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RHR signs joint statement condemning denial of access for UN Special Rapporteur

2 Comments 26 January 2015

Rabbis for Human Rights has signed onto a joint statement with a number of other NGOs  to Acting Prime Minister Benjamin and Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman condemning the government’s decision not to grant entry visa to the UN Special  Rapporteur. Continue Reading

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Tu B’Shevat: Join us as we plant trees in a Palestinian village!

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Please join RHR on Wednesday, February 4th as we plant trees in a Palestinian village for Tu B’Shevat, the Jewish version of Arbor Day.


Already this year over 5,000 trees belonging to Palestinian farmers have been uprooted or hacked down by Jewish extremists.

Show a different, more compassionate face of Judaism to our Palestinian neighbors & help them plant new olive saplings on Tu B’Shevat, the Jewish version of Arbor Day. Not only is the solidarity so important, the trees themselves will benefit Palestinians for generations to come!



*For those concerned about Jewish law surrounding the Sabbatical year (Shmita), there are halakhic opinions allowing planting on lands owned by non-Jews. Additionally, we are also happy to have you come and help prepare the trees for planting, but not do the actual planting itself.

RSVP is a must! Transportation available from Jerusalem and Rosh HaAyin. Please see the flier for details.


Can’t make it in person? Donate a tree instead! $10 purchases one olive sapling, and makes a real investment in the future of generations of Palestinian to come. Help us reach our goal of donating 2,500 trees!

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Wave of administrative demolitions strikes East Jerusalem & West Bank

1 Comment 22 January 2015

The last two days have seen homes and buildings demolished in five Palestinian villages and neighborhoods within Area C of the Occupied Territories or East Jerusalem. To boot,  five houses and nine agricultural structures were demolished today in the Palestinian village Jiftlik, while additional demolitions occurred in Beit Iksa. The demolitions occur because the structures lack building permits. This is especially concerning seeing how times are especially sensitive. Continue Reading

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Jahalin Bedouin children spruce up the after-school educational center

No Comments 22 January 2015

The following was written by Naama, a volunteer completing her National Service with Rabbis for Human Rights. Part of her responsibilities include supporting Ibtisam, a local Jahalin Bedouin woman, twice a week in her work organizing the after school program for the children in al Jabel (outside of Maale Adumim).  

For a long time Ibtisam has wanted to paint the classroom where she teaches the Jahalin children English and art crafts.  The room was concrete grey and both her and I wanted to make it look nice and joyful for the kids. We first painted the outside and inside white. Next, we painted an unused room  which we plan to use as a second classroom for the smaller children – although we still need to get a few chairs and tables for it. We really need this second classroom since so many children are coming to Ibtisam’s center and they are at varying levels of English.  After we finished painting it all white with the help of  Yehiel (Rabbi Yehiel Greinmann, RHR’s Director of Human Rights in the Occupied Territories) and Ibtisam’s younger brother, we scheduled the last part with the kids for Tuesday right before they were supposed to go back to school from their winter break. When I came with Natanya, whose been volunteering to take me with her car, the girls were so excited to start. We let them choose what they wanted to paint on the wall and we started working. We drew Sponge-Bob, Dora, Tom & Jerry, and a few other drawings they choose from a book.

One day as we were painting together, I asked Ibtisam about the school that the kids go to.  She described it saying, “If you see the children in the morning walking their way to school they would be stooping and frowning, and when they leave school at noon, they are running and cheerful.”  This made me realize how amazing it is then that the kids are coming to Ibtisam to learn after school! There they are, every week,  sitting proudly with their notebooks, gobbling up every word Ibtisam teaches them. Even if they don’t remember everything they learn, their drive to study astonishes me.










NOTE: On request of the families, the children were only photographer from the back.


More on the Jahalin Bedouin and our work protecting their rights

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New Campaign: Donate an olive tree to a Palestinian farmer!

No Comments 20 January 2015

RHR has launched a new Indigogo campaign raising funds to donate olive trees to Palestinian farmers. $10 buys one sapling for a Palestinian farmer who has either had his trees damaged or destroyed by Israeli extremists, or lives in an area in danger of being taken-over or expropriated by settlement expansion.

For the last ten years Rabbis for Human Rights has planted olive trees with our Palestinian partners in the Occupied Territories in what has become one of our most notable traditions.  As we witness new levels of vandalism against these ancient and precious trees, we see our mission as more urgent and valuable than ever. More than an international symbol of peace, our olive trees also represent the mending of  injustice and wrongs between Israeli Jews and Palestinians. Hope coming alive, these trees will one day bear beautiful olives that will benefit generations of Palestinians to come.


Please visit and donate to the campaign page by clicking here

In Israel? You can also take action by helping us plant the trees themselves!

February 4th – RHR’s annual Tu B’Shevat planting day event

February 6th – International student (but all are welcome) planting


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Mature olive trees felled in Palestinian village Yassuf

No Comments 12 January 2015

PRESS RELEASE | January 11th 2015

Estimated 50 mature olive trees were discovered felled in the Palestinian village Yassuf on January 11th.

Mature trees are more expensive, and it will take the farmers decades in order to make up for the losses caused by today’s destruction. Trees cut in this fashion almost invariably die.

Rabbis for Human Rights expresses its shock at this criminal act and calls on the security forces to make every effort to quickly find those responsible and bring them to justice.

Images: Zacharia Sadah, RHR
Additional photos (Facebook)

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RHR helps in distribution of blankets to Jahalin Bedouin during winter storm

No Comments 10 January 2015

The second week of January 2015 has brought with it unusually low temperatures, rain and even snow to our region. Tragically, for the most vulnerable populations among us, this is not merely an inconvenience but a serious and life threatening danger. Reports from Gaza reveal that two infants have lost their lives due to the freezing temperatures, while the African asylum seekers in Holot have been denied heaters and report a lack of warm blankets and clothing. RHR remains extremely concerned for the Bedouin in general, and for our friends at Al Arakib specifically, where cold and rain penetrate the frail structures that stand between demolitions. Nevertheless, a small act of kindness on Thursday January 8th has helped to alleviate the cold for some Jahalin Bedouin while sewing goodwill among neighbors.  Continue Reading

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US Consulate car stoned by right-wing extremists near Adei Ad outpost

1 Comment 03 January 2015

 A car belonging to the convoy of the US Consulate was stoned by right-wing extremists near the outpost of Adi Ad and the Palestinian village of Turmus Ayya on January 2 2015. The convoy was accompanied by Palestinians. Continue Reading

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Estimated 5,000 olive trees destroyed between Palestinian village Turmus Ayya & outpost Adei Ad

1 Comment 03 January 2015

January 1: Thousands of olive tree saplings reported uprooted or destroyed between the Palestinian village of Turmos Ayya and the outpost Adei Ad. 

Initial estimates believed the number of trees destroyed to number around 5,000. Continue Reading

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Israeli news exposes death threats received by RHR worker

No Comments 01 January 2015

Israeli Channel 2 news last night (December 31 2014) exposed recordings of racist death threats made to RHR’s Palestinian field worker, Zacharia Sada: Continue Reading

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