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Weekly Torah portion: How Fair are your tents, O Jacob!

No Comments 01 July 2015

The non-Israelite prophet Balaam is sent by his king to curse the nation of Israel. Despite his attempts to complete his mission, he finds himself  moved by the vision of the peaceful Israelite camp and his commitment to speak his own truth, and instead gives the people of Israel a blessing.  In this week’s reading of Parashat Balak, Rabbi Miri Gold seeks to reclaim the serenity, brotherhood,  and intimacy which Balaam marvelled at when he observed the Israelite people. Continue Reading

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Weekly parasha: Seeing beyond ourselves

No Comments 23 June 2015

How does a truly model leader act and think? What concerns them most? In the Haftorah to Parashat Chukkat, Rabbi Gail Diamond examines the biblical leader Yiftach – though well-regarded as a leader, he is unable to see beyond himself and his own concerns. Is this truly someone to aspire to? Continue Reading

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Weekly Torah portion: The merits of a matter, or the merits of a man?

No Comments 18 June 2015

Real values, like human rights, are never a “position” in a debate. These values are timeless, and are required long after the end of any argument or confrontation. Read on for Parashat Korach, by Rabbi Kobi Weiss.
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Weekly parasha: The Blind Seeing Person

No Comments 11 June 2015

Parashat Shelach Lecha deals with sight and seeing. A person may be able to physically see, but if they are unable to look inside themselves, and find compassion in order to help them “see” the others around them – than that person truly is blindContinue Reading

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Weekly parasha: Not by might, nor by force, but by my spirit

No Comments 03 June 2015

We often talk about the Jewish people as a “light unto nations.” But what does this really mean, and how does a society who is truly a light unto the nations act? Continue Reading

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Weekly parasha: Something about Samson

No Comments 28 May 2015

In this week’s parasha, Rabbi Ed Rettig examines the story of Samson, a judge to Israel from humble beginnings who lived an unexpected life. In the story of Samson, we see that God is accessable in all places, and to all people, from Samson’s unnamed, barren mother to the wilds “between Zorah and Eshtaol,” free of the monopoly of religious institutions. When a society is just, open and transparent, where there is more than just social order, conventions and birthright, God is revealed. Continue Reading

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Being Ruth: Shavuot Thoughts 5775 by Rabbi Arik Ascherman

No Comments 22 May 2015


Rabbi Arik Ascherman

President and Senior Rabbi

Rabbis for Human Rights

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Weekly parasha: Stand up and be counted for social justice

1 Comment 20 May 2015

In this week’s Torah portion, the Jewish people stand up and are counted in a census. In his dvar Torah, Rabbi Ron Kronish shows us that in order to be the holy people we agreed to be in our covenant with God, we must now also stand up and be counted for justice and peace.
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Weekly parasha: A Seat of Mercy for all

1 Comment 13 May 2015

In this week’s Dvar Torah for Parashat Behukotai, Rabbi Yehiel Grenimann confronts the contradiction between the Jerusalem of the Bible and of the prophets, both ancient and modern, and the Jerusalem of today, marred by the consequences of political victories. With the approach of Jerusalem Day, how must we choose to observe this day – with flag-waving and humiliation of others, or with holy deeds of compassion and mercy?  Continue Reading

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Conditional Covenant: Dvar Torah by Rabbi Ron Kronish

No Comments 06 May 2015

This dvar Torah for Parashat B’Har was originally published in The Jerusalem Report. Continue Reading

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