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Press Release: State refuses to mend breach in security barrier when risk is to Palestinians

No Comments 02 July 2015

State refuses to mend  a breach  in the security barrier around Alon Shvut settlement when the risk of attack is on Palestinians and their property; court refrained from intervening.

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PODCAST ON SUSIYA: A village under imminent threat of demolition

No Comments 01 July 2015

A new podcast from Partners for Progressive Israel details the history and legal background of Susiya, a South Hebron Hills village, represented by RHR’s legal team, currently under imminent threat of demolition. The podcast features an interview with Jerusalem based artist and activist, Robin Levy. Continue Reading

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June 29 conference: Susya – Local or national issue?

No Comments 25 June 2015

The Palestinian village of Susya, legally represented by RHR,  is currently under immediate threat of demolition. The Van Leer Jerusalem Institute will be hosting a discussion on the political, historical, international and legal aspects of Susya’s case featuring RHR lead lawyer Quamar Mishriqi Asad.  Continue Reading

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RHR Response to the UN’s Report on Operation Protective Edge

No Comments 24 June 2015


The report of the United Nation’s Human Rights Council on the warfare during Operation Protective Edge is a reminder of the opportunity missed by the Israeli governments – the absence of an independent Israeli investigations committee.   An independent investigation committee – transparent, critical and willing to take risks-  tasked with examining  if and when we  failed in to meet our own moral standards during the fighting this past summer would have helped us improve our own moral character. Unfortunately,  we are unable to see in Israel’s Foreign Ministry’s report on the fighting a product of such an investigation.   Continue Reading

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A Tale of Two Villages: English language tours to Susya & Umm el Hiran

No Comments 21 June 2015

English speakers  visting Israel this summer are invited to join RHR’s English language tours created for Hartman rabbinic seminar participants to visit the village of Susya and Umm el Hiran, both under the immediate threat of demolition of Israeli authorities. These tours have been created for Hartman participants, but we are opening them to the wider English speaking public.  For those interested, it is also possible to arrange tours by appointment.  See below for details.



The village of Susya is an “unrecognized” Palestinian village in the South Hebron Hills. Um el Hiran is an “unrecognized” Israeli Bedouin village in the Negev. They have at least one thing in common – both are in immediate danger of being totally destroyed. The Israeli government has approved plans to replace Bedouin “Um el Hiran” with Jewish “Hiran.”

What would be the just and righteous way to treat these non-Jews living in our midst?

Are they “gerim” or “re’im” or “oyvim?”

How do the Israeli legal system and the Israeli people treat each of them?

Why is the U.S. State Department receiving calls from Congress people about Susya, and why have the RA, CCAR/URJ/RAC, Ohala, RRA and 65 British rabbis ranging from Orthodox to Masorti to Reform and Liberal urged Israel to resolve outstanding Bedouin issues through genuine dialogue with the Bedouin leadership?

FRIDAY JULY 3  12:45-5pm
FRIDAY JULY 10 8:30am -2pm
(or by appointment)

Tours depart and return to the Shalom Hartman Institute (11 Gedalyahu Alon Street, Jerusalem)

RSVP: RHR offices at 02-648-2757 or or call Rabbi Ascherman at 050-560-7034

 More information on the threat to Susya

More information on the threat to Umm el Hiran

Download the PDF file .

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Despite settler’s provocations, Palestinian farmer successfully harvests

1 Comment 17 June 2015

Fawzi Ibrahim, a Palestinian farmer with agricultural land just below the illegal outpost Esh Kodesh, successfully harvested his wheat this week. Fawzi was able to access his land following a 2012 submission of a petition to the High Court by RHR.


Access to the land needs to be  coordinated with the army,  and in the past this has caused him great hardship, as the army has cancelled plans after equipment has been rented, or has simply refused to let him enter the land until the very last moment. Luckily, with the help of RHR, the coordination went fairly smoothy this time around and Fawzi succeeded in harvesting his wheat.

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Photos: Rabbi Yehiel Grenimann visits Belgian Parliament

No Comments 17 June 2015

On April 22 2015, senior RHR staff member Rabbi Yehiel Grenimann visited the Belgian Parliament with Dr. Amro of Birzeit University,  where they were hosted by the chair of their Middle east parliamentary committee, Deputee Federale, Gwenaelle Grovonius. The men met with pro-Palestinian and pro-Israeli lobbies for a lively discussion. All were very appreciative of the information shared by Rabbi Grenimann and Dr Amro “from the ground.”

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Photos: Summer camp for the Jahalin Bedouin children

No Comments 16 June 2015

For a number of years, RHR has run a successful summer camp for Jahalin Bedouin children living in the Jabal community next to Azaria near Ma’ale Adumim. The Jahalin live in a high level poverty, and are among the most underprivileged and neglected segment within Palestinian society itself. Unemployment is extremely high, as is illiteracy.  Half of the residents of the Jabal are children and young people who simply have no enrichment options, especially in the summer. Our summer camp offers the children arts and crafts activities, music, drama, sports, and games. Continue Reading

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West Bank village left without drinking water

No Comments 11 June 2015

Two rainwater cisterns have been destroyed today, leaving a West Bank village without drinking water.
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WATCH: EU diplomats arrive en masse to Susya in act of solidarity

No Comments 10 June 2015

In an act of solidarity with the Palestinian village of Susya, currently under immediate threat of demolition by the state, all 28 EU member states with Jerusalem consulates sent representatives to the village on Sunday, June 7 2015. Continue Reading

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