RHR in the media

Israeli policeman charged with assaulting Palestinian minor to elicit confession
Haaretz, Josh Breiner, March 12 2018

Israeli soldiers filmed doing nothing as settlers attack Palestinians
Haaretz, Yotam Berger, March 7 2018

Rank and File listing
Haaretz, Steven Klein, February 25  2018

Security forces raze outpost built in memory of terror victims
Times of Israel, Jacob Magid, February 20 2018

“Death to Arabs” daubed on cars in West Bank village
Jewish New Online, February 14 2018

African deportation are creating a religious controversy in Israel
The Atlantic, Emma Green, January 30 2018

Will Israel investigate the beatings of Palestinian detainees
972 Magazine, Yariv Mohar, December 20 2017

Settlers hurl stones at West Bank in reported clash
Times of Israel, Jacob Magid, December 13 2017

Dozens of Israeli settlers throw rocks at Palestinian building, Israeli soldiers stand by
Haaretz, Yotam Berger, December 13 2017

Report: 22% of Israelis lived in poverty in 2016
The Jerusalem Post, Lidar Grave-Liza, December 7 2017

Rights group calls for investigation of TV host for incitement
Times of Israel, Stuart Winer, December 4 2017

Video Shows Israeli Soldiers Standing by as Settlers Pelt Palestinians with Rocks
Haaretz, Yotam Berger, November 17 2017

Soldiers Stand by as Settlers Pelt Palestinians with Rocks
Times of Israel, Elior Levy & Yoav Zitun,November 17 2017

Some Israelis Think Human Rights are Incompatible with Judaism. They’re wrong.
972 Magazine, Yariv Mohar, November 16 2017

A Yawn — That’s How Most Israelis Respond to Land Theft
Haaretz, Amira Hass, November 1 2017

Israel’s Largest Bank Blocking Human Rights NGO from Receiving Foreign Donation
Haaretz, Or Kashti, October 25 2017

Settler Violence on the Rise as Olive Harvest Begins in West Bank
972 Magazine, Orly Noy, October 20 2017,

Israeli Settlers Steal Olive Harvest, Attack Palestinian Farmers in West Bank
Maan News Agency, October 15 2017

Israeli Settlers Filmed Stealing Olive Harvest of West Bank Palestinians
Haaretz, Jack Khoury, October 18 2017

WATCH: Settlers Attack Palestinian Farmers Near Radical Outpost
972 Magazine, Eli Bitan, October 11 2017

After Charlottesville: Now More than Ever: People, Torah, Struggle for Human Rights
The Times of Israel, Rabbi Ed Rettig, August 20 2017

Writing on the Wall: Signs of Occupation in Hebron
The Forward, Issa Amro,  August 29 2017

NGO: Israeli signs erasing Palestinian Hebron
Middle East Monitor, August 2 2017

Left wing NGO petitions court: Jewish signs destroying Palestinian Hebron
Jerusalem Post, Tovah Lazaroff, August 1 2017

Watch: ‘Go to Auschwitz’ settler yells at left-wing activist
Jerusalem Post, Tovah Lazaroff, July 31 2017

Court urges State to prevent ‘forced transfer’ of Palestinian-Beduin village
Jerusalem Post, Tovah Lazaroff, July 19 2017

Supreme Court to decide fate of unrecognized West Bank Beduin village
Jerusalem Post, Ben Lynfield, July 18 2017

Israel is expelling 300 Palestinians to a village it plans to demolish
972 Magazine, Eli Bitan, July 13 2017

NGO calls investigation of Breaking the Silence spokesperson ‘ideological persecution’
Ma’an News Agency, June 27 2017

Assailants destroy 45 olive trees and spray paint “revenge” on Palestinian land
Ma’an News Agency, June 25 2017

Nine attacks by settlers have been caught on camera in two months. Zero have been indicted.
Haaretz, Yotam Berger, June 25 2017

Israel’s plague of darkness for Gazans is an act of terrorism
Haaretz, Bradley Burston, June 21 2017

Tractor set alight in Palestinian village in apparent hate crime
Ynet News, Elior Levy and Elisha Ben Kimon, May 19 2017

