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Weekly Torah portion: Miriam’s Song

No Comments 27 January 2015

In this week’s Torah portion, Rabbi Miri Gold examines the bravery and natural leadership ability of Miriam, sister of Moses and Aaron. Can modern-day Israel learn to cultivate the powerful voices of women as the children of Israel once did? Continue Reading

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Weekly Torah portion: Leaders and Leadership

No Comments 21 January 2015

Moses is a true leader – though he is not perfect, his intention and his devotion to his people is true. In his Dvar Torah on Parashat Bo, Rabbi Dubi Hayun explores the process of becoming a great leader while differentiating between those who, like, Pharaoh, sought the position only to serve themselves.  Who will lead our country – those who follow Moses, or those who follow Pharaoh?  Continue Reading

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Weekly parasha: Opening the Gate of Repentance

No Comments 13 January 2015

Does God take away Pharaoh’s agency, or does he merely establish the necessary conditions so that Pharaoh can come to learn about repentance and choice? In Parashat Va’era, Rabbi Yehiel Grenimann shows us that there is always opportunity to work towards positive change in our world. Continue Reading

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Weekly Torah Portion: What makes a good leader?

No Comments 06 January 2015

In Parashat Shmot, Rabbi Idit Lev examines Moses, one of our people’s greatest leaders, and asks what we should remember from his story as we prepare to enter the voting booth. Continue Reading

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Weekly Torah portion: From In the Beginning, to the straits of Egypt and beyond

No Comments 31 December 2014

In this week’s parasha, Rabbi Mira Raz explores the final Torah portion of Genesis. Through the blessing of Judah, we learn of the redemptive powers of confession, which move us from the sins of our past, “straits” of narrowness and aggression,  towards new, expansive paths where all humans are equal under heaven. Continue Reading

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Weekly Torah portion: Joseph the Provider

1 Comment 24 December 2014

In Parashat Vayigash, Rabbi Yonatan Chipman questions the choices Joseph made with his “inside information” on surplus and famine in Egypt.  Yes, he did save the lives of countless Egyptians, but at what cost? Continue Reading

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On Mountains, Caves and Empowerment: Hanukah Thoughts 5775

No Comments 16 December 2014

Hanukah Thoughts 5775

By: Rabbi Arik Ascherman Continue Reading

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Joseph and Gender Complexity

No Comments 09 December 2014

In Parashat Vayeishev, Dr. Rabbi Dalia Marx examines the fascinating story of Joseph and Potiphar. From the midrash to the modern day, this story, full of gender complexity and role reversal,  has captured the attention of rabbis, poets and artists alike. What can the way our sages looked at this ancient story of royal intrigue teach us today about human sexuality, power, and the spectrum of human diversity.

Continue Reading

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Weekly parasha: Sulam Yaacov (Jacob’s ladder) and the Temple Mount

No Comments 24 November 2014

In this week’s parasha, Rabbi Yehiel Grenimann shows us that the true meaning behind Jacob’s dream is a vision of peace. In the context of current tensions today in Israel, he appeals to us to shun the appropriation of ancient symbols and language in favor of seeking morality, respect and brotherhood among all peoples.  Continue Reading

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Weekly parasha: On Brothers and Separation

1 Comment 20 November 2014

In Parashat Toldot, Rabbi Shmuel Reiner questions the traditional explanation of the blessing that Jacob tricks his father, Isaac, into giving him, and examines the importance of saying “goodbye” between those who, in many ways, are closest to us. Continue Reading

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