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Weekly Parasha: Follow Faithfully in the Path of Micah

No Comments 04 July 2014

This week Rabbi Yehiel Grenimann examines the Haftorah traditionally read alongside Parashat Balak. A reading from Micah, Rabbi Grenimann shows us that although shockingly little has changed in certain ways in the region of Shomron, the transformative vision of peace laid out by Micah is still attainable if we only follow faithfully in his path.

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A Day of Sea and Fun for Jahalin Bedouin Children

No Comments 23 June 2014

On June 11 2014, 60 Jahalin Bedouin children and teachers from the Khan El Achmar Bedouin school, which RHR has worked with for the past five years, enjoyed a day-outing to the sea at Tel Aviv. The day was organized by RHR’s Rabbi Yehiel Grenimann (Director of Human Rights in the Occupied Territories), Jonathan Shefa (Assistant Director of Human Rights in the OT) and Sister Alicia Vacas and Sister Aziza of the Catholic Comboni Sisters in conjunction with a group of Machsom Watch ladies. The group was accompanied by 9 Operation Groundswell volunteers from Canada and the USA, as well as many local Israeli volunteers concerned with the safety of these young people (many of whom had never been to the sea before and do not know how to swim).  Continue Reading

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Human Rights Organizations: “Refrain from Collectively Punishing Palestinians.”

No Comments 22 June 2014

PRESS RELEASE – for Immediate Publication

Human Rights Organizations: “Refrain from Collectively Punishing Palestinians.”



IMAGE:  An Israeli soldier searches a Palestinian vehicle at a checkpoint near the West Bank City of Hebron. Baz Ratner, Reuters via B’tselem

Concern that many of the military’s actions in the Occupied Territories do not directly serve the aim of locating and returning the three abducted Israelis and are severely and unnecessarily violating basic human rights. Continue Reading

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“What I have Witnessed in Susiya” By Rabbi Arik Ascherman

No Comments 22 June 2014

The following article was written by Rabbi Arik Ascherman, president and senior rabbi of RHR. It originally appeared in the Jewish Chronicle Online. 

What I have Witnessed in Susiya

By Rabbi Arik Ascherman

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Jews and Muslims Pray Together for Release of Kidnapped Yeshiva Students

No Comments 18 June 2014

Yesterday, June 17 2014, the Tag Meir (“Spreading the Light”) Coalition, with which RHR is a member, held an interfaith vigil to pray for the safety of the three kidnapped yeshiva students. Participants prayed for their release and recited psalms. The vigil was held in the Occupied Territories, not far from where the kidnapping took place.

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REPORTS: Palestinian Child Chased by Extremists near Susiya Settlement

No Comments 16 June 2014

Yesterday, Palestinian residents from the Palestinian village Susya reported that two right wing extremists chased a Palestinian boy in an agricultural area belonging to the village, located near the settlement Susiya. Palestinian residents of Susya have suffered from many instances of violent harassment in this agricultural area and following legal action by Rabbis for Human Rights, an order was issued prohibiting Israelis from entering the area. (In more “typical” circumstances, a government would deter criminal activity and there would be no need for an order forbidding entry on the basis of nationality.) In any case, the boy was able to run away and reach the village before he was caught and adults from the village ran towards the boy to deter those chasing him. Their fears range from the regular attempts to harm Palestinians including children to the fear that this is a retaliation for the recent kidnapping of three Yeshiva students.

Maan News: Settlers ‘Hurl Rocks at residents, houses,’ in South Hebron Hills

RHR prays for the safety of the three kidnapped yeshiva students

The reasons behind the incident are not clear and thus the fears surrounding it remain. We will continue to monitor the situation and warn that violence without intervention simply perpetuates the cycle of hatred and revenge and endangers life on both sides. We can point, for example, to Iraq, the country with the highest rate of terrorism in the world and see how the extremists on both sides – Shiite and Sunni – have chosen to respond to terrorism with more indiscriminate terrorism and see that it has not led to quiet or to deterrence but to an intolerable cycle of violence.

IMAGE: For demonstrative purposes only.


Prayers for the three kidnapped students

No Comments 14 June 2014

Rabbis for Human Rights prays for the peaceful return of the three Jewish-Israeli students apparently kidnapped in the West Bank. Our thoughts are with them and their families.

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IDF Participates in Land Takeover Alongside Avigail Outpost

No Comments 12 June 2014

It seems that the only thing that could get the IDF to consider moving a barracks from private Palestinian land is a High Court date. But even if they do move the barracks, the outpost it is on still succeeds in its main objective: preventing Palestinians from accessing their land. Avigialoutpost

Despite numerous previous requests, only after our appeal at the Israeli High Court of Justice, has  the IDF began considering moving a structure, located on private Palestinian land,  that has been utilized for years as barracks at the illegal outpost “Avigail.” In addition, even if Palestinian ownership of the land were to be fully respected, the remaining parts of the outpost (on either side of the Palestinian land) leave a narrow path between the two sections of it [see map] which, in reality, would be prohibited to Palestinians as it is a security zone. In this way, the outpost is used to effectively deprive Palestinians of their land without even building on it.

The structure that was used as the army barracks was built on private Palestinian land in the illegal outpost Abigail. Despite numerous requests from Rabbis for Human Rights, the IDF has not evacuated the building (monitoring procedures were “on paper” only, but were not implemented). Only after a High Court appeal did we find in one of the state’s responses,  to our surprise,   that the structure  is usually used as a soldier residence. Following the petition, the army is currently exploring options in the regional brigade to move the structure – or so it seems, at least.

Haaretz: After evicting Palestinians, Israel seeks to legalize outpost in firing zone


1500 Fruit Trees to Waste: Destruction at the Tent of Nations farm

4 Comments 04 June 2014

Two weeks ago, the orchards at the Tent of Nations,  a much beloved Palestinian owned educational and environmental farm outside of Bethlehem dedicated to understanding, reconciliation and peace, were demolished by the Israeli authorities. Despite reportedly having no legal standing, 1500 fruit trees were destroyed during the early hours of the morning on May 19 2014. Valerie Rourke Miller, a volunteer at the farm and a participant of Achvat Amim-Solidarity of Nations, gives her reflections on the incident. 

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Field Report: Update on the Jahalin Bedouin

No Comments 27 May 2014

Rabbi Yehiel Grenimann, RHR’s Director of the Human Rights in the Occupied Territories, and Jonathan Shefa, RHR’s Assistant Director of Human Rights in the Occupied Territories, recently visited a number of the Jahalin Bedouin encampments which have a suffered a wave of demolitions over the last month. The camps are located in the Occupied Territories, on the outskirts of Jerusalem. Continue Reading

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