Israel soldiers caught on tape looking on as settlers throw stones at Palestinians
Haaretz, Yotem Berger, May 13 2017

Israeli soldiers assault Palestinians farmers protesting illegal settlement road
Ma’an News Agency, May 7 2017

Palestinian vehicle torched in suspected hate crime
Times of Israel, Jacob Magid, April 26 2017

Wave of settler violence hits Palestinian villages in West Bank
972 Magazine, Yael Marom, April 23 2017

Israeli defense minister: Zero tolerance for thugs who attack IDF soldiers
Jerusalem Post, Tovah Lazaroff, April 23 2017

In the remote south young Israelis and refugees celebrate Passover together
Times of Israel, Luke Tress, April 10 2017

Twice barred Palestinian farmer says he will wait for IDF permission
Jerusalem Post, Adam Rasgon, April 2 2017

Small farmers struggle worldwide, but Palestinian farmers really have it rough
The Washington Post, Anne-Marie O’Conner, March 21 2017

On Tu Bishvat, Jews plant trees the government will uproot
Jerusalem Post, Eliyahu Kamisher, February 11 2017

Israel’s head of building-law enforcement lives in illegal West Bank outpost
Haaretz, Or Kashti and Chaim Levenson, January 19 2017

Is it really necessary to demolish the homes of Israeli Arabs?
The Times of Israel, Rabbi Ron Kronish, January 15 2017

Serene and Surreal: West Bank olive harvest comes with tradition, tension_
The Splendid Table, Shaina Shealy, January 5 2017

Hundreds of debt-ridden Israelis being driven to unemployment 
Haaretz, Lee Yaron, December 28 2016

The world needs more peace-builders like Issa Jaber and Rabbi Kronish
The Jewish Voice, Rabbi James Rosenberg, November 25 2016

Dousing the Fames of Hatred
Times of Israel, Rabbi Ron Kronish, November 25 2016

Israeli-Arab Mayor, Reform Rabbi Deliver Message of Peace
New Jersey Jewish News, Robert Wiener, November 9 2016

High Court to Decide on Demolishing Homes in West Bank Bedouin Village
Haaretz, Amira Hass, November 2 2016

Rosner’s Torah – Talk: Parashat Bereshit with Rabbi Yehoyada Amir
Jewish Journal, Shmuel Rosner, October 27 2016

The complicated process of picking olives in the West Bank
Jerusalem Post, Adam Rasgon, October 25 2016

“Slight Improvement” of treatment of Palestinians – Rabbis for Human Rights
Jerusalem Post, Tamara Zieve, October 19 2016

Israel police reluctant to return millions in bail to uncharged suspects
Haaretz, Yaniv Kubovich, August 29 2016

At least 70 poor elderly people living on Israel’s streets awaiting housing
Haaretz, Lee Yaron, August 22 2016

Israeli soldiers leave Palestinian’s home in shambles after seizing it as an outpost
Haaretz, Yotam Berger, August 19 2016

Sussia means Israel must end its policy of relocating Palestinians
Haaretz editorial, August 14 2016

Palestinians in Susya fear home demolitions imminent
The Media Line, Linda Gradstein, July 31 2016

Left-wing Israeli activists facing violence, death threats
Haaretz, Ofra Edelman, July 29 2016

The common message of human dignity and respect for life in the Abrahamic religions
Times of Israel, Rabbi Ron Kronish, July 24 2016

Israel and the death penalty: lessons from the Talmud
Fathom Journal, Rabbi Dr Ed Rettig, June 2016

On interfaith dialogue and combatting religious extremism in Kosovo
Huffington Post, Rabbi Ron Kronish, June 9 2016

Reform leader says NGO bill would ‘weaken Israel’s moral and civil fabric’
Times of Israel, Eric Cortellessa, June 7 2016

Some hope for sanity in the Knesset
Times of Israel, Rabbi Ron Kronish, May 27 2016

Observing Memorial Day and Independence Day in Israel
Huffington Post, Rabbi Ron Kronish, May 12 2016

Yom Haaztmaut: The challenge and the hope
Times of Israel, Rabbi Arik Ascherman, May 10 2016

