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Ta’ayush activist assaulted

No Comments 09 February 2014

Screen Shot 2014-02-09 at 8.44.28 PM

Saturday, February 8th activists from the group Ta’ayush were attacked by 10-15 masked extremists nearby the illegal outpost of Eshtamoa in the South Hebron Hills. The activists assist Palestinian farmers and shepherds each week with their work in various ways. One activists was violently pushed, kicked, punched and beaten with a club. The assault was captured on film, and soldiers were within proximity to the events. Continue Reading

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BREAKING: Demolitions in East Jerusalem

2 Comments 05 February 2014

For immediate release: Series of home demolitions and major tension in the East Jerusalem area


FEBRUARY 5 2014: A home in the East Jerusalem village of Umm Lison was demolished today while security forces prepare to demolish two additional homes in Jabel Mukaber, also East Jerusalem. Currently, those demolitions are on hold due to an immediate halting order. The residents are resisting and five young Palestinians have been arrested thus far. At least one home was demolished in Beit Hanina as well.

These demotions come as a result of systemic planning  and land allocation discrimination in East Jerusalem, with Palestinians under-represented on planning committees. City planning attempts to preserve the city’s demographic balance by choking Palestinian construction and annexing to Jerusalem dozens of Palestinian villages which historically have not been connected to Jerusalem. This policy is no secret: the city’s master plan explicitly mentions the prevention of Palestinian building as a strategy for the preservation of “demographic balance” within the city.

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“Price tag” attack prevented

No Comments 14 January 2014

PRESS RELEASE  | January 14 2014

Swift action by Rabbis for Human Rights successfully prevents price tag attack in Jaloud


On Sunday, January 12th around 10:00 PM, Zachariah Sadah, Rabbis for Human Rights field worker for the Occupied Territories, received reports from Palestinian farmers of suspicious figures and Hebrew-speaking voices in the olive grove in their village, Jaloud (near the settlement outpost Esh Kodesh and the village of Qusra). Zachariah asked the farmers to stay away from the olive grove, fearing a violent confrontation or a deliberate set-up. He immediately filed a report with security forces about the suspicious figures and the possibility that vandals might cut down olive tree branches. Continue Reading

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Attack on West Bank Village

No Comments 10 October 2013

burningolivetrees Burning olive trees at Jalud


Arson of some 400 olive trees in the West Bank

A grave attack by Israelis on the Palestinian village of Jalud in the West Bank is apparently revenge for the dismantling of an outpost. Continue Reading

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Divine decision: Dvar Torah for Sukkot | Rabbi Yehiel Greniman

1 Comment 16 September 2013

As a secular  teenager in far away Melbourne Australia my first experience of Sukkot was through a very devoted Habad educator who invited me and some friends to his sukkah.  It was a wonderful experience for us. This young rabbi thought that the most appropriate text to study with us was the book of Ecclessiastes (in Hebrew, Kohelet). He knew that existentialist writings such as those of Jean Paul Sarte and Albert Camus with their emphasis on life, death, human fragility and vulnerability were very popular in those days, just two decades after the end of the second world war. He was right about that. I still love the text many decades latter. Dvar Torah for Sukkot by Rabbi Yehiel Greniman. Continue Reading

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Quiet days will come: Newsletter for Parshat “Vayetze”

No Comments 21 November 2012

Israeli civilians taking cover during a rocket attack on Tel-Aviv from Gaza on November 18, 2012 | Photo by: Shachaf Polakow/Activestills.org

Rabbis for Human Rights prays for peace for all the Israeli and Palestinian civilians who are under fire. We send our condolences to the families of the people who were killed and wish a full recovery to those injured. We would like to remind both sides that civilians should not be targets and we hope that the new ceasefire arrangements will also ease the limitations of leaving Gaza.

 We hope that as you read these words the calm has returned. In the meantime, as we write them, we’re at war again. This is the time to think about the Torah’s attitude toward enemies and conflicts as expressed in the story of Yaakov in this week’s parsha. See Rabbi Gidon Sylvester’s essay on Vayetze. Continue Reading

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House demolitions exploit the powerless in Area C

7 Comments 20 November 2012

The belongings of the Aramin family is seem after the Jerusalem municipality demolished their house, in the village of At-Tur, East Jerusalem, November 13, 2012 (photo: Oren Ziv / Activestills).

There is no possibility that Israel’s Civil Administration will fairly and properly plan for Palestinians in Area C if they are not at the table when their fate is decided.

By Rabbi Arik Ascherman Continue Reading

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Palestinian olive harvesters were badgered during the oilve harvest in the West Bank, area C

No Comments 09 October 2012

Olives  By wollombi cc: flickr

On Shabbat, 6/10/12 Palestinian olive harvesters were badgered during the oilve harvest in the West Bank, area C.  This happened in a couple of places but the worst incident was probably in the lands of El Genia where settlers from “Zayt Ranaan” accosted farmers out harvesting, threatening them with fierce-looking dogs on chains.

The harvesters nevertheless continued their work much to the frustration of their settler neighbours.  The next morning residents of El Genia discovered that 18 olive trees had been vandalized and badly damaged in the area of this incident. Rabbis for Human Rights has reported this to the DCO and police and is encouraging the local people to lodge complaints.


On 6 October 2012 went Ja’asra family, Women, men and children for Olive harvest on their privet own land, Tarqumiya, west to Hebron. After early attempt that week which ended in expelling and tear gas by IDF, their lawyer from RHR legal team contact the civil administration head officer of the area, to make sure it wouldn’t happen again. His respond “it was mistake (the expulsion), they can come and harvest” he was notify they would, on Saturday. When they came, tear gas again.

YouTube Preview Image

If you found this story important/shocking/touching, and you want to help us to change the situation, please donate here and strengthen the Jewish voices that see in every human being the image of God.

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Israel Prevents Palestinian Farmers to Access their Lands: The Story of a Farmers from Jalud and South Hebron Hills

1 Comment 23 April 2012

The outpost Esh kodesh from Settlements and Outposts – Peace Now Site 

Adv. Quamar Mishirqi Asad brings us two cases of preventing Palestinian farmers’ access to their lands. Fauzi, from Jalud, and Abu Samra family are expelled from their lands and can not realize their right to work on their land. Adv. Mishirqi-Asad tells the story of the Israeli bureaucracy that harasses the Palestinian population by not giving them access to their lands. Continue Reading

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The Police and Army Silence about the Attack of Samicha

1 Comment 17 April 2012

“They used these clubs to hit Samicha”. For more pictures please visit our Facebook Album.

On Wednesday April 11th was Samicha Jihad Nawajaa attacked by a number of settlers. This attack took place under the open eyes of the security forces. The police did not do its job and did not come to investigate the case. During photographing the location of the attack we discovered a settlers’ invasion to Palestinian lands. Continue Reading

April 28: RHR Planning Appeal against housing demolitions!

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