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May 24: Join Tag Meir at the Knesset for the launch of a new anti-price tag campaign

1 Comment 19 May 2016

On Tuesday May 24 2016, a new anti-price tag attack inter-party campaign will be launched in the Knesset.  It will be headed by MK Itzik Shmuli (Labor) and MK Merav Ben-Ari (Kulanu). Tag Meir, a coalition of organisations committed to fighting hate-crimes in Israel and showing solidarity with their victims, invites you to attend this important event.

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Smokes grenades thrown at Palestinian home outside of Ramallah

No Comments 22 December 2015

Rabbis for Human Rights condemns the smoke grenades thrown at a Palestinian house in Baytillu, where there was a couple with a baby that could have been seriously harmed by the smoke. Continue Reading

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Attempted arson attack in Palestinian village Mizra’a al Qibliya

No Comments 24 November 2015

Palestinians report that around 4am on November 20th, Israeli extremists coming from the direction of the settlements Neria and Talmon threw a firebomb into a home in the Palestinian village of Mizra’a al Qibliya. Rocks were also thrown through a window and Hebrew graffiti was sprayed on the house. Residents were home but thankfully, no one was injured. RHR condemns this senseless violence, and calls for a full investigation into this crime.

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No Comments 13 August 2015


In an apparent “price tag” arson attack in the West Bank community of Ein Samia, a Bedouin tent was set on fire and completely burned. Inside the tend was only animal feed; however, it is extremely fortunate that no people were present, as the children usually sleep in the corner of the tent but were elsewhere due the heat. Nearby the burnt tent graffiti was scrawled reading “administrative revenge” – implying a revenge attack following the administrative detention of some right wing Israeli extremists by the Israeli authorities.
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RHR statement on the use of administrative detention on suspected Jewish terrorists

1 Comment 04 August 2015

Suspicions that the recent arson attack in the Palestinian village of Duma was committed by Jewish terrorists has resulted in calls for the use of tools such as administrative detention to be used against suspected perpetrators.  Continue Reading

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Rabbis pay condolence visit to Palestinian village after fatal arson attack

1 Comment 02 August 2015

This morning RHR Rabbis Rabbi Arik Ascherman, Rabbi Nava Hefetz, and Rabbi Sivan Malkin-Maas met up with RHR Palestinian field worker Zakaria Sadah and visited the village of Duma for a condolence call.  On Friday two homes were burned in an arson attack resulting in the the death of a toddler and the severe injuries of his mother, father and older brother. Continue Reading

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Horrific arson attack kills baby and seriously injures three

2 Comments 31 July 2015

A horrific attack early this morning in the Palestinian village of Duma left one baby dead and 3 seriously injured. Continue Reading

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750 olive saplings destroyed on Palestinian land east of Gush Etzion

No Comments 17 May 2015

750 olive saplings discovered destroyed today on Palestinian land east of Gush Etzion

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Tag Meir Coalition arranges theatrical performance in Murayer

No Comments 16 March 2015

Last week, on Purim (March 5 2015), cars were torched and racist graffiti scrawled on a home in the Palestinian village of Murayer. In response, the Tag Meir Coalition organized a solidarity visit with the village yesterday (March 15 2015), which included an amazing theater performance for the children (and adults!).  Continue Reading

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SUNDAY – Stand against racism with the Tag Meir Coalition

No Comments 11 March 2015

This Sunday, join the Tag Meir Coalition as they pay a solidarity visit to the Palestinian village of Murayer, where extremists recently torched cars and scrawled racist graffiti. Together, we will show them the true face of Judaism – compassion, and love for our neighbors. Continue Reading

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