Keeping hope alive: Combatting hate crimes in Israel
The Times of Israel, Rabbi Ron Kronish, May 9 2016

Defending human rights in a nation under siege: A sermon of sorts
Fathom Journal, Rabbi Edward Rettig, May 2016

A rare opportunity to put Jewish universalism on a pedestal
972 Magazine, Rabbi Arik Ascherman, May 5 2016

Refugees in Israel dream of freedom this Passover
Al Monitor, Yuval Avivi, April 20 2016

Shin Bet uncovers Jewish terrorist group accused of attacking Palestinians
Haaretz, Gili Cohen and Chaim Levinson, April 20 2016

At Passover seder, African asylum seekers ask: ‘Where’s our freedom?’
Haaretz, Judy Maltz, April 19 2016

Activists hold seder for African asylum seekers at Holot facility
Jerusalem Post, Jeremy Sharon, April 17 2016

Refugees and Passover: how asylums seekers celebrate Passover in detention
i24 news, April 17 2016

Refugees and Passover: how asylum seekers… by i24news-en

Jerusalem tension: UNESCO resolution angers Israeli politicians
i24 News, April 17 2016

04/17: Jerusalem Tension : UNESCO resolution… by i24news-en

Who’s hurt by the UN Human Rights Council’s Israel obsession? Not least the Palestinians
Haaretz, Rabbi Ed Rettig, April 15 2016

Are we really all Israelis?
Jerusalem Post, Rabbi Arik Ascherman, March 28 2016

Home of key-witness in Duma arson-murder catches fire
Haaretz, Amira Hass and Gili Cohen, March 20 2016

Police drop charges against activist rabbi who fought Bedouin home demolitions
Haaretz, Almog Ben Zikri, March 19 2016

Rabbis for Human Rights website attacked — then suspended
Haaretz, March 12 2016, Yaron Oded

LISTEN: Rabbi Arik Ascherman on “Perspectives” radio
February 21 2016, AM 1070- The Answer

Rabbi Arik W Ascherman of Rabbis for Human Rights in a live encounter
Live Encounters, Mark Ulyseas, February 25 2016

On interreligious dialogue: lessons learned
Jerusalem Post, Rabbi Ron Kronish, February 4 2016

An “Abrahamic Team” in Israel discusses human dignity and the value of life
Times of Israel blog, Rabbi Ron Kronish, January 27 2016

Israel should question its ‘shoot to kill’ policy
Huffington Post blog, Rabbi Ron Kronish, January 19 2016

The Duma murder is an exception to the already violent rule
Haaretz, Amira Hass, January 13 2016

Experiencing Jewish pluralism and respect at Limmud
Times of Israel blog, Rabbi Ron Kronish, January 3 2016

Settler given year to remove vineyard built on Palestinian land
Haaretz, Amira Hass, December 26 2015

Knesset to hold first-ever Hanukkah event with reform, conservative rabbis
Haaretz, Judy Maltz, December 7 2015

Jewish youths tell Palestinian farmers, “You’re all Dawabsha”
The Times of Israel, November 29 2015

Israelis and Palestinians should have zero tolerance for violence
Haaretz op-ed, Rabbi Arik Ascherman, November 29 2015

Tel Aviv court supports public housing tenants in eligibility fight
Haaretz, Lee Yaron, November 26 2015

Settler who attacked leftist rabbi: ‘If I kill one it’ll be over’
972 Magazine, Natasha Roth, November 22 2015

 In West Bank. rabbi leads search for peace, one olive harvest at a time
The Christian Science Monitor, Joshua Mitnick, November 15 2015

17-year-old charged with assaulting left-wing rabbi
JTA, November 13 2015

17-year-old indicted for assault on Rabbis for Human Right’s chief
Haaretz, November 13 2015

Teenager arrested for attack on Rabbis for Human Rights head
The Jerusalem Post, Ben Hartman, November 9 2015

Suspect arrested in attack on Rabbis for Human Rights chief
Haaretz, Chaim Levinson, November 8 2015

West Bank settler arrested in attack on left-wing rabbi
The Times of Israel, November 8 2015

Attack on Israeli rabbi part of unchecked settler violence
Yahoo news, Tia Goldenberg, November 5 2015

