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Weekly Parasha: Akharei Mot

No Comments 28 April 2016

From now until August, the Torah reading in the Land of Israel will be different than the Torah reading outside of the Land of Israel because this Shabbat we in Israel read “Akharei Mot,” while abroad Orthodox and Conservative Jews and some congregations in other movements celebrate an additional day of Passover. Abroad, even those who only celebrate 7 days of Passover, will read Akharei Mot next week.  This means that our readers and supporters abroad will have an additional week to ponder each dvar Torah. Continue Reading

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Passover Thoughts 5776: Where is God’s Glory?

No Comments 26 April 2016

As we near the final days of Passover, Rabbi Arik Ascherman, president and senior rabbi for Rabbis for Human Rights, shares his thoughts on the holiday. Continue Reading

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Weekly parasha: The power of God is the power of words

No Comments 13 April 2016

In Parashat Metzora, Rabbi Mira Raz shows us the danger of impure words, and the power of other words – including the very name of our organization, to do bring about justice and goodness in the world. Continue Reading

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Weekly Parasha: Life and death on the tip of the tongue

No Comments 06 April 2016

Just how much power does the tongue have?  In his commentary on Parashat Tazria, Rabbi Dubi Haiyun reminds us that we must strive to be society where all are respected and appreciated, where all the “evil tongue” is replaced by gratitude and blessings.   Continue Reading

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Weekly parasha: When human rights becomes as strange fire

2 Comments 30 March 2016

Israeli human rights organizations work within a very sensitive and delicate balance. In the time honored tradition of freedom of the pulpit, this week’s dvar Torah on Parashat Shemini by Rabbi Gideon Sylvester includes ideas that could be seen as criticism of RHR and our partners.”

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Weekly Parasha: On the clothes we wear

1 Comment 24 March 2016

In Parashat Tzav, Rabbi Yehiel Grenimann reminds us that it is not always the clothes that make the person. Behind a beautiful and impressive garment can easily lurk the danger of lies and corruption.  Continue Reading

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Every Person Has Their Hour: Purim Thoughts for 5776

1 Comment 23 March 2016

“Perhaps some of the students, and some of you, are/were infuriated by any suggestion that the responsibility for what we had just seen lay with anybody other than the perpetrator, or perhaps Palestinians in general. Others may be angry with me for justifying violence against Palestinians by seemingly backing the dangerous assertion we actually hear from time to time, that Palestinians are descendants of Amalek.” Continue Reading

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Shabbat Zakhor: Remembering Amalek, remembering the dangers within

1 Comment 15 March 2016

This Shabbat Zakhor Rabbi Leon Wiener Dow reminds us that all people have the capacity for darkness and violence lurking in them.  In order to ensure this shadow be contained,  we must face the truth of it head-on, and then we must overcome it through acts of love. Continue Reading

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Weekly parasha: Why didn’t Betzalel build the Tabernacle according to Moses’ instructions?

1 Comment 08 March 2016

In Parashat Pekudei, Rabbi Michael Graetz points out that any person who uses his or her own wisdom, insight or knowledge in order to change Jewish tradition is to be praised as truly carrying out the intention of God.   It is therefore all of our responsibility to ensure that human rights are honoured in our actions as Jews, as such is indeed Divinely mandated. Continue Reading

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Weekly parasha: Fixing the gaps between what could be & shouldn’t be

No Comments 01 March 2016

In his Dvar Torah to Parashat Vayakhel, Rabbi Jeremy Milgrom warns of the threat to all of us if radical Jewish extremists achieve their goals regarding the Temple Mount. How can we prevent these dangers and ensure the rights of all in our region to live in safety and freedom?
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