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TONIGHT: Torchlight procession in Rahat for Bedouins killed by police

No Comments 20 January 2015

The Bedouin Recognition Forum, including RHR, will participate this evening (January 20th 2015) in a torchlight procession in Rahat at 16:00 between the homes of the two residents killed by the police over the last week. Continue Reading

Justice in Israel-Negev Bedouin

El Arakib in court this Wednesday: The village needs your support!

1 Comment 11 September 2014

This Wednesday, September 17th, the court will finally hear a very important appeal from Al Arakib which could determine the future of the village. There are two ways the villagers are asking for support- one is by attending the weekly vigil on Sunday at 16:30, and the second is by coming to the Ramle Magistrate’s Court on Wednesday,  at 11:30. Details, transportation,  and background below.

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Weekly Parasha: Korah & The Intention Behind Disputes

No Comments 17 June 2014

Judaism cherishes a good argument– so why is Korah punished so harshly in his dispute with Moses?  In Parashat Korah, Rabbi Ehud Bandel shows us the intent that must be at the heart of all disputes– the serving of God and heaven, and the honest pursuit of truth. Korah reminds all of us who question the world around us that we must always do so for the sake of heaven, and never for the sake of power.
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Stop Jewish Extremism: Special Tag Meir Demonstration Sunday

2 Comments 07 May 2014

In light of the recent wave of hate crimes against Arabs and Palestinians, the Tag Meir (“Spreading the Light”) coalition is organizing a large protest this Sunday in Jerusalem calling for the government to respond strongly.  Continue Reading

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The Tag Meir Coalition responds to ‘price tag’ attack in Ein Aluza

No Comments 13 February 2014

On February 10th, the East Jerusalem area of Ein Aluza was victim of a ‘price tag’ . Additionally, graffiti against “assimilation” and “Arab labor” was sprayed. The Tag Meir Coalition, which acts as a voice of tolerance and respect by organizing acts of solidarity with victims and communities who have been targeted by radical extremists, was quick to respond in a show of solidarity with the residents. Continue Reading

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Refugees march for freedom

1 Comment 18 December 2013

And the refugee came to me…


by Rabbi Nava Hefetz

Jerusalem, the Prime Minister’s Office, 3:15 p.m. Hundreds of asylum seekers are demonstrating and demanding their freedom. A handful of Israelis and a few Members of Knesset stand by them. They begin to walk toward the Knesset, but hundreds of police – patrol cars full of Migration Police – shove them into buses and send them back to Holot prison facility. What evil, what lack of compassion and sensitivity in the face of people who fled hell in their own countries and seek asylum! We’re all familiar with the picture, aren’t we? After all, 65 years ago we were also held behind barbed wire fences in Cyprus. Is this the face of humanity? Is this Jewish conduct? Standing there by the Knesset, I saw the ugly, cruel faces of the leaders of my beloved country. My dear friend Dudu Palma, the son of Holocaust survivors, is a poet, a painter, and an outstanding educator. He wrote down the following words. Please share them.

Yizkor – Remembrance

by David (Dudu) Palma

For those who remember have forgotten and those who forgot will testify
How those who vowed to forget nothing
Slowly fell into silence.
Again young men die, pistols in hand,
Again Molotov cocktails from fading photographs
Smash in sepia light against the side of armored vehicles.

For those who remember have forgotten and those who forgot will testify
How rust-eaten ships rise up
Shattering forgetfulness.
The sounds of the mourner’s Kaddish echo from Warsaw and Altona
The dead squirm like worms in the warrens of our memory
From Bukovina and Bialystok, and again the lads from Vilna
Sing in the heavens with the voices of angels.

For those who remember have forgotten and those who forget will testify
How the Cossacks laugh in Namirov,
Why babies wail in Kishinev,
And with what cause prayers are sighed in Minsk.
And again horses whinny on the paths of Kolomyia,
And again women shake in Tranov.

For those who remember have forgotten and those who forgot will testify
How the seals of time were sundered
And again Jews are led to Dachau, Buchenwald, Neuengamme.
Again they are humiliated to death in Ravensbrück
Again, almost apologetically, they die in Treblinka, Chelm, Majdanek,
Again a last waltz is played in Auschwitz and Bergen-Belsen,
And again decaying teeth screech in Terezin and Sobibor.

For those who remember have forgotten and those who forgot will testify
That we were every old man executed there
And every baby shot to death there.
We are a glass booth placed before Israel,
For those who remember have forgotten and those who forget will remember
That we were

Translation from Hebrew: Shaul Vardi

More information and details on the march here

WATCH: Coverage filmed live from Jerusalem yesterday just before the stopping of the demonstration.

Video streaming by Ustream

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The Working but not Surviving Protest generates results: the brave Rachel Levi-Davida brings Finance Minister Yair Lapid out of his house!

No Comments 19 August 2013

Pictured: Finance Minister Yair Lapid sitting with Rachel Levi, listening to the Working but not Surviving Protest | photo: Eldar Haruvy

Working but not Surviving Protest generates results: the brave Rachel Levi-Davida succeeded last night in bringing Finance Minister Yair Lapid out of his house (!) and talking to him about people he has forgotten – those who work and can’t survive. Continue Reading

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Join the protest Vigil: No to the Demolition of Susya

No Comments 17 June 2012

Israeli army forces threaten to demolish the entire Palestinian village of Susya

This week, demolition orders for approximately fifty dwelling structures were handed out, which add to numerous additional orders issued recently. In addition, the Civil Administration has announced the residents of Susya that it intends to implement six demolition orders issued in the 1990s and 2001. From past experience, such notices are only given when there is genuine intention to go through with demolitions. The demolition orders cover the most of Palestinian Susya. Not only dwelling structures but also animal pens, water cisterns, the solar-powered electricity system – everything. Continue Reading

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The ways to liberation

No Comments 02 April 2012

“I hope that the imminent summer will bring the demand for social justice back to the streets” | Activists established tents in the Rabin square 30.3.2012. Photo: Alon Sherf

Rabbi Idit Lev think about the kind of things that enslave us today, and whether we can change the situation towards next year. Continue Reading

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To help with rent is a dead end

No Comments 17 January 2012

Eviction of Ha’Tikva protest camp, Tel Aviv, Israel, 15.01.2012 |Contract workers of the Tel Aviv municipality take part in the eviction of Ha’Tikva protest camp, south Tel Aviv, January 15,2012 |Hundreds of policemen, Tel Aviv municipality inspectors and Contract workers evicted on Sunday morning homeless people, confiscating their personal belongings and leaving them with out any housing solution. photo by: Oren Ziv/Activestills.or

What is the meaning of the State of Israel preference to help with rent and not provide public housing? Continue Reading

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