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Friday: Passover and Easter Old City tour and text study

No Comments 19 April 2017

Come and join us on a fascinating tour and text study in Jerusalem’s Old City as we explore questions relating to history, culture, faith and tradition. The tour will be led by Carmiel Frutkoff and Joel Kelling followed by a text study led by Rabbi Noa Mazor of Rabbis for Human Rights, Dr. Hector Patmore, and Rev Hosam Naom. Continue Reading

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Interreligious Encounters – the Key to Learning and to Attitudinal and Social Change

No Comments 25 January 2017

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Rabbi Noa Mazor, director of ICCI, the interreligious department of Rabbis for Human Rights, on the important of our “Abrahamic Team” panels that are bringing interreligious encounters and understanding to men, women and youth all over Israel. Continue Reading


Thursday: The Light in our hands — Interfaith candle lighting!

No Comments 26 December 2016

Please join Rabbis for Human Rights and our partners THIS Thursday, the 6th night of Hanukkah (Dec 29th) at 7:30pm for a special interfaith candle lighting at the First Train Station in Jerusalem (David Remez 4)! Continue Reading


Monday: Interreligious panel on human dignity and the value of human life

No Comments 15 December 2016

ICCI, now the interreligious department of Rabbis for Human Rights, invites you to join us for a special panel this Monday, December 19th in Abu Ghosh: Continue Reading

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Don’t miss: Rabbi Ron Kronish & Mayor Issa Jaber Oct/Nov East Coast Speaking Tour

No Comments 13 October 2016

Friends on the East Coast of the United States – do not miss this opportunity to hear Rabbi Ron Kornish and Mayor Issa Jaber speak about their work together on issues relating to Arab-Jewish coexistence, inter-religious dialogue, and the search for peace. Check below to find the location nearest you! Continue Reading

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September 29th Interreligious Abrahamic Team Panel: “Sanctity of Life – Human Dignity”

No Comments 25 September 2016

We hope to see on Thursday at this exciting and informative panel from our interreligious department in Abu Gosh…

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Mutual respect among people: Thoughts from a recent interreligious conference

1 Comment 07 June 2016

Last week I was privileged to participate in an international interreligious conference in Kosovo. Three hundred men and women participated in this conference from all over the world.  I did not agree with all the speakers, neither did I have the opportunity to speak with all of them. But the most important part of the conference was the fact that there was great mutual respect among all the participants of the conference. Continue Reading

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Pre-military Israelis exposed for first time to Muslim & Christian religious leaders

1 Comment 24 April 2016

On April 6 2016, an “Abrahamic Team,” presented their personal stories and reflections on the topic of “Human Dignity and Sanctity of Life” to a group of 35 Jewish Israeli students studying this year in a pre-army academic preparatory course at Kibbutz Biram in the Upper Galilee.

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ICCI, the interreligous department of RHR, Passover Newsletter

No Comments 18 April 2016

Chag Sameach—Happy Passover

We wish all our Jewish friends in Israel and around the world a Chag Sameach (Happy Holiday) for Passover! May you enjoy this season of spring—which brings with it hope for renewal and freedom for the Jewish People and all peoples—with your family and friends.

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Abrahamic Teams: Educational Outreach in Israel

ICCI, the Interreligious Department of Rabbis for Human Rights, has begun a new initiative to address issues of human dignity, respect for life, and other central issues in an attempt to bring a new voice of moderation, reason and hope to the public discourse in Israel, one that is sorely lacking and much needed in our society today. ICCI is doing this in cooperation with the Abrahamic Forum eV in Germany, sponsored by the Allianz Cultural Foundation and the Robert Bosch Foundation.

The project offers panel discussions of religious leaders of the three major faiths in Israel — Judaism, Christianity and Islam – to a wide variety of Jewish and Arab audiences. On April 6th, the second “Abrahamic Team” panel discussion was held for a group of 35 Jewish Israeli students, who are studying this year in a pre-army academic preparatory course at Kibbutz Biram in the Upper Galilee. The group of students was spending three days in Jerusalem at a special seminar on “The State of Israel as a Jewish-Democratic State”, which was planned and implemented by the Education Department of Rabbis for Human Rights, led by Rabbi Nava Hefetz. The panel consisted of Rabbi Professor Yehoyada Amir, professor of Jewish Thought at the Hebrew Union College in Jerusalem, Rev. Samuel Fanous, of the Emanuel Church in Ramla and Dr. Layla Abed Rabu, a Muslim advisor on Women’s Rights in Israel and a research fellow at the Truman Institute for Peace at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. The panelists presented their personal stories and reflections on the topic of “Human Dignity and Sanctity of Life”.

