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Palestinians report ax thrown by extremist settler at Palestinian car

1 Comment 10 February 2016

Palestinians have reported that an extremist settler threw an ax at a Palestinian car today. The car window was smashed, and there were no injuries. Continue Reading

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RHR donates trees and plants with Palestinian village of Duma

1 Comment 04 February 2016

Today (February 4 2016) Rabbis for Human Rights donated around 150 trees to the village of Duma, where the terrible arson-murders took place last summer. RHR also brought a delegation of Israeli and international volunteers, eager to get their hands dirty, make new friends, and stand up for justice, compassion and fellowship,  with us to help get the majority of the trees in the ground.  Continue Reading

Field Reports, Occupied Territories

Israeli & international volunteers plant with Palestinians in village of Luban

No Comments 03 February 2016

On Monday, Rabbis for Human Rights brought a delegation of Israeli and international volunteers to the village of Luban, where we planted with the farmer Majid. Several weeks ago we came to Majid’s assistance after armed Israelis coming from the direction of the Ma’aleh Levonim settlement chased him and his family off his land. He later discovered that all his newly planted trees had been destroyed. We joined him the following day when he replanted, and one of the same Israelis drove by and threatened to again uproot his trees. Sure enough, in the subsequent weeks trees have been destroyed, a few at a time, in the dead of night.  Continue Reading

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Photos: Demolitions in Firing Zone 918 villages of Jenbah & Halawi

2 Comments 02 February 2016

This morning we received word that the Civil Administration was demolishing homes in the Palestinian villages of Jenbah and Halaweh, located in Firing Zone 918 in the South Hebron Hills. The demolitions come after a breakdown in the mediation efforts between the villages and the State. Continue Reading

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No Comments 02 February 2016

Tonight there will be a special panel discussion on the Sukkat Netzach (“Eternal Temporary Dwelling”), a creative art project connected with Bedouin that RHR played a central role in making possible. 

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Photos: Students meet with Palestinian farmers threatened by Jewish extremism

No Comments 31 January 2016

On Friday, January 29th, rabbinical students and other potential future leaders studying for the year in Israel joined RHR for a tour in the occupied territories. The students met with Palestinian farmers, saw their lands firsthand, heard about their struggles with extremist settlers and land take-overs, and learned how RHR helps them. Unfortunately, poor ground conditions meant the students were not able to plant trees with the farmers, as originally planned. Continue Reading

Field Reports, Occupied Territories

New Tree Planting Dates: Join us to plant trees with Palestinians and Israeli Bedouin

No Comments 28 January 2016

Due to bad weather, we had to cancel our plans to plant trees with Palestinians in Duma on Tu B’Shevat. However, we have rescheduled the event along with a number of other opportunities to plant, both in Israel and in the occupied territories. We hope you will join us for one or all! Continue Reading

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RHR responds to the recent arrest of three human rights activists

No Comments 24 January 2016

“You shall do no unrighteousness in judgment; do not favour the person of the poor, nor favour the person of the mighty; but in righteousness shall you judge your neighbour.” – (Leviticus, 19,15)

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Tu B’Shevat tree plantings POSTPONED due to bad weather

1 Comment 24 January 2016


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Donate an olive tree to a Palestinian farmer – $10 buys one sapling!

1 Comment 19 January 2016

Donate olive trees to Palestinian farmers living under the threat of Jewish extremism and help sow seeds of hope and justice! Just $10 for one sapling!


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