Israel’s Chilly Reception for African Asylum Seekers
New York Times, Malin Fezehai, October 31 2015

Fifty Years of Interreligious Dialogue – The Way Forward
Huffington Post blog, Rabbi Ron Kronish, October 29 2015

Fifty Years of Jewish-Christian Dialogue – The Way Forward
Huffington Post blog, Rabbi Ron Kronish, October 28 2015

Rabbi Arik Ascherman: What I wish for the settler who attacked me with a knife
Haaretz, op-ed Rabbi Ascherman, October 30 2015

Meet the Zionist rabbi, risking his life to stand with Palestinians against illegal settlements
The Richie Allen Show, Youtube, October 29 2015

The Disgrace of Jewish extremism
Ynet news, op-ed by Yizhar Hess, October 27 2015

Knife-wielding Israeli settler attacks founder of Rabbis for Human Rights
Democracy now, October 26 2015

Chilling video shows masked man attacking leader of Jewish human rights organisation with stones and a knife
The Daily Mail, Emma Glanfield, October 25 2015

Peace activist Rabbi Arik Ascherman attacked by knife-wielding settler in the West Bank
Mondoweiss, Allison Deger, October 23 2015

VIDEO: Knife wielding assailant attempts to stab human rights activist in the West Bank
The Jerusalem Post, Tovah Lazaroff, October 23 2015

Peace activist rabbi attacked by Israeli settler
Al Jazeera, October 23 2015

WATCH: Jewish extremist attacks Israeli activist with knife
Times of Israel, Itamar Sharon, October 23 2015

Suspected Jewish extremist attacks human rights rabbi on video
Huffington Post, Daniel Marans, October 23 2015

Masked Jewish man attacks head of Rabbis for Human Rights
Haaretz, Chaim Levinson, October 23 2015

In the Field with the Israeli Rabbis Protecting Palestinian Olive Harvesters
VICE news, Hunter Stuart, October 21 2015

Israeli and Palestinian Promote Dialogue
New Jersey Jewish News, Robert Wiener, October 14 2015

Extending an Olive Branch
Times of Israel blog, Angelic Shavit, October 9 2015

It was Incredibly Good to Spend Today in the West Bank (explicit language)
The Leftern Wall blog, Moriel Rothman-Zecher, October 7 2015

The Strength to Struggle
The Forward, Sh’ma Journal – High Holiday edition 2015, Rabbi Arik Ascherman, page 12

Interview with Rabbi Ascherman on IBA TV (on status of refugees in Israel)
IBA English news, September 2015

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Interview with Rabbi Ascherman on Swiss radio
Schweizer Radio und Fernsehen, August 22 2015

West Bank Bedouin tent set ablaze, IDF suspects Jewish assailants 
Haaretz, Gili Cohen and Jack Khoury, August 13 2015

Bedouin tent torched in apparent Jewish extremist attack
The Times of Israel, Stuart Winer, August 13 2015

Bedouin tent burned in alleged ‘price tag’ attack
972 Magazine, August 13 2015

 “A family of the faithful”
Voice of Israel radio, interview by Dov Lipman of of Rabbi Ron Kronish

A firebomb hurled into the heart of a Palestinian village
The Times of Israel, Avi Isaacharoff, August 3 2015

Palestinian infant killed in apparent ‘price tag’ attack
The Times of Israel, July 31 2015

Susya, the next outrage in the Israeli-Palestinian Dance of Build and Destroy
Haaretz, Ilene Prusher, August 3 2015

Senator Feinstein urges Netanyahu not to demolish Palestinian village
Haaretz, July 28 2015

UK rabbis criticise “unjust” demolition of Palestinian homes
Charlotte Oliver, Jewish Chronicle Online, July 27 2015

A traffic jam in the middle of the desert
 Adam Keller blog “Crazy Country,” July 25 2015

 Hundreds protest forced transfer, destruction of Palestinian village Susya
 Michael Schaeffer Omer-Man, July 24 2015, 972 Magazine

A Palestinian village braces for Israeli demolition
 Miriam Berger, Associated Press, July 2015

