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Field Reports, Occupied Territories

Three recent incidents of extremist settler violence against Palestinians

1 Comment 25 February 2018

In the first clip (see below), an extremist runs into Palestinian agricultural area and shoots into the air despite no apparent threat. He turns and retreats, his body language seems relaxed and unthreatened. Other extremist settlers appear, throwing rocks. The extremist continues to curse, and Israeli soldiers above him ignore the situation, appearing indifferent. Continue Reading

Field Reports, Occupied Territories

Extremist settlers attack Palestinian school & home in Burin as soldiers look on

2 Comments 13 December 2017

Rabbis for Human Rights call on the Israeli army to finally confront the phenomenon of soldiers standing idly by while Palestinian are brutally attacked, as documented once again today (December 13 2017) by RHR. As a further illustration of this inappropriate behavior, the soldiers today used tear gas against the Palestinians – the victims of the attack – rather than attempt to stop the perpetrators. Violent settlers cannot be above the law; not only are their actions immoral, they also contribute to the undermining of security in the area and thus endanger life.

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Field Reports, General, Occupied Territories

Full story behind the attack against Palestinian human rights workers

2 Comments 19 November 2017

The full story behind the Friday November 17 attack on Palestinian human rights activists and the response of the soldiers on the ground

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Field Reports, Occupied Territories, Press Releases

Palestinian home taken-over, trashed & abandoned with Jewish holy books inside

No Comments 26 October 2017


Following a complaint filed by Rabbis for Human Rights, the Israeli army commits to handle Jewish holy books abandoned in Palestinian home seized by Israeli extremists
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Field Reports, Occupied Territories

45 olive trees destroyed near Burin

2 Comments 25 June 2017

Today June 25 2017, 45 olive trees, aged around forty years old, were found destroyed near the Palestinian village of Burin, outside the Yitzhar settlement. The damage was done just adjacent to Route 60, the main road running through the West Bank. Graffiti reading “revenge” was also sprayed.

Ma’an News agency: Assailants destroy 45 olive trees and spray paint “revenge” on Palestinian land

On Saturday, 24 June, twelve olive trees were discovered destroyed in a grove belonging to the village of Turmus Ayya. A Palestinian  present documented a group of settlers who claimed to be connected to the crime and the arrival of the security forces while the settlers were still present. As far as we know, no one was detained for questioning. Rabbis for Human Rights will work to clarify the details of the incident.

Haaretz: Nine attacks by settlers have been caught on camera in two months. Zero have been indicted.

Occupied Territories

Hate Crime: Tractor torched, “Revenge” graffitied

1 Comment 23 May 2017

Unknown persons set fire to a tractor in the Palestinian village of Burin, near Nablus on the evening of Thursday May 18th. On a nearby wall was scrawled the inscription “revenge” in Hebrew with a Star of David. 

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Field Reports, Occupied Territories, Press Releases

Military stands idly by while extremists attack Palestinians in Burin

No Comments 22 May 2017

Soldiers and officers stand idly by while extremist settlers attack Palestinians at Burin

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Field Reports, Occupied Territories, Press Releases

Palestinian arrested for stone-throwing while Israeli stone-throwing ignored

No Comments 11 May 2017

On Wednesday May 10 2017, both settlers and Palestinians went to the scene of a fire below the Givat Ronen outpost on the edge of an olive grove belonging to Palestinians from Burin.

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Field Reports, Occupied Territories

Israeli soldiers ignore stone throwing extremists & army replaces judicial system

No Comments 03 April 2017

On Saturday April 1 2017, a group of extremist settlers from the Givat Ronen outpost came to the Palestinian village of Burin and threw stones at the residents on the pretense that the villagers had stolen a donkey from the outpost. The Palestinians responded by also throwing stones. The army soon arrived, fired tear gas at the Palestinians, turned a blind eye on the extremists throwing stones, and finally removed the donkey from the Palestinians’ hands and gave it to the extremists. Continue Reading

Field Reports, Occupied Territories, Press Releases

Army orders Palestinian to stop agricultural work after extremist attack

No Comments 22 March 2017

Breaking: Army orders Palestinian farmers from Burin to abandon their coordinated ploughing due to attacks on them by extremist settlers 

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