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Weekly Parasha: Light brings light

No Comments 24 March 2015

In this elegant reading of Parashat Tzav, Rabbi Susan Silverman explores our responsibilities to ourselves, to each other, to our children and to the most vulnerable among us. Despite everything, we are obliged to keep the flames within us burning.  Continue Reading

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Weekly parasha: Taking steps to make things right

No Comments 16 March 2015

In parashat Vayikrah, Rabbi Ed Rettig explores what must be done when “the community of Israel sins.” In the past, our ancestors would use sacrifice as a way to right the wrongs, but in modern days, we have other means at our disposal – electing new leaders. Continue Reading

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Weekly parasha: The Mirrors and the Women

4 Comments 11 March 2015

In Parashat Vayakhel-Pekudei, Rabbi Dr. Dalia Marx examines a line of Torah that has sparked thought and conversation among Jewish scholars for generations. Through the use of purification rituals, we come to understand that only by accepting the whole of who we each are – in all our carnality and physicality, can we truly enter holiness. Where humans are repressed and denied, they will never be permitted to enter God’s Temple.  Continue Reading

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Weekly Torah portion: On Aaron the Peacemaker

No Comments 02 March 2015

In Parashat Ki Tissa, Rabbi Dr. Ron Kronish considers the leadership differences between Moses and Aaron, and challenges all of us, as elections approach, to ask ourselves which of our leaders can show the  compassion that made Aaron a “prophet of the people” and a true peacemaker.  Continue Reading

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On Remembering Amalek

No Comments 27 February 2015

Who is Amalek? How must we remember him? What does it mean to truly “blot him out”? Rabbi Dr Ron Kronish, member of RHR and founding director of ICCI, on Purim and the curse of Amalek. NOTE: This post originally appeared on Rabbi Dr. Kronish’s Huffington Post blog.

Continue Reading

March 2015 Elections, Parasha / E-Letter

Weekly Torah portion: To Create a Perpetual Lamp

No Comments 23 February 2015

In Parashat Tetzaveh, Rabbi Dov (Dubi) Haiyun explores the meaning of true leadership, and reminds us, in an election time, that it is the leader’s charge to inspire, model and most importantly, serve. Continue Reading

March 2015 Elections, Parasha / E-Letter

Israeli elections 2015: Keeping the “House” in repair

No Comments 19 February 2015

As Israel prepares to go to the voting booth on March 17th 2015, RHR is running a series of features encouraging citizens to vote and reminding them  to bring the values of human rights work and the honoring of God’s Image along with them into the voting booth.  Continue Reading

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Weekly Torah portion: Making space for holiness

1 Comment 17 February 2015

In Parashat Terumah, Rabbi Sigal Asher explores God’s commandment to the people of Israel to build the Temple. How does God’s demand for offerings teach us the importance of true, from- the- heart, giving? How do God’s instructions show us that it is our reasonability to imbibe holiness in our world, teaching us that if we come together in good deeds, kindness, and equality, we will indeed be blessed. Continue Reading

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Weekly Torah portion: Squashing the abuse of power

No Comments 11 February 2015

In Parashat Mishpatim, Rabbi Avi Novis Deutsch  explores the significant of the multiple commandments (or mitzvot) given, showing how there is a balance of power built within the laws themselves preventing abuse of the vulnerable.  Although we no longer keep slaves, these laws against humiliation and abuse are still just as important today, and demand that any person in authority keep themselves in check with them.   Continue Reading

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Weekly Torah Portion: Ten Commandments for Three Circles

No Comments 03 February 2015

The Ten Commandments may have been given to the Israelites, but they are also meant for all of humanity. Nevertheless, in addition to speaking to the multitudes, they are delivered in a way that is personal to each of us. In this week’s Torah portion, Rabbi Shmuel Reiner challenges each of us to consider which commandment speaks just to us and our own personal journey towards what is moral and right. For which commandment will you raise your voice? For the integrity of which will you fight? Continue Reading

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