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Bias Revealed in Security Force Response to Theft from Palestinian vs Jewish Farmers

No Comments 22 October 2017

This morning [October 22 2017], it was discovered that many olives belonging to Palestinian farmers from the village Murayer were stolen from a grove near the Adi Ad illegal outpost. This theft comes on the heals of a massive wave of olive theft from Palestinian groves during the current harvest season. Continue Reading

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Severe wave of olive theft from Palestinian groves mars start of West Bank harvest

No Comments 17 October 2017


In four cases, the extremist Israeli thieves were caught and detained for questioning. In many other cases,  the perpetrators were not apprehended.
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Extremist Israelis arrested after theft & violence against Palestinians olive farmers

No Comments 16 October 2017


Israelis were documented stealing olives from a Palestinian grove near the Palestinian village El Jenia and the illegal Israeli outpost Zayit Ra’anan on Sunday October 15. They were arrested following the swift intervention of the head of the field department of Rabbis for Human Rights, Zakaria Sadah, who informed the security forces. Continue Reading

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A (rainy) day of harvesting olives in the Yanoun Valley

No Comments 16 October 2017

Rabbi Yehiel Grenimann, the director of Organizational Development at Rabbis for Human Rights (RHR), reflects on his experience taking out volunteers for the olive harvest early this season. Rabbi Grenimann has been involved with RHR in a number of capacities since its founding in 1988 and has developed meaningful relationships with Palestinians and Bedouin individuals all over the region, as reflected in his words below.  Continue Reading

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Olive Harvest 2017: Incidents of violence & olive stealing in harvest’s first week

No Comments 15 October 2017

Last week, the second week of October, Rabbis for Human Rights began assisting Palestinian olive farmers with their harvesting in Area C near Israeli settlements and outposts. Our presence in the groves deters extremist settlers from violence while ensuring the army does not place unnecessary and unfair restrictions and limitations on the farmers’ right to harvest. Continue Reading

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Volunteers needed: Join us in the olive groves & ensure a safe & smooth harvest!

2 Comments 11 October 2017

This year we are blessed with a large and bountiful crop, and Palestinian farmers in areas threatened by extremist violence and army interference need your help harvesting! Continue Reading

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The hope that this year will be our final olive harvest

No Comments 04 October 2017

When Israel’s High Court of Justice ruled in response to RHR’s 2006 petition that the army must intervene in order to allow Palestinian farmers to safely harvest their olives, we at Rabbis for Human Rights were jubilant and optimistic. We were certain we had brought this issue to a close and could now shift gears to work on preventing other human rights abuses suffered by Palestinians.  Continue Reading

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This Fall, Palestinian Olive Farmers Need Your Support!

No Comments 07 September 2017

By Zakaria Sadah, Director, Field Work in the Occupied Territories Continue Reading

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Early morning eviction of Palestinian family in Jerusalem’s Sheikh Jarrah

No Comments 05 September 2017

Last night (early morning September 5 2017), a large number of police forces entered the house of the Shamasneh family in Sheikh Jarrah and forcibly evicted the entire family from their homes. Continue Reading

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Update on the petition to stop legalisation of theft from non-Jews

No Comments 17 August 2017

Rabbis for Human Rights welcomes an interim injunction by the High Court of Israel on a petition submitted against the so-called Formalisation Law by Adalah, the Legal Center for Arab Minority Rights in Israel; the Jerusalem Legal Aid and Human Rights Center; Al Mezan Center for Human Rights; Rabbis for Human Rights; and 17 Palestinian regional authorities in the West Bank whose lands may be expropriated due to implementation of the law. Continue Reading

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