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Series of violent incidents against Palestinians follows recent bloody events

No Comments 04 October 2015


Series of violent incidents against Palestinians in the southern West Bank follows recent bloody events. Continue Reading

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Demonstration against work on Jewish Hiran on the ruins of the Bedouin Um el Hiran

1 Comment 26 August 2015


The Coalition of Organizations for the Recognition of the Unrecognized Negev Bedouin Villages

The residents of the Bedouin village of Umm el Hiran and the Regional Council of Unrecognized Villages in the Negev are holding a demonstration and march in the village on Thursday, August 28, 2015 at 11 AM against the beginning of work to build the Jewish community of Hiran on the land of their village after it is demolished

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RHR sends letter to defense minister protesting recent wave of home demolitions

No Comments 26 August 2015


The wave of Palestinian house demolitions in the West Bank indicates a failure of the new planning outline in Area C and the pursuit of demolitions instead     

On Sunday Aug 23, 2015, Rabbis for Human Rights sent a letter to the Minister of Defense warning against the widespread wave of Palestinian home demolitions in Area C, which is contrary to the defense establishment’s statements that it allows and is even improving Palestinian development in Area C. The organization, which fought for planning rights for Palestinians, asserts that while the State continues to refuse to make the necessary changes in the planning system, it has stepped up its demolition activity.

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After Condemning Jewish Violence Friday, Security Forces Permit it Saturday

12 Comments 02 August 2015



Same Old Games: After Condemning Jewish Violence Friday, Security Forces Permit it on Saturday 


Rabbis for Human Rights: One day after the Israeli security forces condemned murderous violence against Palestinians,  they protect violent settlers near Qusra.  


On Saturday violent far-right activists came from the outpost of Esh Kodesh (“Holy Fire”) to a plot of land cultivated by Palestinian farmers from the village of Qusra. The area is classified “Area B”  and is under  Palestinian civilian control. There is no Israeli administered “state land” present, and there is no legitimate debate regarding ownership of the land the Palestinians  were attempting to work on. Despite it being Shabbat, the right-wing extremists attacked Palestinian farmers in front of Israeli army soldiers, preventing the farmers from completing their agriculture work.  The situation developed into a violent confrontation, and the soldiers present did not try to stop the right-wing extremists, but rather offered them protection.  Later, after the situation had de-escalated, a member of the police attacked Palestinians with a taser gun without cause.




RHR opposes any form of violence while condemning the Israeli security forces’ actions of tacitly permitting violence against Palestinian farmers by Jewish extremists. This behavior is especially egregious since it occurred in Area B.  Only one day after the shocking murder of a Palestinian toddler in the village of Duma, the army’s refusal to respond appropriately to violence by Jewish extremists demonstrates that no lessons have been learned as a result of Ali’s death. Israeli authorities must act decisively and strongly against Jewish violence and terror.


While it is natural that the security forces may identify more with their own people, procedures regarding law enforcement in situations involving violent Israelis must be clearly laid out and consistently implemented.


Photos by Zakaria Sadah, RHR field worker

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Wheat belonging to residents of Palestinian village of Turmus Ayya up in flames

1 Comment 29 July 2015

Three dunams of wheat from the Palestinian village Turmus Ayya up went up in flames late yesterday (July 29th 2015) afternoon.

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EU council calls to enable accelerated Palestinian development in Area C

No Comments 22 July 2015

EU Foreign Affairs Council meeting on July 20 2015  included support for Palestinian village of Susya.


Under the title “Council Conclusions on the Middle East Peace Process” the EU Foreign Affairs Council published a statement with the following in clause 5:

” The EU [...] calls on Israel to enable accelerated Palestinian construction, as well as social and economic development in Area C. Such actions will serve to strengthen the prosperity and security of both Israelis and Palestinians. It further calls on Israeli authorities to halt plans for forced transfer of population and demolition of Palestinian housing and infrastructure in the Susya and Abu Nwar communities.”

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Press Release: Forum for Public Housing response to new public housing plan

No Comments 16 July 2015

This week Housing Minister Yoav Galant released a 5 point plan related to public housing in Israel. The Forum for Public Housing, in which RHR is an active member, responds to the plan in the following statement. Continue Reading

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Press Release: State refuses to mend breach in security barrier when risk is to Palestinians

No Comments 02 July 2015

State refuses to mend  a breach  in the security barrier around Alon Shvut settlement when the risk of attack is on Palestinians and their property; court refrained from intervening.

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RHR Response to the UN’s Report on Operation Protective Edge

No Comments 24 June 2015


The report of the United Nation’s Human Rights Council on the warfare during Operation Protective Edge is a reminder of the opportunity missed by the Israeli governments – the absence of an independent Israeli investigations committee.   An independent investigation committee – transparent, critical and willing to take risks-  tasked with examining  if and when we  failed in to meet our own moral standards during the fighting this past summer would have helped us improve our own moral character. Unfortunately,  we are unable to see in Israel’s Foreign Ministry’s report on the fighting a product of such an investigation.   Continue Reading

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West Bank village left without drinking water

No Comments 11 June 2015

Two rainwater cisterns have been destroyed today, leaving a West Bank village without drinking water.
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