WATCH: Life in Susiya, the Palestinian village under threat from Israeli bulldozers
 Erin McLaughlin, Kareem Khadder and Bryony Jones, July 24 2015, CNN

LISTEN: Israel under pressure not to demolish illegal housing
 Linda Gradstein, July 23 2015, The Media Line

How a Palestinian Hamlet of 340 drew global attention
Diaa Hadid, July 23 2015, New York Times

Israel, don’t level my village
Nassar Nawaja, July 23 2015, New York Times op-ed

LISTEN: Rabbi Ascherman interviewed on Susya
 CNN Connect the World, July 21 2015

Rabbi Arik Ascherman interviewed on CNN on Susya”I think this raises a lot to of sympathy among a lot of people in…

Posted by Rabbis for Human Rights on Sunday, July 26, 2015

In West Bank, Palestinians count down to their village’s demolition
Luke Baker, July 20 2015, Reuters

Khirbet Susya:Israeli peace activists to stage ‘sleep-in’ protest in Palestinian village to save it from demolition
Ben Lynfield, July 20, The Independent

Villagers in Sussiya describe life in the shadow of demolition orders
Seth Frantzman, Jerusalem Post, July 21 2015

Don’t open up an international front of Sussiya demolitions
Herb Keinon and Tovah Lazaroff, Jerusalem Post, July 20 2015

The misleading legal arguments that legitimize injustice in the West Bank
Haaretz Editorial, Haaretz, July 20 2015

Awaiting bulldozers, South Hebron residents appeal for Western help
Elhanan Miller, The Times of Israel, July 19 2015

Khirbet Susya: The Palestinian village backed by Britain that Israel plans to tear down
Ben Lynfield, The Independent, July 19 2015

US warns against evicting Palestinians from Susya
Mairav Zonszein, 972 Magazine, July 18th 2o15

US urges Israel: Don’t demolish West Bank village
Amira Hass, Haaretz, July 18th 2015

LISTEN: Rabbi Arik Ascherman on West Bank demolitions
 DW Media, July 17 2015

US warns Israel: Susya’s destruction will hurt Jewish, Palestinian relations
The Inquisitr, July 17 2015

NGO to IDF: Don’t demolish Susya before High Court hearing
Yonah Jeremy Bob, Jerusalem Post, July 16th 2015

US State Department Spokesperson John Kirby, on Susya [Full transcript]
July 16th 2015, State Department website, Daily Press Briefing

Israel police issues formal apology to West Bank activists for wrongful detention, questioning
Amira Hass, Haaretz, June 20 2015

Israel’s High Court is sponsoring anti-Palestinian discrimination
Haaretz editorial, June 14th 2015

Israel’s High Court: No proof of discrimination against Palestinians in Area C
Amira Hass, Haaretz, June  14th 2015

EU Official to Israel: Don’t demolish unauthorised Palestinian village
Tovah Lazaroff, The Jerusalem Post, June 9th 2015

Podcast on Susiya: A village under imminent threat of demolition, South Hebron Hills, Palestine
Nicole Cooper, Partners for Progressive Israel, June 9 2015

EU diplomats unite in support of demolition threatened Palestinian village
Robert Tait, The Telegraph, June 8 2015

The catch-22 for Palestinian villages in the West Bank
Annie Slemrod, IRIN Middle East news, June 3 2015

IDF transferred private Palestinian land to settlement, state reveals
Chaim Levinson, Haaretz, May 26 2015

 In show of solidarity, Israeli rabbis hold prayer service with detained asylum seekers
Etta Prince-Gibson, Haaretz, May 21 2014

Rabbis to hold vigil for African migrants ahead of Shavout
The Times of Israel, May 20 2015

 Rabbinical delegation visits Holot detention center in solidarity with African asylum seekers
Jeremy Sharon, Jerusalem Post, May 20 2015

40 rabbis plan Shavuot vigil for detained Africans
The Jewish Daily Forward, May 20 2015

Israeli rabbis to hold prayer vigil urging humane treatment of African asylum seekers
Etta Prince-Gibson, Haaretz, May 19 2015

Israeli colonialism – plain and simple
Amira Hass, Haaretz, May 11 2015

Israel court to demolish an entire Palestinian village
Palestine News Network, May 10th 2015

