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Justice in Israel-Negev Bedouin, Press Releases

Survey: Most Jewish Israelis are in favor of legitimizing the Bedouin unrecognized villages

No Comments 24 May 2016


Ahead of a report on the Negev Bedouin expected to be published later today by Israel’s Comptroller, Rabbis for Human Rights is releasing the results of a recent survey conducted for us regarding the Jewish public’s stance on this issue. This survey clearly demonstrates that Israeli Jews have an egalitarian approach towards Arab citizens of Israel despite their government’s discriminatory positions against them.
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Legal Work

RHR legal success: Settler encroaching on private Palestinian land to be removed

No Comments 27 April 2016

On April 11th, RHR achieved an important milestone in a seven year struggle to return to Palestinians from Kariyut the lands taken over by a settler from Shilo. In her ruling, the judge gave credence to Kariyut’s claim that their ability to access or defend their lands had been severely curtailed because of settler guns and army roadblocks.

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Legal Work, Occupied Territories, Press Releases

RHR statement on recent arrest of Jewish terror cell

1 Comment 20 April 2016

The Shin Bet today announced the arrest of six settlers and a soldier suspected of attacking Palestinians in the West Bank. RHR responds: Continue Reading

Justice in Israel, Press Releases

Amendments to Public Housing Transparency Bill passed in huge win for tenants

No Comments 31 March 2016


The Amendments to the Public Housing Transparency Bill passed, the Forum for Public Housing celebrates an end of abuse and harassment of public housing tenants 

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General, Legal Work, Occupied Territories, Press Releases

WATCH: Israeli army does nothing as illegal construction done on Palestinian lands

No Comments 21 March 2016

In this documentation from last Friday (March 11th), soldiers and the Brigadier from Gush Etzion are seen next to illegal construction at the Givat Sorek outpost, built on Palestinian lands. The Brigadier speaks with workers from the outpost while soldiers mill around; no one, including a police officer present, gets involved. The Brigadier and the Civil Administration officers leave and the work does not stop. One of the soldiers shakes the hand of one of the workers, and the police present continue to do nothing. 
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Justice in Israel-Negev Bedouin, Press Releases

All charges against Rabbi Ascherman dropped by police

No Comments 20 March 2016

In the spring of 2014, Rabbi Ascherman was arrested and falsely charged with obstructing police work as he peacefully protested the demolition of the Bedouin village Al Arakib. Continue Reading

General, Legal Work, Occupied Territories, Press Releases

RHR responds to recent smear attempt by ultra-nationalists

2 Comments 15 February 2016

The ultra-nationalist organization Ad Khan has recently released a smear campaign on Rabbis for Human Rights claiming to have “uncovered” our association with Ta’ayush, a network of Israeli activists focused in the South Hebron Hills.  Rabbis for Human Rights responds below: Continue Reading

Legal Work, Press Releases

Press release: High Court Petitioned to halt destruction of two villages in Firing Zone 918

1 Comment 11 February 2016


High Court of Justice Petitioned to halt destruction of two Palestinian villages in West Bank’s Firing Zone 918

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General, Press Releases

State seeks legalization of outpost where Duma murder was reportedly planned

No Comments 03 January 2016

The state failed last week to submit its latest response to a petition submitted by Rabbis for Human Rights on behalf of a Palestinian family whose land and property was stolen by extremists who used intimidation and violence in order to achieve the theft. Continue Reading

Justice in Israel, Parasha / E-Letter

Forum for the Struggle Against Poverty responds to recent poverty report

No Comments 15 December 2015

A recent report by the National Insurance Institute has revealed that poverty increased in Israel in 2014 according to number of different measures. For example, the number of children living in poverty increased from 30.8% in 2013 to 31% in 2014, while the poverty rate for working families rose from 12.5% in 2013 to 13.1% in 2014. See below for the response of the Forum for the Struggle Against Poverty, of which RHR is an active member. Continue Reading

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