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Friday, October 31: Olive Harvest Day for International Students

No Comments 28 October 2014

RHR invites study abroad students to join us on Friday, October 31st 2014 for a special day of harvesting in the Occupied Territories!

Additional information on the olive harvest

Additional information on volunteering for the harvest

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Cows belonging to settlement sent to destroy Palestinian olive trees

No Comments 21 October 2014

Cows belonging to  settlers are sent to graze amid Palestinian olive trees in the  village of Aqraba in the Occupied Territories. Continue Reading

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Mosque burned in early hours in Palestinian village Aqrabah

No Comments 14 October 2014

Palestinian residents of the village Aqrabah discovered that the mosque had been overnight (early Tuesday morning, October 14t 2014) in an apparent “price tag” attack.  The first floor of the mosque was burned, with damage done to the carpet, the walls and to copies of the Koran. Continue Reading

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Olive Harvest in the Occupied Territories starts with a number of serious incidents

No Comments 07 October 2014

PRESS RELEASE | Oct 6th 2014

As the olive harvest begins, a number of serious incidents have been reported in the Occupied Territories.  Continue Reading

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JOIN US: RHR kicks off the olive harvest season of 5775

1 Comment 05 October 2014


Rabbis for Human Rights

is pleased to invite you to join us as we begin this year’s


cc: wikimedia


During the intermediate days of Sukkot

and in the weeks that follow

Call: 02 6482757 or email yehielgreni@gmail.com

Every fall, Rabbis for Human Rights brings hundreds of volunteers to work side-by-side with Palestinian farmers during our Olive Harvest campaign. Our presence provides protection against possible settler intimidation, enables farmers to pick within the limited number of days that they can safely do so, and has also become an act of solidarity between Israeli Jews and Palestinians.

If you would like to join us for a day of harvesting in the territories, please sign up by calling or emailing our office at info@rhr.israel.net or 02 648 2757. You can also email the director of RHR’s human rights activity in the Occupied Territories, Rabbi Yehiel Grenimann, at yehielgreni@gmail.com.

DEPARTURE: We will be leaving from Liberty Bell Gardens parking lot (Jerusalem) at 6:20 (actually the bus will leave at 6:30 precisely), with the possibility of a pick up at Binyanei HaUma (near the central bus station) at approx. 6:45 and a pick up at the Rosh HaAyin train station at 7:20am.

REGISTRATION: Registration at the office is until 16:30 the day before. Those wanting to go out on Sundays must register by 16:30 on Thursdays. If you have not registered on time you are not assured a place on the bus or being informed of last minute changes, cancellations, etc. Registration on time might sometimes impact on the decision to go out at all, if there are not enough volunteers. Our volunteers are invited to contribute to the cost of the bus according to their ability and generosity.
A NOTE ON SECURITY: We will not publish names of the places (all in area C) we are going to because of security concerns and the need for flexibility in our work.  We are in contact with 50 villages.

In general, we will be working in places with scheduled army protection (this is for the Palestinians and settlers, not for us!) but not always. We would like to know who is and is not willing to pick in such places.

PLEASE BRING: All the volunteers are requested to bring valid current identification (identity card, passport, driving license), food for the day, water, work clothes (and to be sensitive to traditional Muslim dress code for women) closed shoes, and protection from the sun.

Wishing you all a Hag Sameach and a successful and peaceful olive harvest! We hope to see you in the field!



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Field Report: Fall 2013 Olive Harvest

2 Comments 20 November 2013

Rabbi Yehiel Grenimann, Director of Human Rights in the Occupied Territories, summarizes the 2013 RHR Olive Harvest:

The outcomes of this year’s harvest once again underscores the absolute necessity of organizing in order to ensure the rights of Palestinian farmers are upheld as they harvest their olives. In order to complete the harvest safely and without harassment, RHR organizes activists, volunteers, staff members and attorneys in coordination with the Palestinians, the IDF and additional NGOs. Continue Reading


Burin Attack on Channel 2

1 Comment 22 October 2013

YitzharAttack1Israel’s largest news source, Channel 2, covered the October 20th attacks on Palestinian farmers harvesting their olives and the RHR volunteers helping them.  A photographer from Yesh Din was present and recorded the video shown in the segment. Note the masked assailers run up to the volunteer and hit him, while the Palestinian farmers come up from behind, trying to protect the volunteer.

Segment in Hebrew with video of assault included


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Attack near Yitzhar

No Comments 21 October 2013

YitzharattackmasksOctober 20, 2013 | PRESS RELEASE

Two Palestinian olive harvesters and two Israeli volunteers were injured today after being attacked with metal bars by extremists near Yitzhar

Today, October 20, 2013: Several extremist Israelis came down from the direction of the Yitzhar settlement and, using metal bars as weapons, attacked Palestinian farmers harvesting olives and the Israeli activists from Rabbis for Human Rights who were assisting them. Continue Reading

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Olive tree vandalization

No Comments 17 October 2013


olivetreesburningRHR’s invitation for media coverage documenting to date olive tree vandalization 

Some 1,650 trees have been vandalized in the past two months in the West Bank with most of the damage occurring over the last month. Continue Reading

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Attack on West Bank Village

No Comments 10 October 2013

burningolivetrees Burning olive trees at Jalud


Arson of some 400 olive trees in the West Bank

A grave attack by Israelis on the Palestinian village of Jalud in the West Bank is apparently revenge for the dismantling of an outpost. Continue Reading

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