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Early morning eviction of Palestinian family in Jerusalem’s Sheikh Jarrah

No Comments 05 September 2017

Last night (early morning September 5 2017), a large number of police forces entered the house of the Shamasneh family in Sheikh Jarrah and forcibly evicted the entire family from their homes. Continue Reading


Touring Jerusalem with RHR’s Jezreel Valley College Beit Midrash students

No Comments 07 May 2017

On Tuesday April 18 2017 participants of RHR’s human rights Beit Midrash program at Jezreel Valley College toured Jerusalem and learned about human rights on both sides of the wall.

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FRIDAY: Six years of struggle against the expropriation of Sheikh Jarrah and E. Jerusalem!

No Comments 25 August 2015

From Free Jerusalem:


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Friday: Special call to join the weekly Sheikh Jarrah protest against Jewish takeover in E. Jerusalem

No Comments 21 April 2015

Join “Free Jerusalem” this Friday in a special call to participate in this week’s Sheikh Jarrah protest against Jewish settlement in Sheikh Jarrah and East Jerusalem in general. With the Shamasna family now in imminent danger of eviction due to the “Absentee Property Law,”  your support against these injustices is crucial! The protest starts at 4pm at the usual site in Sheikh Jarrah, or there is the option to meet at  3:45pm at the Shim’on Ha’tzadik train station, from whence the group will walk to the demonstration site.  Continue Reading

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Wave of administrative demolitions strikes East Jerusalem & West Bank

2 Comments 22 January 2015

The last two days have seen homes and buildings demolished in five Palestinian villages and neighborhoods within Area C of the Occupied Territories or East Jerusalem. To boot,  five houses and nine agricultural structures were demolished today in the Palestinian village Jiftlik, while additional demolitions occurred in Beit Iksa. The demolitions occur because the structures lack building permits. This is especially concerning seeing how times are especially sensitive. Continue Reading

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PRESS RELEASE: Demolition where far right activist announced intention to settle

No Comments 01 December 2014


Home demolished in East Jerusalem in an area where far right-wing activist Aryeh King announced his intention to settle. Continue Reading


RHR condemns the November 5th Terrorist Attack in Jerusalem

No Comments 05 November 2014

Rabbis for Human Rights is deeply pained by and strongly condemns the heinous terrorist attack today on the Jerusalem light rail station. We send heartfelt condolences to the family of the deceased and wish speedy recovery to the injured. Continue Reading

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The Tag Meir Coalition responds to ‘price tag’ attack in Ein Aluza

No Comments 13 February 2014

On February 10th, the East Jerusalem area of Ein Aluza was victim of a ‘price tag’ . Additionally, graffiti against “assimilation” and “Arab labor” was sprayed. The Tag Meir Coalition, which acts as a voice of tolerance and respect by organizing acts of solidarity with victims and communities who have been targeted by radical extremists, was quick to respond in a show of solidarity with the residents. Continue Reading

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Interagency call to end demolitions

No Comments 09 February 2014

2013 showed a serious uptick of housing demolitions and aid obstruction to the Palestinian Territories, specifically in the Jordan River Valley. In response,  25 local and international aid, faith, development and human rights organizations came together to call for an end to demolitions of Palestinian homes and obstruction of aid

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BREAKING: Demolitions in East Jerusalem

2 Comments 05 February 2014

For immediate release: Series of home demolitions and major tension in the East Jerusalem area


FEBRUARY 5 2014: A home in the East Jerusalem village of Umm Lison was demolished today while security forces prepare to demolish two additional homes in Jabel Mukaber, also East Jerusalem. Currently, those demolitions are on hold due to an immediate halting order. The residents are resisting and five young Palestinians have been arrested thus far. At least one home was demolished in Beit Hanina as well.

These demotions come as a result of systemic planning  and land allocation discrimination in East Jerusalem, with Palestinians under-represented on planning committees. City planning attempts to preserve the city’s demographic balance by choking Palestinian construction and annexing to Jerusalem dozens of Palestinian villages which historically have not been connected to Jerusalem. This policy is no secret: the city’s master plan explicitly mentions the prevention of Palestinian building as a strategy for the preservation of “demographic balance” within the city.

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