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APRIL 28th: RHR Planning Appeal seeks to restore planning authority in Area C to Palestinians

No Comments 20 April 2014

April 17th | PRESS RELEASE

For the first time, a legal appeal seeks to limit the control of the West Bank military regime on the civilian lives of the Palestinians


Why should the military control areas of civilian life, without any security justification,  in a developed country?

The hearing on the petition of several villages and organizations, seeking to restore planning authority to Palestinians in their residential areas in the West Bank, will take place at Israel’s High Court of Justice on April 28. This issue carries aspects of great public importance. Should planning authority be returned to Palestinians, the  need for administrative housing demolitions will be greatly reduced. Continue Reading

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For the first time, Palestinians catch extremist with chainsaw trying to cut down trees

8 Comments 05 March 2014

Initial report: Video and photos of extreme right-wing activist caught attempting to cut down trees in the olive groves of the Palestinian village Talpit

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Particularly severe “price tag” attack in Yanoun

2 Comments 06 February 2014

PRESS RELEASE  | February 5, 2014

Video footage from the scene of vandalism of mature olive trees in the Palestinian village of Yanoun


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Position Paper: Unclaimed Social Benefits and Poverty

No Comments 02 February 2014

PRESS RELEASE | 29 January, 2014

Rabbis for Human Rights presented a position paper to the Elaluf Committee summarizing the key reasons that people living in poverty do not receive the benefits they deserve, such that their situations worsens.

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Faked “price tag” attack? Not likely.

No Comments 29 January 2014

PRESS RELEASE: January 22 2014

Rabbis for Human Rights responds to the claim that Palestinians from the village Kariot tried to frame a settler for a “price tag” attack


Beware of deceit: Channel 7 and other media outlets issued a “recording” that shows Palestinians supposedly faking a “price tag” incident and cutting down their own trees in the village of Kariot (January 22) in order to frame the settlers with false complaints.

Incrimination is usually accompanied by a complaint of an alleged crime. It is interesting that no Palestinians from Kariot complained of “price tag” attacks over the last few days – not to human rights organizations, not to the Palestinian news agencies, not to reporters in the territories with whom we spoke, and not to the police. People fake a “price tag” incident, cut down their own tees from which they make their living and do not bother to complain to anyone? Why bothering doing it all?

What happened is that Palestinians from Kariot were filmed during routine agricultural activity deep pruning the trees for their health (as reported by Rabbis for Human Rights’ field worker Zacharia Sadeh). These trees were located in close proximity to ones that were once cut down in a hate crime (“price tag”) reported several months ago. The Palestinians were aware they were being recorded and were indifferent to the cameras, minding their own business and not acting like perpetrators trying to hide a deceptive scheme.

The settlers claim that the incident was filmed last Tuesday and that the words “price tag” were graffitied the next morning (Wednesday). Palestinians from Kariot confirm that the graffiti did not appear that morning. They do not know who wrote the words, but they suspect the settler who filmed them, who is known to be an extreme right-wing “hilltop youth” who has previously been investigated on suspicion of hate crimes against Palestinians.
We are actively examining who tried to create this false charge and who exactly is behind it.

Lately we have witnessed an increase in price tag attacks and hate crimes: uprooting and theft of plants in Sinjil, vandalized cars in Qabalan, an attack on Beit Furik, a mosque torched in Deir Istiya, attempted “price tag” attacks in Jalud, Qusra, etc. But we do not lose hope.

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PRESS RELEASE: RHR High Court Hearings Consolidated

No Comments 29 January 2014

PRESS RELEASE | January 28, 2014

The High Court of Justice consolidates petition to expedite destruction of a Palestinian village with petition against blocking village residents from accessing their agricultural lands.

South Hebron Hills 1-3-2014 (5)

On Wednesday, January 29, 2014, the High Court of Justice will conduct an additional hearing on the right-wing organization Regavim’s petition demanding the demolition of the Palestinian village Susya in the South Hebron Hills. The High Court of Justice decided to attach the hearing on this petition to the hearing on Rabbis for Human Rights’ petition to allow Palestinian farmers from Susya access to their agricultural lands near the village, as well as to the settlement Susya.

