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Field Report: Fall 2013 Olive Harvest

2 Comments 20 November 2013

Rabbi Yehiel Grenimann, Director of Human Rights in the Occupied Territories, summarizes the 2013 RHR Olive Harvest:

The outcomes of this year’s harvest once again underscores the absolute necessity of organizing in order to ensure the rights of Palestinian farmers are upheld as they harvest their olives. In order to complete the harvest safely and without harassment, RHR organizes activists, volunteers, staff members and attorneys in coordination with the Palestinians, the IDF and additional NGOs. Continue Reading


Burin Attack on Channel 2

1 Comment 22 October 2013

YitzharAttack1Israel’s largest news source, Channel 2, covered the October 20th attacks on Palestinian farmers harvesting their olives and the RHR volunteers helping them.  A photographer from Yesh Din was present and recorded the video shown in the segment. Note the masked assailers run up to the volunteer and hit him, while the Palestinian farmers come up from behind, trying to protect the volunteer.

Segment in Hebrew with video of assault included


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Attack near Yitzhar

No Comments 21 October 2013

YitzharattackmasksOctober 20, 2013 | PRESS RELEASE

Two Palestinian olive harvesters and two Israeli volunteers were injured today after being attacked with metal bars by extremists near Yitzhar

Today, October 20, 2013: Several extremist Israelis came down from the direction of the Yitzhar settlement and, using metal bars as weapons, attacked Palestinian farmers harvesting olives and the Israeli activists from Rabbis for Human Rights who were assisting them. Continue Reading

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Olive tree vandalization

No Comments 17 October 2013


olivetreesburningRHR’s invitation for media coverage documenting to date olive tree vandalization 

Some 1,650 trees have been vandalized in the past two months in the West Bank with most of the damage occurring over the last month. Continue Reading

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Attack on West Bank Village

No Comments 10 October 2013

burningolivetrees Burning olive trees at Jalud


Arson of some 400 olive trees in the West Bank

A grave attack by Israelis on the Palestinian village of Jalud in the West Bank is apparently revenge for the dismantling of an outpost. Continue Reading

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Olive Trees Vandalized

1 Comment 08 October 2013

Olive groove. cc Wikipedia


Palestinian olive harvest opens with multiple incidents of vandalism

Despite IDF assurances that previously troublesome locations  were secured, numerous uprooted trees in multiple locations were discovered Sunday morning in the West Bank in apparent “price tag” attacks. Continue Reading

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Divine decision: Dvar Torah for Sukkot | Rabbi Yehiel Greniman

1 Comment 16 September 2013

As a secular  teenager in far away Melbourne Australia my first experience of Sukkot was through a very devoted Habad educator who invited me and some friends to his sukkah.  It was a wonderful experience for us. This young rabbi thought that the most appropriate text to study with us was the book of Ecclessiastes (in Hebrew, Kohelet). He knew that existentialist writings such as those of Jean Paul Sarte and Albert Camus with their emphasis on life, death, human fragility and vulnerability were very popular in those days, just two decades after the end of the second world war. He was right about that. I still love the text many decades latter. Dvar Torah for Sukkot by Rabbi Yehiel Greniman. Continue Reading

General, Occupied Territories

The Olive Harvest is on its way

No Comments 16 September 2013

Within less than a  month the olive harvest will begin. Every year at this time Palestinian farmers from a number of villages across the West Bank receive threats to their safety, are denied access to their land or have their olives stolen, their trees poisoned, or even cut down altogether.  Continue Reading

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The Olive Harvest is Coming: Summation of summer activities of the Rights in the Occupied Territories Department | Yehiel Grenimann

1 Comment 06 August 2013

Pictured: Upgrading Mariam’s kindergarten in Jabal for Jahalin tribe children

Rabbi Yehiel Grenimann, director of the Rights in the Occupied Territories Department, summarizes the summer activities so far.

This summer, 80 children participated in the summer camp in this neglected area, where the children of the Jahalin tribe live. The camp was very successful and we even started a children’s library. A Canadian group accompanied us for the fourth year in a row. In addition, we engaged in special education in East Jerusalem and activities with Eritrean refugees. Thanks to our activities, we received a large grant from a group of Evangelical churches in Germany.

Soon we will start the olive and almond harvest activities and need your help. To sign up, send us a message on the website.


An urgent message: 4 years after the evacuation order was signed, security forces and the Civil Administration evacuated a large group of settlers who invaded the Palestinian village of Susya this morning.  

We are concerned that extreme settlers will avenge this evacuation and warn the IDF to be prepared. To our regret the invasions to Palestinian land in the West Bank continue.



General, Occupied Territories

RHR Olive Harvest Report 2012

No Comments 03 December 2012

Rabbis Day at the olive harvest: 31.10.12 in Sinjil. In the photo: Rabbi Ehud Bandel

Over the 2012 season, RHR was involved in coordinating the olive harvest in 39 Palestinian villages. In addition to bringing groups of volunteers into the field to help ensure the safety of farmers, RHR intervened with the Israeli army’s Civil Administration to guarantee access to agricultural lands, made site visits to several villages, and otherwise took actions to ensure the greatest possible realization of Palestinian farmers’ rights to livelihood and security. Through this work, RHR gathered information, either directly through our own involvement or via contacts with farmers and other villagers, on incidents in the field. The following is a brief report of our activities, along with an overview of the principal statistics we gathered through the course of the 2012 olive harvest season.

By: Rabbi Yehiel Grenimann

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