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Police not investigating beating and stabbing of Bedouin citizen mistaken for a terrorist

No Comments 22 November 2015

If the media is correct in reporting that Israeli police will not investigate the beating and stabbing of a Bedouin citizen in Kiryat Gat by other citizens who, they claim, wrongly believed him to be a terrorist, then this is a gravely misinformed decision. Continue Reading

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Rabbi Ascherman’s trial for arrest at Al Arakib protest starts tomorrow

3 Comments 09 November 2015

On Friday June 12th 2014, Rabbi Ascherman, RHR’s president and senior rabbi, along with seven residents (including two minors) of Al Arakib, were arrested during a protest over the destruction of the unrecognized Bedouin village of Al Arakib. Despite protesting nonviolently, Rabbi Ascherman was beaten and punched in the jaw during the arrest. Tomorrow Rabbi Ascherman’s trial will begin for the arrest. Continue Reading


RHR condemns shooting at Beersheva bus station

No Comments 19 October 2015

RHR strongly condemns the shooting yesterday in the Beersheva central bus station and mourns with the family of Sgt Omri Levy who was murdered in the attack. We send our prayers for a quick and full recovery to the injured.

We also wish to express our shock and sadness over the murder of Habtom Zarhum, an Eritrean asylum seeker mistakenly shot by a security guard who believed him to be an assailant. Mr Zarhum was then brutally beaten, spit upon, and hit with a bench by a mob of angry Israelis, who also attempted to block medical treatment for him, believing him to be a terrorist. He later died of his wounds. Mr Zarhum came to our country seeking refugee, and died a terrible death at the hands of our citizens. We call upon the police for a full investigation into this shameful event.


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Update from Um el Hiran’s court hearing

No Comments 13 October 2015

Rabbi Ascherman reports that little happened today at the Beersheva District Court during the hearing of Um el Hiran’s appeal against the demolition of their village. The court is waiting on documents. However, a restraining order against the demolitions is in place.  

Continue Reading

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Photos: Sukkot at Bedouin village Um el Hiran

No Comments 11 October 2015

On October 1 2015, the residents of Um el Hiran, an “unrecognised” Bedouin village currently under the threat of forced displacement, hosted visitors for a special day during the Jewish harvest holiday of Sukkot. The day included children’s activities, a walk to bulldozers (where we of course saw the KKL/JNF flag), and parallel Muslim and Jewish prayer led by Rabbi Arik Asherman, president and senior rabbi of Rabbis for Human Rights. The prayer was attended by Muslim clerics and Christians, with the additional participation of Rabbi Mauricio Balter, a member of RHR. In attendance at the event were MKs Dov Khenin and Tamar Zandberg.

Based on the midrash that each of the four Sukkot species (etrog, lulav, hadass, aravah) represent a different type of person, and we bring them all together because each has a place and a role in society, we passed the four species representing the idea that all sectors of Israeli society must be brought together as equal citizens. Each person was asked to reflect on their vision of an Israeli society based on equality while holding the four species, and what they were prepared to do to bring it about. 



In the end of the event, there were addresses by public figures. Continue Reading

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American Senator Dianne Feinstein graciously receives Susya & Um Al Kheir families

No Comments 29 September 2015

On September 22 2015, California Senator Dianne Feinstein graciously received representatives from the villages of Susya and Um Al Kheir – two villages under the threat of demolition by the state of Israel. In July of this year, Senator Feinstein sent a letter to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu asking him to halt any demolition orders for the village of Susya. Continue Reading

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Sukkot Program in Threatened Bedouin village of Um el Hiran

No Comments 27 September 2015



This Thursday, Oct 1 the threatened unrecognized village of Um El Hiran will host a special Sukkot program! The day will start with children’s program at 16:00, ceremony at 17:30, and an interfaith prayer organized by RHR at 18:45. Transportation from Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, and Beersheva.

Tel Aviv: 15:00 Arlozorov Bus/Train Station
Jerusalem: 15:00 Binyanei HaUma courtyard
Beer Sheva: 16:00 Water stand opposite the gas station in the Central Bus Station; 16:10 Teachers’ Center, 16:20 “Big” Juntion-Alonit
Rahat: 16:00 Mercantile Bank
Laqia: 16:15 Entrance junction
Hura: 16:20 Community Center

RSVP for all transportation arrangements with Amir by Wednesday: 0586 300006

Those arriving by car: 5pm meet point at the Paz Gas Station at Shoket Junction

For details on the event: Shumlik – 0525 345928; Amir 0586 300006


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PHOTOS: Demonstration to save Um el Hiran

1 Comment 30 August 2015

On Sunday August 23 2015, bulldozers began flattening the land to build the Jewish community of Hiran next to the homes of the Bedouin village of Um el Hiran in the Negev desert. According to the outline of the master plan for the community of Hiran, it is going to be built on the land of the village of Um el Hiran and require its demolition. The start of building the temporary site without reaching a solution acceptable to the residents of Um el Hiran threatens the future of the village and leaves its residents in a state of uncertainty.

On August 27th, the residents and Um el Hiran and the Regional Council of Unrecognised Villages, of which RHR is apart, held a demonstration in solidarity with the village. Demonstration participants marched from Um el Hiran to the area where the bulldozers are working.



IMG-20150827-WA0035 (1)







IMG-20150827-WA0036 IMG-20150827-WA0035
The residents of the village of Umm al-Hiran do not oppose the construction of the Jewish community of Hiran, and have repeatedly stated their position that building a joint community or a neighboring community that allows their village to stay intact is a positive option that is acceptable to them. The government of Israel and its various arms, on the other hand, are establishing facts on the ground and ignoring the position of the village’s residents.


Members of the Abu al-Qi’an tribe, who live in the villages of Um el Hiran and Atir, are facing their third eviction since 1949, when they were first evicted from their ancestral lands in the Wadi Zubaleh area near Kibbutz Shoval, and until they were settled by the State in their current location next to the Yatir Forest in 1956. The court recently ruled that the residents of the villages reside in their location with permission from the State and that it is the State that ordered them and allowed them to use the land over the years. Nonetheless, last May the Supreme Court allowed the demolition of the village of Um el Hiran and the eviction of its residents in order to build the Jewish community of Hiran on its land and expand the Yatir Forest on the ruins of the Bedouin village of Atir. A request for another hearing of the High Court ruling is still pending.

Response of the Recognition Forum:

“The plan to build a new Jewish community on the ruins of a Bedouin community that has resided on the site for many years is blatant discrimination affected by racism. We call on the government of Israel to stop the work, enter a dialogue with the residents and reach a solution agreed upon by all sides.”


972 Magazine: PHOTOS: Construction for Jewish town to replace Bedouin village draws ire

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Demonstration against work on Jewish Hiran on the ruins of the Bedouin Um el Hiran

1 Comment 26 August 2015


The Coalition of Organizations for the Recognition of the Unrecognized Negev Bedouin Villages

The residents of the Bedouin village of Umm el Hiran and the Regional Council of Unrecognized Villages in the Negev are holding a demonstration and march in the village on Thursday, August 28, 2015 at 11 AM against the beginning of work to build the Jewish community of Hiran on the land of their village after it is demolished

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THURSDAY: Demonstration in solidarity with Um el Hiran against its destruction

1 Comment 25 August 2015

RHR, as a part of the “Recognition Forum”, requests that you make every effort to be in Um El Hiran this Thursday at 11:00am. The plans being carried out to build a Jewish community on the rubble of a Bedouin village betrays the Torah’s command not to oppress non-Jews living among us.
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