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APRIL 28th: RHR Planning Appeal seeks to restore planning authority in Area C to Palestinians

No Comments 20 April 2014

April 17th | PRESS RELEASE

For the first time, a legal appeal seeks to limit the control of the West Bank military regime on the civilian lives of the Palestinians


Why should the military control areas of civilian life, without any security justification,  in a developed country?

The hearing on the petition of several villages and organizations, seeking to restore planning authority to Palestinians in their residential areas in the West Bank, will take place at Israel’s High Court of Justice on April 28. This issue carries aspects of great public importance. Should planning authority be returned to Palestinians, the  need for administrative housing demolitions will be greatly reduced. Continue Reading

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Two systems, two purposes: Military planning system discrimination by numbers

1 Comment 17 April 2014

In most of the area of the West Bank under Israeli control (Area C), a two-tier planning system operates based on ethnic-national background. There is a military planning system without representation of residents for the Palestinians, while the Israeli settlers enjoy a civil and representative planning system. Does this structure lead to discrimination in practice? You bet.


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So too must we remember our promise: Passover thoughts 5774

No Comments 14 April 2014

As we prepare for the celebration of the Passover, the Jewish holiday marking the Israelites’ liberation from Egyptian slavery and the beginning of their cohesion as a “people,” Rabbi Arik Ascherman, senior rabbi and president of RHR, shares his Passover thoughts on the holiday, the horrors of housing demolitions,  and RHR’s upcoming High Court date that could end them for good.

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At it Again: Settler previously caught red-handed arrested on suspicion of arson

No Comments 01 April 2014

Resident of the settlement Eli arrested on suspicion of setting fire to trees is the same person filmed early this month with a chainsaw in a Palestinian olive grove.


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VIDEO & PHOTOS: Settler caught after trying to steal horse from Palestinian farmer

No Comments 11 March 2014

Yesterday, a young man from the settlement Kohav HaShahar tried to steal a horse from a Palestinian farmer of Luban Sharkia. The farmer was out working, and his horse was tethered nearby.  The settler apparently got out of a car, took the horse, and began riding him towards the Eli settlement.  The farmer managed to catch the setter and disarm him (He had a knife.). The farmer than  brought the settler with him to the village.  RHR field worker Zakaria Sadah arrived and helped make the arrangements for the Israeli security forces to take custody of the horse thief.  The settler acknowledged that he had been treated decently, given coffee, etc. The settler’s body language in the photos and video indicate that he was not feeling threatened. Photos and video footage below. Continue Reading

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Two Palestinians injured by extremists near the village of Murayer

No Comments 09 March 2014

March 6 2014: Two Palestinians attacked with sticks and stones by a group of Israeli extremists near the village of Murayer in the Occupied Territories. The men sustained mild to moderate injuries which required medical care– mostly bruises to their heads and legs. Continue Reading

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For the first time, Palestinians catch extremist with chainsaw trying to cut down trees

8 Comments 05 March 2014

Initial report: Video and photos of extreme right-wing activist caught attempting to cut down trees in the olive groves of the Palestinian village Talpit

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Helpless against the might of the state: Rabbi Ascherman replies to a friend of Carmel

3 Comments 02 March 2014

The Bedouin village of Umm el-Kheir is just a stone’s throw away from the Carmel settlement in the South Hebron Hills. Its residents live in huts and tents in abject poverty, without water hook-ups or electricity, while the residents of Carmel enjoy an existence resembling life in the suburbs of any Western country.

For a number of years, the shepherds of Umm el-Kheir have struggled against the settlers of Carmel who claim that part of Umm el-Kheir sits on the Jewish settlement. Recently, tensions came to the surface again as settlers planted trees on a ridge– a tactic used in the past to “claim”  their land. The trees were uprooted and as a result, the village shepherds were collectively punished by blocked access to their pastures. Additionally, Carmel settlers physically attempted to prevent the flocks from passing. Continue Reading

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Extremists likely from Havat Gilad attack Palestinian village Jit

No Comments 23 February 2014

PRESS RELEASE |  February  21 2014

Video and stills from extremist attack on the village of Jit yesterday afternoon


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Why bother? High Court’s recent ruling begs question, “Is justice even possible?”

No Comments 23 February 2014

 In its most recent ruling on extremist settler incursions into Palestinian land adjacent to Susya, the High Court of Justice created a severe impediment to justice. Essentially, the ruling  makes it so that there’s no longer any reason for Palestinians to petition it in cases wherein settlers invaded land over five years ago, as well as in cases where the legal counsel to the Civil Administration in the Occupied Territories does not want to intervene. The High Court simply will not intervene in decisions the military system has already made. This isn’t even a case of “statute of limitations” (which does not apply in these cases because there is no purchase document, proper possession, etc.), but rather the High Court’s refusal to recognize the regime’s responsibility towards problems it creates and enables. Continue Reading

April 28: RHR Planning Appeal against housing demolitions!

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