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Justice in Israel-Negev Bedouin, Occupied Territories, Parasha / E-Letter

Between destruction and hope: Rabbi Ascherman’s 5775 Tisha b’Av journey

No Comments 27 July 2015

Tisha b’Av is a fast day in Judaism commemorating many tragedies that have befallen the Jewish people – most notably the loss of the First and Second Temples. It is a tragic day and one spent in mourning by Jews throughout the world.

This Tisha b’Av Rabbi Ascherman, president and senior rabbi of RHR, choose to mourn  amidst the threatened demolitions of both Susya and the Israeli-Bedouin village of Umm al Hiran,  the ruins of the village Atir, and the on-going destruction of Al Arakib. Following is a short narrative of his journey followed by photos.  To read about why Rabbi Ascherman choose to commemorate this important Jewish holiday in this way, please read here. 

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Justice in Israel-Negev Bedouin

JNF works land near Negev Bedouin village Awajan

No Comments 30 June 2015

The JNF is currently working on 300 dunams of land belonging to a family from the Negev Bedouin village of Awajan. When the JNF suddenly appeared last week, the family asked for an order or some sort of written authorization/explanation. The Yoav unit (police unit whose job it is to enforce planning and construction in the Negev) accompanying the JNF rudely told the family to “go complain to the courts.”  Continue Reading

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A Tale of Two Villages: English language tours to Susya & Umm el Hiran

No Comments 21 June 2015

English speakers  visting Israel this summer are invited to join RHR’s English language tours created for Hartman rabbinic seminar participants to visit the village of Susya and Umm el Hiran, both under the immediate threat of demolition of Israeli authorities. These tours have been created for Hartman participants, but we are opening them to the wider English speaking public.  For those interested, it is also possible to arrange tours by appointment.  See below for details.



The village of Susya is an “unrecognized” Palestinian village in the South Hebron Hills. Um el Hiran is an “unrecognized” Israeli Bedouin village in the Negev. They have at least one thing in common – both are in immediate danger of being totally destroyed. The Israeli government has approved plans to replace Bedouin “Um el Hiran” with Jewish “Hiran.”

What would be the just and righteous way to treat these non-Jews living in our midst?

Are they “gerim” or “re’im” or “oyvim?”

How do the Israeli legal system and the Israeli people treat each of them?

Why is the U.S. State Department receiving calls from Congress people about Susya, and why have the RA, CCAR/URJ/RAC, Ohala, RRA and 65 British rabbis ranging from Orthodox to Masorti to Reform and Liberal urged Israel to resolve outstanding Bedouin issues through genuine dialogue with the Bedouin leadership?

FRIDAY JULY 3  12:45-5pm
FRIDAY JULY 10 8:30am -2pm
(or by appointment)

Tours depart and return to the Shalom Hartman Institute (11 Gedalyahu Alon Street, Jerusalem)

RSVP: RHR offices at 02-648-2757 or info@rhr.israel.net or call Rabbi Ascherman at 050-560-7034

 More information on the threat to Susya

More information on the threat to Umm el Hiran

Download the PDF file .

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General, Parasha / E-Letter

Being Ruth: Shavuot Thoughts 5775 by Rabbi Arik Ascherman

No Comments 22 May 2015


Rabbi Arik Ascherman

President and Senior Rabbi

Rabbis for Human Rights

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Justice in Israel-Negev Bedouin, Occupied Territories

High Court rules to demolish Bedouin village Umm al Hiran

No Comments 11 May 2015

On Tuesday, May 5th 2015, the High Court ruled that Umm al Hiran, an unrecognised Bedouin village in the Negev, will be demolished and the residents forcibly displaced. This comes despite the fact that the village was relocated twice by Israeli authorities to its present location. The court rules that the land is state owned, the residents have no right to it, and the entire village will be destroyed and the  Jewish settlement of Hiran will be built on top of it. Continue Reading


Yom Haaztmaut Thoughts: We are much stronger than you, much more stubborn, much more persistent

2 Comments 23 April 2015

On Israel’s 67th birthday, Rabbi Arik Ascherman, President and Senior Rabbi of RHR, shares his thoughts on the vision and dream of our people, the struggle ahead, and why we must be strong, stubborn and persistent.  Continue Reading

Justice in Israel-Negev Bedouin

A glimmer of hope for Al Arakib

No Comments 16 April 2015

The State of Israel tried its best to prevent its own citizens, the Bedouin of Al Arakib, from having their day in court to fight against the expropriation of their land.  Continue Reading

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MARCH 27th: Study Tour to Unrecognized Bedouin villages

No Comments 19 March 2015

International students: Please join RHR on March 27th for a tour of the unrecognized Bedouin villages of the Negev.

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Justice in Israel-Negev Bedouin, March 2015 Elections

Questions no party has answered – The Bedouin

No Comments 12 March 2015

As elections approach, each day we will be asking a different question that no party has addressed yet concerning human rights.

Today, our question is in regard to the Bedouin. We ask, “Is your party willing to implement the RCUC/Bimkom alternative plan recognizing all 35 unrecognized villages?”

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Justice in Israel-Negev Bedouin, March 2015 Elections

March 2015 elections: What do the parties have to say on the Bedouin?

No Comments 11 March 2015

As Israel prepares to go to the polls on March 17th, RHR encourages all to bring the values of human rights with them into the booth. We therefore will be releasing the stated platforms of the political parties on the human rights issues we work on. First is the issue of the Bedouin Negev, below. We encourage all to read over the information and make a decision based on the value of honoring the Image of God in all of humankind.  Continue Reading

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