Rabbis for Human Rights:

We cannot understand why the High Court of Justice decided to attach Regavim’s petition to demolish Susya to our petition against blocking the Palestinian residents from accessing their land. These are two separate issues.

Quamar Mishirqi-Asad, Attorney, Head of Rabbis for Human Rights’ legal department:

In several cases dealing with settler incursion into Palestinian land, we have seen the army attempting to shirk responsibility. In many instances, the army was negligent or even contributed to the incursion. Additionally, this is not a conflict between two neighbors of equal status, but rather a coordinated attempt by extreme ideological activists amongst the settlers to displace people without rights who are living under a military regime. Therefore, the security apparatus must take responsibility over this phenomenon accordingly.

READ: Additional background on Susya and RHR’s High Court Appeal

WATCH: Regavim against Susya (Israel Social TV)

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WATCH: Attack in Beit Furik

No Comments 22 January 2014

PRESS RELEASE | January 20 2014

Monday, January 20, 2014, according to reports from Palestinians, dozens of settlers from Itamar attacked Palestinians in the agricultural area of the Palestinian village Beit Furik. The Palestinians had to prevent the settlers from vandalizing their olive trees. The incident ended with only minor injuries after intervention of the army.


Photo credits: Zakaria Sadah from Rabbis for Human Rights


The first video shows two settlers and a young Palestinian man trying to break-up the fighting and reconcile without violence. His efforts are met with shoves, stone-throwing, punches and kicks.

The second video shows young settlers throwing stones among olive trees which can be identified as Palestinian agricultural land by the way the trees are planted.

In the third video, we see an armed settler, apparently one of the security coordinators of the settlements. A second security coordinator can be heard arguing with the officer of the area about how to handle the incident and advises him not to act against the settlers but against the Palestinians – overheard by Rabbis for Human Rights field worker Zakaria Sadah.

In the fourth video (filmed by Zakaria from Rabbis for Human Rights), we see a rabbi or older religious man alongside the extreme right-wing youth, directing them, or at least acting as an authority figure in the field and not opposing their actions.

Rabbis for Human Rights’ response: “The continuing cases of attacks against Palestinians by extreme right-wing activists are testing the security forces as to whether or not they will stop this dangerous phenomenon and invest the necessary increased resources.”

We will continue to track this issue and pressure the security forces to protect the rights of Palestinians, and we will continue to fight for the recognition of human rights in general, which will decrease violence in the entire area. As our ancestors already knew – the sword comes to the world due to injustice and suffering.

More pictures available on our facebook page

JPost: Settlers and Palestinians Clash Outside Itamar

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Knesset Stops Privatization of Employment Services

No Comments 18 January 2014


The Knesset halts the privatization of the Israeli Employment Services, for now


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Cycle of Employment Program (AKA- The Wisconsin Plan)

No Comments 16 January 2014


The Cycle of Employment Program (Wisconsin Plan) will undermine the rights of its participants


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“Price tag” attack prevented

No Comments 14 January 2014

PRESS RELEASE  | January 14 2014

Swift action by Rabbis for Human Rights successfully prevents price tag attack in Jaloud


On Sunday, January 12th around 10:00 PM, Zachariah Sadah, Rabbis for Human Rights field worker for the Occupied Territories, received reports from Palestinian farmers of suspicious figures and Hebrew-speaking voices in the olive grove in their village, Jaloud (near the settlement outpost Esh Kodesh and the village of Qusra). Zachariah asked the farmers to stay away from the olive grove, fearing a violent confrontation or a deliberate set-up. He immediately filed a report with security forces about the suspicious figures and the possibility that vandals might cut down olive tree branches. Continue Reading

April 28: RHR Planning Appeal against housing demolitions!

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