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Demolitions at school in Abu Nawahr Jahalin Bedouin community

No Comments 05 February 2018

Around 5 am yesterday morning (February 4 2018), Israeli forces arrived at the small Jahalin Bedouin community of Abu Nawahr in the outskirts of Jerusalem in the occupied territories and demolished two classrooms serving 3rd and 4th grade children. Rabbis for Human Rights’ volunteers together with Catholic nuns from the Comboni Order have organized summer camps at Abu Nawahr over the last few years.

Below please find the statement of Rabbis Yehiel Grenimann, director of organizational development at Rabbis for Human Rights (RHR), and Rabbi Jeremy Milgrom, an RHR board member, who visited the site and the distraught children following the demolition. Continue Reading

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Photos: Jahalin Bedouin children visited by Japanese Shiatsu masters

No Comments 06 August 2017

How we ended up dancing yesh lanu tayish with Japanese Tao Shiatsu Masters and Bedouin Kids in the Middle of the Desert
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International Women’s Day: Supporting the right to an education for Bedouin girls

No Comments 08 March 2017

As we observe International Women’s Day today, Rabbis for Human Rights highlights the struggle to save the beloved ecological school at Khan al Akhmar, serving approximately 150 Jahalin Bedouin children living on the outskirts of Jerusalem. The school, currently slated for demolition due to Israel’s unjust planning policy, is the only viable formal educational option for the girls of the Khan al Akhmar community, and its destruction would signify a tremendous loss for the Jahalin women. Continue Reading

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Volunteers needed: Jahalin Bedouin summer camps!

1 Comment 28 January 2017

Rabbis for Human Rights and the Comboni Sisters  are looking for enthusiastic volunteers to help at summer camps for young Jahalin children this July and August. Volunteers should have some Arabic and experience working with children. Continue Reading

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Demolitions in Palestinian Bedouin community Khan al Akhmar

1 Comment 03 January 2017

Yesterday January 2 2017, at one of the offshoots of the Palestinian Bedouin (Jahalin) village Khan al Akhmar, in Mishor Adumim, ten structures were demolished – all apparently used for residential purposes. As a result, residents report over 70 people, mostly children, are left without a roof over their heads in these cold winter days. Continue Reading

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Army returns damaged solar panels to Bedouin village without compensation

No Comments 07 November 2016

Last year, the army confiscated solar panels from the Jahalin Bedouin community Khan al Ahmar, outside of the Israeli settlement Kfar Adumim. After a legal battle, the court ordered the panels to be returned. However, they were returned damaged and no compensation has been ordered. Rabbi Yehiel Grenimann, who has worked with the Jahalin community for years, explains: Continue Reading

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Young Jahalin Bedouin girls explore painting and art with RHR volunteers

No Comments 04 November 2016

Check out these gorgeous photos taken by a participant in Solidarity of Nations – Achvat Amim volunteering with Rabbis for Human Rights’ after school program for Bedouin Jahalin children in the occupied territories. We are lucky to have two artistic and talented women volunteering with us this year who are sharing their passion for art with the young girls. Look closely and you will see that these landscapes are inspired by the work of American artist Edward Hopper. Continue Reading

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Jahalin children visit the sea!

No Comments 07 August 2016

Here are some photos from our trip to the sea last Monday (August 1 2016) with 53 Jahalin Bedouin kids and mothers from the Abu Nawahr encampment. The outing was organised with  the Comboni sisters, courtesy of Machsom Watch and with the assistance of eleven volunteers from Canadian “Operation Groundswell”. It was a truly international interfaith outing and a wonderful event, ending a successful season of summer camps for these otherwise very deprived children.

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Photos: Jahalin children at summer camps enjoy visit by medical clowns!

No Comments 26 July 2016

On Sunday July 24th, the Jahalin Bedouin children attending summer camps in various locations outside Maale Adumim were treated to a special performance by medical clowns from nearby Bethlehem. The children, of course, loved the show!





More photos and background on the Jahalin summer camps 

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The States sees a Success Story in the Disaster of the Jahalin

No Comments 14 April 2016

For many years, Rabbis for Human Rights has worked in educational empowerment and human rights advocacy for the people of the Jahalin tribe in the Judean desert. Last summer, Rabbi Yehiel Grenimann of RHR along with Sisters Aziza and Agnes of the Comboni Order and a team of international and Israeli volunteers organized a summer camp for 100 children of the Jahalin village Abu Nawahr. Continue Reading

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