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Court orders Israel to explain plans to demolish Palestinian village Dkeika & expel residents

No Comments 18 July 2017


On Tuesday July 18 2017, Israel’s High Court of Justice issued an order nisi instructing the state to explain within 90 days its decision to reject the master plan submitted by residents of the Palestinian village Dkeika and move them to an adjacent village.

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Tuesday the Knesset will mark the dismal state of Israel’s public housing

No Comments 16 July 2017

Public Housing Day, now a tradition at the Knesset, is an important legislative advocacy day for the Forum for Public Housing, of which Rabbis for Human Rights (RHR) proudly plays an active and critical role.

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July 17: High Court to rule on demolition & displacement of Dkeika

No Comments 04 July 2017

PRESS RELEASE | July 4 2017

The historic Palestinian-Bedouin village Dkeika in the South Hebron Hills is facing demolition and displacement, as the State insists the pre-1967 historic village must be forcibly transferred to Hmeida village by March 2018. The High Court will hear the case on July 17, 11:30am. Rabbis for Human Rights calls for an international presence at the hearing. 

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Violence at Yitzhar another example of discriminatory security policy

No Comments 19 June 2017


Violence against soldiers at Yitzhar is another example of the regime’s discriminatory security policy.  A response by Rabbis for Human Rights:

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Series of incidents where soldiers stand by as Palestinians are attacked

No Comments 06 June 2017


In a month and a half: A series of about six incidents where Israeli soldiers stand idly by as Palestinians are attacked by extremists settlers.

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Officer aims rifle at Palestinian rights activist & prevents him from aiding the injured

No Comments 05 June 2017

Israeli army officer aims rifle at a Palestinian human rights activist and prevents him from aiding injured Palestinian – as attackers escape Continue Reading

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Military stands idly by while extremists attack Palestinians in Burin

No Comments 22 May 2017

Soldiers and officers stand idly by while extremist settlers attack Palestinians at Burin

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Palestinian arrested for stone-throwing while Israeli stone-throwing ignored

No Comments 11 May 2017

On Wednesday May 10 2017, both settlers and Palestinians went to the scene of a fire below the Givat Ronen outpost on the edge of an olive grove belonging to Palestinians from Burin.

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Soldiers attack Palestinians protesting illegal construction on their private land

No Comments 07 May 2017

Israeli soldiers used violence to enable work on a road on private Palestinian land despite orders by the Israeli military body responsible for construction to halt the work. One week after the Civil Administration prohibited the construction of a road on private Palestinian land, Israeli soldiers attacked Palestinians protesting the disregard of the orders. Continue Reading

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RHR warns military of legal intervention regarding objectionable signs in Hebron

No Comments 26 April 2017


Rabbis for Human Rights seeks action against signs imposed on private Palestinian property and the unauthorised replacement of Arabic signs with Hebrew/English signs bearing new names on streets where the majority of residents are Palestinians. The army has refused to act against this phenomenon, denying permission to independent activity to remove the signs. Continue Reading

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