West Bank village challenges Israel planning policy in court
The Times of Israel, May 10th 2015

West Bank village challenges Israel’s iron grip on planning
Hazel Ward, Yahoo news, May 10th 2015

Palestinian village of Susya faces imminent demolition
Mairav Zonszein, 972 Magazine, May 7 2015

High Court ruling paves way for demolition of unauthorized Palestinian village
Tovah Lazaroff, The Jerusalem Post, May 5 2015

Frieden im Olivenhain
Evangelisches Frankfurt Nachrichten und Debatten, April 29 2015 (article in German on lecture given by Rabbi Grenimann during his speaking tour in central Europe)

Rechtvaardig samenleven opbouwen in Jeruzalem
Rita Boeren,  Dutch blog post on an April 23 2015 interfaith panel Rabbi Grenimann participated in while in Belgium)

WATCH: Israeli soldiers party in demolished settlement outpost
Haggai Matar, 972 Magazine, April 8 2015

 Interfaith group appoints Yonatan Shefa as new director
Jeremy Sharon, The Jerusalem Post, April 7 2015

My journey with Rabbis for Human Rights: Past, present and future (Part 1)
Rabbi Yehiel Grenimann, The Jerusalem Post, April 6 2015

Civil Administration confiscates 11 solar panels from West Bank Bedouin village
Tovah Lazaroff, Jerusalem Post, April 1 2015

Israeli army destroys West Bank outpost erected to honour slain teens
i24News, April 1 2015

IDF destroys 4 structures in W. Bank settler outpost erected to honor 3 slain teens
Tovah Lazaroff, Jerusalem Post, March 31 2015

In Israel, a vote to choose a leader and an identity
Emily Harris, NPR, March 5 2015

The two Israels
Nicholas Kristof, New York Times, February 28th 2015

The human stain
Nicholas Kristof, New York Times, February 26th 2015

‘Stop demolishing Palestinian homes’ – Over 500 rabbis urge Netanyahu
RT news, February 9th 2015

Radio Sputnik: Let the Palestinians plan their own communities
Radio Sputnik, February 9th 2015


More than 400 rabbis call on Israel to end house demolitions
Haaretz, February 8 2015

Hundreds of Rabbis for around the world call on Israel to halt demolition of Palestinian homes
Lizzie Dearden, The Independent, February 7th 2015

Holy Land: Rabbis organize day of olive tree planting in West Bank
Independent Catholic News, February 5th 2015

 Knesset candidates plant olive trees with Palestinian farmers
Haggai Mater, 972 Mag, February 5th 2015

Over 400 rabbis sign letter penned to PM calling for end to Palestinian home demolitions
Jerusalem Post, February 3 2015

Settlers, olives and occupation: Voices from the West Bank
Vice News, January 13th 2015, youtube


How vulnerable is Israel to war crimes charges?
Ralph Seliger, New York Jewish Week, January 12th 2015

Dozens of olive trees felled in suspected settler violence
Michael Schaeffer Omer-Man, 972 Magazine, January 11th 2015

Rabbi Arik Ascherman and his peers fight for human rights
Irwin Block, The Senior Times, January 5 2015

On a demolished Palestinian home, Hanukah candles of protest
Elhanan Miller, The Times of Israel, December 23 2014

Olive harvest marred by arson, vandalism and violence
Israel Social TV, December 17th 2014


Stop using the tax authority as a tool of the right
Haaretz editorial, Haaretz, December 14th 2014

Rabbis group slams tax exemption denial
Or Kashti, Haaretz, December 14th 2014

Of Olives, politics and Palestinians: One man’s harvest is another’s freedom struggle
Naomi Zeveloff, The Jewish Daily Forward, November 16 2014

Olive Offerings: Cultivating olives in Palestine bears more than just fruit
Hanne Foiphel, Pontifical Mission-Lebanon

Meet the Israelis picking Palestinian olives
IRIN Middle East, October 28 2014

Continuous invasions by settlers spoil joy of Palestinians olive harvest
Amira Hass, Haaretz, October 25 2014

