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RHR statement concerning the Temple Mount/Haram al Sharif

No Comments 17 November 2014

Tensions have been very high in recent weeks in Jerusalem and throughout Israel. Part of this is due to concerns over Israel changing the status quo of the Temple Mount/Haram al Sharif, a site holy to both Jews and Muslims, which must be overseen with the utmost of sensitivity. Below, please find Rabbis for Human Rights statement regarding the Temple Mount/Haram al Sharif. Continue Reading

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A Scene of Desecration: Rabbi Yehiel on Al Mughayir’s Burned Mosque

No Comments 14 November 2014

A mosque was badly arsoned, presumably by Jewish extremists, in the early hours of November 12 2014 in the village of Al Mughayir. About a month prior, another mosque, in a different Palestinian village in the Occupied Territories, was also burned. Rabbi Yehiel Grenimann of RHR visited the mosque in Al Mughayir and writes of his shock at the severity of the arson.  Continue Reading

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Mosque burned in Palestinian village of Al Mughayir

No Comments 12 November 2014

PRESS RELEASE | November 12 2014

Early this morning, November 12, a mosque was burned in the Palestinian village of Al Mughayir, near Ramallah.



About one month ago, a mosque was burned in the village of Aqrabah, also in the Occupied Territories. It  was also reported that an ancient synagogue was fire-bombed in the city of Shfaram last night, an Arab city in Israel’s north. In times like this, when religious tensions are already extremely high, such acts are seen as grave provocations.

Ynet: Mosque set ablaze in West Bank; synagogue attacked

Al Mughayir

PHOTOS: Zakaria Sadah of Rabbis for Human Rights

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Khirbet al-Twayel demolitions destroy ancient structures, leave village without water

No Comments 04 November 2014

PRESS RELEASE | November 3 2014

Israeli Authorities demolish two structures, reportedly from Ottoman Times, in Khirbet a-Twayel in addition to cutting off the village water supply.  Continue Reading

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Friday, October 31: Olive Harvest Day for International Students

No Comments 28 October 2014

RHR invites study abroad students to join us on Friday, October 31st 2014 for a special day of harvesting in the Occupied Territories!

Additional information on the olive harvest

Additional information on volunteering for the harvest

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Cows belonging to settlement sent to destroy Palestinian olive trees

No Comments 21 October 2014

Cows belonging to  settlers are sent to graze amid Palestinian olive trees in the  village of Aqraba in the Occupied Territories. Continue Reading

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International Student Programs and Study Tour Dates – 5775 (2014-2015)

No Comments 14 October 2014

RABBINICAL, CANTORIAL, AND EDUCATION STUDENTS: Get involved and learn how Israel can truly embody  our highest Jewish values! Join us this year in any number of ways and study the profound connection between human rights and Judaism. RHR offers student tours, service opportunities, and internship possibilities in a range of areas focusing on everything from socio-economic justice in Israel and the Negev Bedouin to African asylum seekers.

NOTE: While these programs are specially geared towards international students in rabbinical, cantorial, and Jewish education fields, they are open to all.

Continue Reading

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Mosque burned in early hours in Palestinian village Aqrabah

No Comments 14 October 2014

Palestinian residents of the village Aqrabah discovered that the mosque had been overnight (early Tuesday morning, October 14t 2014) in an apparent “price tag” attack.  The first floor of the mosque was burned, with damage done to the carpet, the walls and to copies of the Koran. Continue Reading

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Olive Harvest in the Occupied Territories starts with a number of serious incidents

No Comments 07 October 2014

PRESS RELEASE | Oct 6th 2014

As the olive harvest begins, a number of serious incidents have been reported in the Occupied Territories.  Continue Reading

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JOIN US: RHR kicks off the olive harvest season of 5775

1 Comment 05 October 2014


Rabbis for Human Rights

is pleased to invite you to join us as we begin this year’s


cc: wikimedia


During the intermediate days of Sukkot

and in the weeks that follow

Call: 02 6482757 or email

Every fall, Rabbis for Human Rights brings hundreds of volunteers to work side-by-side with Palestinian farmers during our Olive Harvest campaign. Our presence provides protection against possible settler intimidation, enables farmers to pick within the limited number of days that they can safely do so, and has also become an act of solidarity between Israeli Jews and Palestinians.

If you would like to join us for a day of harvesting in the territories, please sign up by calling or emailing our office at or 02 648 2757. You can also email the director of RHR’s human rights activity in the Occupied Territories, Rabbi Yehiel Grenimann, at

DEPARTURE: We will be leaving from Liberty Bell Gardens parking lot (Jerusalem) at 6:20 (actually the bus will leave at 6:30 precisely), with the possibility of a pick up at Binyanei HaUma (near the central bus station) at approx. 6:45 and a pick up at the Rosh HaAyin train station at 7:20am.

REGISTRATION: Registration at the office is until 16:30 the day before. Those wanting to go out on Sundays must register by 16:30 on Thursdays. If you have not registered on time you are not assured a place on the bus or being informed of last minute changes, cancellations, etc. Registration on time might sometimes impact on the decision to go out at all, if there are not enough volunteers. Our volunteers are invited to contribute to the cost of the bus according to their ability and generosity.
A NOTE ON SECURITY: We will not publish names of the places (all in area C) we are going to because of security concerns and the need for flexibility in our work.  We are in contact with 50 villages.

In general, we will be working in places with scheduled army protection (this is for the Palestinians and settlers, not for us!) but not always. We would like to know who is and is not willing to pick in such places.

PLEASE BRING: All the volunteers are requested to bring valid current identification (identity card, passport, driving license), food for the day, water, work clothes (and to be sensitive to traditional Muslim dress code for women) closed shoes, and protection from the sun.

Wishing you all a Hag Sameach and a successful and peaceful olive harvest! We hope to see you in the field!



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