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Update on Susya: State opposes freezing of demolition orders

No Comments 31 March 2015

This past Thursday (March 26th, 2015), RHR received the position of the state opposing our request for an interim order to freeze the implementation of Susya’s demolition orders until the hearing of the appeal.

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Press release: Planning in Palestinian villages is a fundamental right

No Comments 30 March 2015



Planning in Palestinian villages is not a political matter but a fundamental right : A petition to the High Court


On Sunday, April 12 2015, Rabbis for Human Rights, along with their partner organizations, will demand at the High Court that planning powers be returned to Palestinian villages living under full Israeli control.

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APRIL 12TH: High Court to hear our petition demanding planning rights returned to Palestinians

No Comments 29 March 2015

Join us as the High Court hears our petition to return planning rights to Palestinians in Area C of the West Bank.  By allowing Palestinians to plan their own communities, the plague of administrative housing demolitions will effectively end. The discussion will be held in the Supreme Court building in Jerusalem, at 10am, on April 12th. Please join us and show  the world we are watching!
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65 olive saplings uprooted between Turmus Aya and Adei Ad outpost

No Comments 19 March 2015

65 olive saplings uprooted between Turmus Aya and Adei Ad outpost

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Tag Meir Coalition arranges theatrical performance in Murayer

No Comments 16 March 2015

Last week, on Purim (March 5 2015), cars were torched and racist graffiti scrawled on a home in the Palestinian village of Murayer. In response, the Tag Meir Coalition organized a solidarity visit with the village yesterday (March 15 2015), which included an amazing theater performance for the children (and adults!).  Continue Reading

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March 2015 elections: Questionnaire for political candidates

No Comments 08 March 2015

As elections draw closer, we have been pleased to note that there has been a great deal of discussion regarding  public housing and other socioeconomic justice issues. However, we in RHR are asking all of Israel’s parties to tell voters what their positions are on some of the other issues we work on, such as Palestinian human rights, African asylum seekers and our Negev Bedouin citizens.  The questionnaire can be read below. Since we have limited ourselves to issues we deal with, it is by no means exhaustive even for Israel Continue Reading

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Press release: Cars torched, racist graffiti in Palestinian village of Murayer

2 Comments 05 March 2015

Two cars torched, racist graffiti found this morning in Murayer

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Press release: Recent gains by RHR in returning lands to Palestinian owners

No Comments 13 February 2015

In recent days and months, RHR has made several significant gains returning land to Palestinian land owners that had either been taken over by settlers, or where settlers made access extremely difficult. A list of several of these gains appears below. In light of the fact that the takeover of agricultural land is proceeding today at a much faster pace than the building of settlements, these successes are very important indicator that it is possible to stop settler encroachment where there is willingness by Israel to honor Palestinian land ownership. Continue Reading

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WATCH: Rabbi Ascherman interviewed on RHR’s appeal to restore planning rights to Area C

No Comments 13 February 2015

WATCH: Excellent interview with Rabbi Arik Ascheman on our rabbinical petition to urge Netanyahu to withdraw state opposition to our High Court planning appeal against home demolitions! Continue Reading

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LISTEN: Rabbi Ascherman on RHR’s rabbinical petition & HCJ appeal with Radio Sputnik

No Comments 10 February 2015

Rabbi Ascherman was interviewed on Monday February 9th 2015 by Radio Sputnik on RHR’s rabbinical petition, signed by over 400 rabbis and cantors, requesting the state withdraw its opposition to RHR’s High Court planning appeal against administrative home demolitions. Continue Reading

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