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Justice in Israel-Negev Bedouin

March 2015 elections: What do the parties have to say on the Bedouin?

No Comments 11 March 2015

As Israel prepares to go to the polls on March 17th, RHR encourages all to bring the values of human rights with them into the booth. We therefore will be releasing the stated platforms of the political parties on the human rights issues we work on. First is the issue of the Bedouin Negev, below. We encourage all to read over the information and make a decision based on the value of honoring the Image of God in all of humankind.  Continue Reading

Justice in Israel-Negev Bedouin

El Arakib destroyed for the 80th time in the middle of mediation between parties

1 Comment 15 January 2015


The Negev Coexistence Forum reports that Israeli forces entered the village of Al Arakib this morning and destroyed all present structures for the 80th time in recent years. This demolition was carried out despite the fact that a mediation process between the state and the residents of Al Arakib has been on-going for a month under the Deputy Chief Magistrate of Beersheva. Continue Reading

Justice in Israel-Negev Bedouin

El-Arakib in immediate danger- Call for activists in the coming days

No Comments 06 October 2014

El Arakib is once again being threatened with demolitions, this time during the Muslim holiday of Id el Adkha. Continue Reading

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“Come as Far as you Can”: RHR’s High Holiday Appeal

1 Comment 22 September 2014

An appeal by Rabbis for Human Rights Co-chairs Rabbi Amy Klein, and Rabbi Moshe Yehudai, and Rabbi Arik Ascherman, president and senior rabbi for RHR, on the upcoming High Holidays. Continue Reading

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When Will the Messiah Come?- A Cry for our Beloved Country

1 Comment 10 July 2014

 As Israel  seems to plunge deeper into darkness, Rabbi Ascherman provides an update on a number of pressing issues in human rights in Israel and the occupied territories. Continue Reading

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High Court offers conciliation process in Bedouin land rights case

No Comments 08 June 2014

PRESS RELEASE | June 5 2014 Israeli Supreme Court offers a conciliation process to achieve a fair solution on Bedouin lands case; state must answer in two weeks whether it agrees to conciliation on Arakib lands.

AlArakiblaywersIMAGE: Members of the al-Ukbi Tribe with attorney Michael Sfard (Credit: Negev Coexistence Forum)

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Save Al-Arakib: Sign the Petition Today!

1 Comment 08 June 2014

The Coalition for Al Arakib of the Negev Coexistence Forum and the Recognition Forum asks you to please sign this petition against the expulsion of the residents from Al Arakib from their lands. Below is the text; please click here to sign the petition.


IMAGE: Cemetery at Al Arakib being surveyed by Israeli authorities

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Rabbinical Assembly: Bedouin must be equal partners in new plan for unrecognized villages

No Comments 29 May 2014

RHR welcomes the decision of the Rabbinical Assembly of the Conservative/Masorti Movement worldwide to adopt a resolution at their May convention congratulating Israel for freezing the Begin/Prawer bill, wishing Minister Shamir success in taking on this issue, calling on the State of Israel to involve the Bedouin leadership as equal partners in the resolution of disputes, and urging the government to recognize and develop Negev Bedouin communities in the Negev, as it has in the Galilee. The RA has now joined the rabbinic bodies of the Reconstructionist and Renewal movements, as well as the rabbinic and lay organizations of the Reform Movement and sixty British rabbis as being on record on this issue. Continue Reading

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Get the facts: The bizarre claim that the Bedouin “invaded” the Negev

3 Comments 20 May 2014

Yariv Mohar, RHR spokesperson, uses primary source quotations and findings to respond to claims that the Bedouin somehow “invaded” the Negev and therefore have no right to the land.

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UPDATED: JNF bulldozers at Bedouin village of Awajan

1 Comment 12 May 2014

**Scroll down for update from May 14th 2014**

JNF-KKL bulldozers began work today on the lands belonging to the Bedouin village Awajan, south of the Bedouin township (recognized) of Lakiya. We are still trying to clarify whether this work is something more innocent like a road, or if the JNF is beginning the process of preparing the lands to build their next forest, thus forcing the Bedouin out of their village. Continue Reading

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