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Parashat Korach: The miracle we really need

2 Comments 22 June 2017

In his dvar Torah to Parashat Korach, Rabbi Jeremy Milgrom warns us of the immorality of collective punishment, and reminds us of our responsibility to pursue peace in a time when war and terrible suffering seem to be lurking just around the corner.  Continue Reading


Is a Gazan cancer patient carrying explosives a threat to the promotion of human rights?

No Comments 23 April 2017

Rabbis for Human Rights is horrified by the use of cancer treatments as a means of transporting explosives into Israel, and hopes the circumstances of this incident will become clear soon. Although we have no expectations from extremist organizations, they have seriously endangered the possibility of medical treatment for the many ill patients in Gaza —  their own people.

Erez Crossing between Gaza and Israel

Erez Crossing between Gaza and Israel

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Weekly Parasha: All who are thirsty come to the water…

No Comments 31 August 2016

In this week’s Dvar Torah, Rabbi Jeremy Milgrom reminds us that despite all the human rights abuses swirling around us, there are still stories of success where the rights of the most vulnerable are protected. Continue Reading

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One year after Gaza: A Thought/Prayer after the Fast of 17 Tammuz

No Comments 06 July 2015

Yesterday marked the 17th of the Hebrew month of Tammuz (technically, it was the 18th, due to the 17th falling on Shabbat), a Jewish fast day commemorating the breach in the walls of Jerusalem leading up to the destruction of the Second Temple, and the beginning of a three week mourning period ending with Tisha B’Av (9th of the month of Av).  It is also traditionally said to be the date of a number of other calamities that befell the Jewish people over the year. Last year, the 17th of Tammuz and the mourning period that follows it coincided with much of the fighting in Gaza during Operation Protective Edge. Continue Reading

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RHR Response to the UN’s Report on Operation Protective Edge

No Comments 24 June 2015


The report of the United Nation’s Human Rights Council on the warfare during Operation Protective Edge is a reminder of the opportunity missed by the Israeli governments – the absence of an independent Israeli investigations committee.   An independent investigation committee – transparent, critical and willing to take risks-  tasked with examining  if and when we  failed in to meet our own moral standards during the fighting this past summer would have helped us improve our own moral character. Unfortunately,  we are unable to see in Israel’s Foreign Ministry’s report on the fighting a product of such an investigation.   Continue Reading

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New report by Breaking the Silence collects soldier testimony from Protective Edge

No Comments 05 May 2015

After months of investigating and verifying, Breaking the Silence has released a new report collecting testimonies from soldiers who fought in summer 2014’s Operation Protection Edge.   Continue Reading

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Gaza: Strive for peace and pursue it: By Rabbi Yehiel Grenimann

No Comments 20 August 2014

Rabbi Yehiel Grenniman, director of our human rights in the occupied territories department, recently had his thoughts on the Gaza war published by CNN International.

Rabbi Yehiel Grenimann at the Tag Meir demonstration against vengeance and violence in Jerusalem

Rabbi Yehiel Grenimann at the Tag Meir demonstration against vengeance and violence in Jerusalem following the revenge murder of 16 year old Muhammad Abu Khdeir


From CNN.com:

My son has recently been released from active reserve duty in the Israel Defense Forces in Gaza, and the two sides are again talking about a serious ceasefire. I am relieved to have my son back and to see that we are talking instead of shooting, and pray that this latest round of negotiations succeeds in bringing us stability and progress towards peace.

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Don’t let the most vulnerable of society pay for “Protective Edge”

No Comments 18 August 2014

Operation Protective Edge cost Israel 4.3 billion, while  projected total cost has been estimated at NIS 8.5 billion. Who ends up really paying the price? Whose security is neglected over the cost of national security?

Sharon GuarihnI sraelSocialTV

Sharon Guarihn: “Security is not just about national security, it’s about economic security…”

By: Rabbi Idit Lev

The Committee to Fight Poverty (Alaluf Committee) recommended allocating NIS 8 billion Shekels (about 2.3 billon USD) to go towards poverty, in particular for housing aid and increasing of social welfare. This could reduce the poverty rate by ten percent in five years. Meanwhile it seems that economic and military rehabilitation following the Protective Edge operation in Gaza will push aside implementing these recommendations. And who pays the price?  The citizens living in poverty, of course. Listen to Sharon Guarihn’s call, a citizen of Hadera with a monthly salary of 2200 Shekels (634 USD):

“Security is not just about national security, it’s about economic security, and it’s starting to be about nutritional security, basic security of kids who don’t have it; they don’t have after-school activities or a proper school to go to. How can we live like this? This is not economic welfare or security. My boy is afraid that tomorrow they’ll throw him out of his home because we can’t afford rent. Wake up people, wake up!”

Report by Israel Social TV featuring Rabbi Idit Lev and Rabbi Sigal Asher of RHR’s Rights Center in Hadera [Hebrew]


RHR’s response to the findings of the Alaluf Committee

All posts from our Socioeconomic Justice in Israel Department

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Human rights organizations and Gaza: Breaking down the myths

1 Comment 17 August 2014

There are many false myths regarding the positions of human rights organizations on the current operation in Gaza, as well as the ones which preceded it. These myths are disseminated by all sorts of organizations with the goal of undermining the legitimacy of human rights organizations in Israel. We thought we would make some order in this mess. We cannot speak for all human rights organizations, only for Rabbis for Human Rights, though we believe that a significant portion of what is written here reflects, to a large extent, the positions of many organizations as well as the spirit of international humanitarian law. International humanitarian law coincidentally or not so coincidentally overlaps important Jewish principles, and principles of common sense,  facilitating a smart balance between security needs/military considerations and concern for the civilian population on the other side. Continue Reading

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Weekly Parasha: Voicing the questions with which we all wrestle

No Comments 06 August 2014

As the recent war in Gaza appears to draw to a close, Dr. Rabbi Edward Rettig gives voice in this week’s parasha to the painful question that so many of us have found ourselves grappling with during this difficult and painful summer.

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