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RHR to Legal Advisor: Open investigation into head of Havat Gilad yeshiva & Arutz 7

No Comments 03 January 2018


RHR demands that Rabbi Meir Goldmintz be investigated for soliciting an offense after he encouraged the building of outposts on private Palestinian land in an op-ed published on Arutz 7 (Israel National News). RHR also calls for an examination into the conduct of the media platform that published his call.

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Field Reports, Occupied Territories

Summary: RHR 2017 West Bank Olive Harvest

No Comments 27 December 2017

This year, RHR successfully enabled a Palestinian landowner to harvest on their land after many years of blocked access. We documented dozens of attacks  and unlawful expulsions and enabled multiple Palestinian farmers to return to their work or secured them access to their lands. On the other hand, violence from Israeli settlers or, in some cases, inappropriate actions from the security forces, resulted in many hardships to harvesters. Continue Reading

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Court’s Message: Violent attacks on human rights workers are worth it

No Comments 18 December 2017

Before leaving Rabbis for Human Rights (RHR), Rabbi Arik Ascherman, then serving as RHR’s president, experienced a violent attack which was filmed by our field director Zakaria Sadah. This Saturday night (December 16th) the Magistrate’s Court in Petach Tikvah ruled that the youth will not be handed a criminal sentence. Continue Reading

Field Reports, Occupied Territories

Extremist settlers attack Palestinian school & home in Burin as soldiers look on

2 Comments 13 December 2017

Rabbis for Human Rights call on the Israeli army to finally confront the phenomenon of soldiers standing idly by while Palestinian are brutally attacked, as documented once again today (December 13 2017) by RHR. As a further illustration of this inappropriate behavior, the soldiers today used tear gas against the Palestinians – the victims of the attack – rather than attempt to stop the perpetrators. Violent settlers cannot be above the law; not only are their actions immoral, they also contribute to the undermining of security in the area and thus endanger life.

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Response to coalition proposal to triple cost for Palestinians petitioning the High Court

No Comments 29 November 2017

MK Yoav Kish, do not forget what it means to be a Jew. Let us not forget the verse:

“You shall have one law for stranger and citizen alike; for I am the LORD your God.”- Leviticus 24:22

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Field Reports, General, Occupied Territories

Full story behind the attack against Palestinian human rights workers

2 Comments 19 November 2017

The full story behind the Friday November 17 attack on Palestinian human rights activists and the response of the soldiers on the ground

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Understanding the Occupation: Theft via “Special Security Zones”

No Comments 15 November 2017

Extremist settlers use a variety of methods to steal land from Palestinians. One of the less talked-about methods is known by the acronym “SSZ.” Continue Reading

Field Reports, General, Occupied Territories

3 Palestinians assaulted during army coordinated olive harvest

2 Comments 08 November 2017

3 Palestinians assaulted by Israeli extremists during army coordinated olive harvest, one lightly injured Continue Reading

Field Reports, General, Occupied Territories

Settlers delay coordinated harvest work, threaten Palestinians

No Comments 06 November 2017

Despite the presence of Israeli security forces, settlers from the settlement of Yitzhar threatened Palestinians and delayed their harvest work — previously coordinated with the army — by 2.5 hours. One of the settlers threatened violence against Rabbis for Human Rights’ department director. Continue Reading

Field Reports, Occupied Territories

Last Week in the Field: A Partial Report from the Olive Harvest

No Comments 29 October 2017

Every year Rabbis for Human Rights works with Palestinian farmers to ensure they are able to complete their olive harvest free from violence and intimidation by Jewish extremists and unfair restrictions from the Israeli army. See below for a quick summary of olive harvested-related issues and successes from last week (October 22-28 2017). Additionally, see here to read about the scourge of theft that marred the opening weeks of the harvest.

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