Rabbis for Human Rights Help Palestinians with Olive Harvest
Daniel Tepper, Middle East Eye, October 20 2014

Israel in Gaza: Violence and injustice are not Jewish values
Rabbi Arik Ascherman, Haaretz, September 12th 2014

Gaza: Strive for peace and pursue it
Rabbi Yehiel Grenimann, CNN International, August 15th 2014

Arguing like Abraham for Gaza’s innocents
Rabbi Arik Ascherman, Open Democracy, August 11th 2014

Israel and Palestine: ‘If I was to look to anyone for hope, I would look to the people of both sides.’
Guardian readers and Caroline Bannock, The Guardian, August 1 2014

What I’ve witnessed in Susiya
Rabbi Arik Ascherman, The Jewish Chronicle Online, June 12 2014

Supreme Court orders Israel to involve Palestinians in West Bank building plans
Nathan Jeffay, The Jewish Daily Forward, May 11th 2014

Hundreds of Arabs, Jews, at Prime Minister’s residence protest ‘price tag’ attacks
Daniel K Eisenbud, JPost, May 11 2014

Palestinians demand control over urban planning (short video segment)
Linda Gradstein, The Media Line, May 7 2014

High court to state: Give Palestinians a say in planning
Dahlia Scheindlin, 972 Mag, May 1 2014

Court to state: Involve local Palestinians in Area C building process
Tovah Lazaroff, JPost, April 29th 2014

Israel’s High Court rules in favor of Palestinians
i24 News, April 28th 2014

Apartheid in planning rights
Haaretz editorial, Haaretz, April 28th 2014

Court case challenges the building blocks of occupation
Dahlia Scheindlin, 972 Mag, April 27th 2014

High Court to rule whether Palestinians are denied building rights
Amira Hass, Haaretz, April 27th 2014

Israel Blocking Palestinian permits over UN push, IDF officer says
Chaim Levinson, Haaretz, April 27 2014

In Israel, idea of annexing parts of West Bank gains steam after Hamas-Fatah pact
Herb Keinon, JPost, April 27th 2014

Israel’s Oslo paradox
Akiva Eldar, Al-Monitor, April 24th 2014

Why should planning in West Bank be divided on ethnic lines?-Palestinian villages’ petition
re-posted RHR press release, Mondoweiss, April 20th 2014

A longstand promise to end administrative home demolitions
Rabbi Arik Ascherman, The Times of Israel, April 20 2014

In Israel, Rabbis for Human Rights address painful paradoxes
Rabbi Arik Ascherman, Open Democracy, April 17 2014

Borderline Views: Rabbis for Human Rights celebrate Passover
David Newman, The Jerusalem Post, April 14 2014

Rabbinical student aims to unite Jews, Muslims
Carolyn Blackman, The Canadian Jewish News, February 24 2014

Israel mulls reducing poverty by redefining “poor.”
Or Kashti, Ha’aretz, February 18th 2014

Israel army preventing Palestinian from sowing land near settlement
Amira Hass, Ha’aretz, January 29 2014

Palestinians and settlers clash outside Itamar
Tovah Lazaroff, The Jerusalem Post, January 21 2014

VIDEO: RHR’s Tu B’Shvat planting
Israel Social TV, January 16 2014

Settler violence: It comes with the territory
Larry Defner, 972 Magazine, January 21st 2014

Rabbi Arik Ascherman interviewed on KPFT-FM radio show”Thresholds” 
December 19 2013. (Show begins at 2 minute mark)

The Israeli Agency that oppresses Palestinians ‘for their own good.’
Amira Hass, Ha’Aretz, November 18 2013

Fighting Terror, with Flowers and a Prayer
Elhanan Miller, The Times of Israel, November 17 2013

How to stir up hatred between Jews and Bedouin in Israel
Arik Ascherman, Haaretz, November 4 2013

Palestinian farmer’s head smashed open by settlers in West Bank
972 Magazine, Oct 27 2013

Why rabbis are helping Palestinians defend their olive harvest
Mairav Zonszein, The Christian Science Monitor, Olive Press blog, Oct 22 2013

Three myths about the Bedouin
Arik Ascherman, The Times of Israel, July 18 2013


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