Reading

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Questions no party has answered

No Comments 15 March 2015

As elections approach, each day we will be asking a different question that no party has addressed yet concerning human rights. Continue Reading

Justice in Israel

UPDATE- Public housing case scheduled for Monday POSTPONED

No Comments 12 March 2015

Monday, March 16th, the High Court will hear a case concerning what to do with excess funds from the liquidation of  the Prazot public housing cooperation. RHR opposes the distribution of the funds towards many uses, and demands it be used to build more public housing apartments! Continue Reading

Justice in Israel, March 2015 Elections

Questions no party has answered – public housing

No Comments 11 March 2015

Rabbis for Human Rights is pleased that the conversation on public housing and other social justice issues has taken such a prominent stage in this year’s election.

Nevertheless, there are still important questions that have not yet been addressed. Continue Reading

Justice in Israel, Justice in Israel-Negev Bedouin, Legal Work, March 2015 Elections, Occupied Territories, Refugees rights - UNHCR

March 2015 elections: Questionnaire for political candidates

No Comments 08 March 2015

As elections draw closer, we have been pleased to note that there has been a great deal of discussion regarding  public housing and other socioeconomic justice issues. However, we in RHR are asking all of Israel’s parties to tell voters what their positions are on some of the other issues we work on, such as Palestinian human rights, African asylum seekers and our Negev Bedouin citizens.  The questionnaire can be read below. Since we have limited ourselves to issues we deal with, it is by no means exhaustive even for Israel Continue Reading

Justice in Israel, Justice in Israel-Negev Bedouin, March 2015 Elections

From El Arakib to Beit Shean: Standing Idly by while the powerless are oppressed

No Comments 26 February 2015

As Israel prepares to go to the voting booth on March 17th 2015, RHR is running a series of features encouraging citizens to vote and reminding them  to bring the values of human rights work and the honoring of God’s Image along with them into the voting booth. This post was originally featured on the Rabbi Ascherman’s Times of Israel blog.

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