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Field Report: Spring 2014 Plowing Season

No Comments 12 May 2014

Rabbi Yehiel Grenimann, Director of RHR’s Department of Human Rights in the Occupied Territories,  reports  on this plowing season in particular and agricultural work in general in the territories. Rabbis for Human Rights assists Palestinian farmers, often the victims of harassment and attacks perpetrated by extremists, in accessing their agricultural lands, receiving crossing permits and coordinating with the IDF. Continue Reading

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Press release: Two serious incidents during the Palestinian olive harvest – according to Palestinian reports, 82 trees cut down in Kriut and olives from 130 trees stolen in Farata.

2 Comments 14 October 2012

On Tuesday 9.10.12, Palestinian farmers discovered that 82 olive trees had been cut down in the Palestinian village of Krayut.  In the village of Farata which is near the outpost of Havat Gilad, Palestinian harvesters came this morning, again after coordinating, only to discover that others had already stealthily harvested their olives.  The olives of most of the trees (130 in number) had been stolen.  The olive harvest of the thieves was carried out in an aggressive way which harmed the trees.  The Palestinian owner of the land intends to make a complaint to the DCO.  

General, Occupied Territories

Combatants for Peace: Violent incident near Yianon, in the district of Nablus

3 Comments 10 July 2012

photo: IAPI

We hereby join in the press release issued by Combatants for Peace, concerning a very serious incident that occurred on land of the village of Yanun : Yesterday afternoon 35 settlers attacked Palestinian farmers on the land of the village of Yanun, at a time when the army was present and did not prevent the farmers from being harmed. Continue Reading

General, Occupied Territories

Demolitions, An Arbitrary Arrest, Preventing Access to Lands for Plowing and Harassment on Route 60

No Comments 08 May 2012

“We were told they had entered a “closed military zone” which happened to be on their own farmlands.” | Handcuffs. cc: wikipedia

Rabbi Yehiel Grenimann describes the last week’s unusual events in the Occupied Territories, among them: a demolition of a restaurant in Wallaje, an arbitrary arrest in Yanoun, settlers from Shilo harassed a Palestinian, and something positive: a Palestinian farmer from Farata got access to his lands and could plow. Continue Reading

General, Occupied Territories

It s sad to see the gates (to plowing) closed: The weekly report of Rabbi Yehiel Grenimann on the state of agriculture in the OT

1 Comment 26 March 2012

Settler violence at Turmos (2011)

At the beginning of the plowing season Rabbi Yehiel Grenimann gives us his weekly report about what is happening to human rights in the occupied territories. The farmers need access to their lands and coordination with the Israeli army, but often their needs are not met, and this is as well as suffering from the continuing and worsening violence from settlers. Continue Reading

Parasha / E-Letter

Light a Candle for Coexistence: Weekly commentary by Rabbis for Human Rights

No Comments 21 December 2011

Weekly commentary by Rabbis for Human Rights: Parshat “Miketz”

Rabbis for Human Rights condemns the wave of fascism that has been sweeping over Israel in the last week, including: the torching of mosques, the burning of a Jewish-Arab center in Be’er Sheva, blocking roads in the West Bank, and the publication of racist books similar to “Torat HaMelekh.” Rabbis for Human Rights will light a candle of hope in Israel and in the Occupied Territories, a candle of shared existence, and insist that the security forces prevent continued violence and potential religious war. May your festival of light bring blessings and hope, and Shabbat Shalom. Continue Reading

General, Occupied Territories

Blocking roads on the West Bank – a recipe for a third Intifada

No Comments 18 December 2011

“This does not protect the Palestinians, but disrupts their everyday life”. Huwwara Checkpoint .cc: wikipedia

Last Thursday roads in the Nablus area were blocked for the Palestinians. Blocking Palestinian roads  in the West Bank  endangers us with   increased anger and tension in the area and violates basic human rights. Continue Reading

General, Occupied Territories

Experiences from the Olive Harvest

1 Comment 25 October 2011

Rabbi Yehiel Grenniman Recounts Experiences from the Olive Harvest. Continue Reading

General, Occupied Territories

The Achievements and the Difficulties of the Activity to Maintain Human Rights in the OT

4 Comments 30 August 2011

cc: Activstills. Demonstration against the Wall in Al Walaja, 27.06.2011: A group of Palestinians, Israelis and internationals demonstrate in front of Har Gilo settlement in the village of Al Walaja following this week decision of the Israeli Supreme Court to reject petition of Al Walaja residents to change the route of the Wall, 27.06.2011. The march to the settlement was stopped by Israeli soldiers. Four Israeli activists were arrested. Photo by: Anne Paq/Activestills.org
Rabbi Yehiel Grenimann describes the achievements and the difficulties of the activity to maintain human rights in the occupied territories. Continue Reading

Occupied Territories

When the Rabbi meets the Imam

3 Comments 04 May 2011

Following the fire at the Mosque in Hawara, Rabbi Yehiel Grenimann met the Imam of the Mosque, Imam Murad Udi. Rabbi Grenimann expressed his sorrow and said that he hoped it was not an act of arson. Both religious leaders requested a move away from extremism and for both sides to live together and respect each other. Continue Reading

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