Upcoming Abrahamic Team Programs:

May 9th, at the Community Center in Abu Gosh, an Israeli-Arab town west of Jerusalem

May 28th, at the biennial conference of the Israeli Reform Jewish Movement, at the Shefayim Hotel and Conference Center, north of Tel Aviv

June 1st, at a Muslim high school, with students and parents, in Kafr Kara, an Israeli Arab village in the center of Israel

ICCI Interim Director speaks about Interreligious Dialogue Education and Action to visiting groups to Israel and to groups within Israel

Ron Kronish informal portrait

During the past few months, ICCI Interim Director Rabbi Ron Kronish has spoken to the following groups who have visited Israel or are in Israel about the message and the method of Interreligious Dialogue for Peaceful Coexistence:

March 6th, to a group of Jews and Christians visiting from Tyler, Texas, led by Rabbi Neal Katz and Rev. Stuart Baskin

March 28th, with Kadi Iyad Zahalka, the Muslim Judge of the Shariya court of Israel in Jerusalem, at Bet Shmuel in Jerusalem to students from the USA on a gap year program called “Kivvunim”

March 29th, to a group of Christians and Jews from Andover, Massachusetts, led by Rabbi Robert Goldstein ,Rev. Dana Allen Walsh and Rev. Michael Hodges

April 4th, to students from all over the world who are studying at the Pardes Institute for Jewish Studies, in cooperation with the Pardes Center for Judaism and Conflict Resolution, led by Rabbi Dr. Daniel Roth

April 11th, to a group of 11 Rectors and Vice-rectors of Catholic Universities from around the world, sponsored by Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs

April 19th, to a group of women who belong to the Naamat women’s organization in Jerusalem

Upcoming Lectures to Visiting Groups:

May 10th, to a Presbyterian group from Texas

June 22nd, 15 Dutch theologians who will be visiting Israel on a study tour with the Center of Israel Studies of the Netherlands

ICCI’s Center for Interreligious Education welcomes visiting groups and local groups to contact us to arrange programs. For a current list of programs of the center, see our website.

The Interreligious Advisory Committee of ICCI
The ICCI Advisory Committee—comprised of leading Jews, Muslims and Christians in Israel—will be holding its next meeting on May 28th. On the agenda will be a discussion of new directions for ICCI, within RHR, in the years ahead, and an opportunity to meet the new ICCI director, Noa Mazor.

Noa Mazor, new director of ICCI

Noa Mazor, new director of ICCI

The members of ICCI’s Advisory Committee are:

Rabbi Yehoyada Amir, Professor, Hebrew Union College, Jerusalem

Rabbi Ehud Bandel, rabbi and interreligious activist, Vice-President of ICCI

Sr. Maureen Cusick, Sisters of Sion, Jerusalem, former co-chairperson of ICCI

Professor Mohammed Dajani, Founder and leader of Wasatia, a Muslim Movement for Moderation and Reconciliation

Rabbi Tamar Elad-Appelbaum, Rabbi of Congregation Zion, Jerusalem

Issa Jaber, educator and mayor of Abu Gosh, former co-chairperson of ICCI

Rabbi Joel Levy, Director of the Conservative Yeshiva, Jerusalem

Fr. Hosam Naoum, Dean of St. George’s Cathedral (Anglican), Jerusalem

Layla Abed Rabu, lecturer in Islamic Thought, Advisor on Women’s Rights in Islam

Tareq Saman, student in Conflict and Coexistence at Brandeis University in Waltham, Massachusetts, and graduate of ICCI’s Young Adult programs

Rabbi Susan Silverman, author and activist, Jerusalem

David Waimann, businessman and activist, Jerusalem

Rabbi Levi Weiman –Kelman, Rabbi of Congregation Kol HaNeshama, Jerusalem, former co-chairperson of ICCI

Rabbi Moshe Yehudai, retired, former chairperson of RHR

Sonia Zelazo, Focolare Movement, Jerusalem

A local Palestinian Lutheran Christian, still to be appointed

General, ICCI

RHR announces appointment of Director of Department for Interreligious Dialogue & Action

No Comments 05 April 2016

We are very pleased to welcome Noa Mazor as Director of ICCI, the Interreligious Dialogue and Action department for Rabbis for Human Rights. Continue Reading

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