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WATCH: Quamar Mishirqi Assad, Director of RHR OT legal department, on Susya (Arabic)

No Comments 15 May 2015

Quamar on Sky New

אסור למחוק את הכפר הפלסטיני סוסיא: מהדורת חדשות בערוץ סקייהמקרה של סוסיא, דוגמא לכפר פלסטיני שידע תחת הכיבוש רק סבל דחיקה ונישול ששיאם בכוונה למחוק את הכפר. הנה כתבה שעשו בערוץ Sky News – בכתבה בין השאר תוכלו לשמוע ולראות את עו”ד קמר מישרקי אסעד, מנהלת מחלקת משפטים ברבנים למען זכויות האדם מתראיינת על המאבק שלנו נגד גירוש סוסיא! قريه سوسيا هي عينه حيه لقريه عانت من سلب واضطهاد تحت الاحتلال, قمتهما بالمخطط الداعي لمحي القريه عن الوجود والذي يعتبر جريمه حسب القانون الدولي* הנה הדף שמרכז את כל המאבק נגד גירוש סוסיא לשטח איי* הסכנה למחיקת הכפר סוסיא מהדהדת גם בעייה עקרונית הנוגעת לתכנון הכפרים הפלסטינים בשטח C; תכנון שנעשה על ידי ועדות תכנון צבאיות, ללא ייצוג לפלסטינים, באופן שבעיקר חוסם פיתוח ולא מאפשר לתושבי הכפרים לבנות על אדמותיהם הפרטיות על בסיס סטנדרטים סבירים ומקצועיים של תכנון. לאחרונה נידונה בבג”צ עתירה של מועצת הכפר דיראת-רפעיה, רבנים למען זכויות האדם, מרכז ירושלים לסיוע משפטי וזכויות האדם, הוועד הישראלי נגד הריסת בתים, וסנט איב – המרכז הקתולי לזכויות אדם, להשיב סמכויות תכנון לכפרים הפלסטינים ולמנוע את הטרגדיה של הרס מאות בתים מדי שנה משום שלא ניתן להשיג אישורי בנייה

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SIGN NOW: Petition to Save Susya!

1 Comment 14 May 2015

Please sign the petition to save Susya, currently under threat of imminent demolition. Continue Reading

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British Consul and other diplomats visits Susya

No Comments 13 May 2015

Yesterday, British, German, French, Spanish and Danish diplomats visited the Palestinian village of Susya, currently under the threat of imminent demolition.  The British have released the following press release: Continue Reading

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LISTEN: Rabbi Ascherman on Israeli radio on Susya (Hebrew)

No Comments 12 May 2015

On May 12th 2015, Rabbi Ascherman went on Israeli radio to debate with the legal advisor for the NGO Regavim, an organization pushing to destroy Susya. The interview, in Hebrew, in below, followed by comments in English:

Continue Reading

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READ: Powerful affidavit by planner with CA on why Palestinian plans are rejected

No Comments 07 May 2015

Click here to read the unofficial translation of the powerful affidavit by Professor Rassem Khamaisi explaining why the tens of professional master plans he has submitted for Palestinian villages in Area C are languishing unfulfilled. These plans will continue to be unrealised  if the Israeli High Court does not agree to the petition RHR and partners* have submitted to return planning authority for Palestinian villages to Palestinian hands. Professor Khamaisi explains how the Israeli army ignores planning standards and cultural norms in order to implement discrimination through the planning of communities.

Continue Reading

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Press release: Planning for Palestinians is conditional to political approval

No Comments 04 May 2015

The Israeli Army admits that planning for Palestinian villages is conditional to political approval, not strictly professional.

Continue Reading

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What does planning and zoning for Area C Palestinians have to do with politics?

No Comments 30 April 2015

When Palestinian villages demand the right to plan for their own communities, the state of Israel attempts to dismiss the request as one only appropriate for future political negotiations; they claim that the current system, controlled entirely by Israel, is based exclusively on professional considerations and is unbeholden to politics. However, in an email recently received and copied below, the state freely admits that planning decisions for the Palestinian villages are currently subject to approval by senior political officials. Continue Reading

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PHOTOS: 4 homes demolished in Jiflik

No Comments 28 April 2015

Four homes were demolished in the Palestinian village of Jiflik (Jordan Valley) yesterday, April 27th 2015.  Demolitions happen because the discriminatory planning system leaves Palestinians with almost no chance of building legally. RHR and partners from the village of Dirat, The Jerusalem Legal Aid and Human Rights Center, The Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions, and The Society of Saint Yves are currently awaiting a decision by High Court judges Rubinstein, Hendel and Solberg on whether to put a stop to this desecration of God’s Name by returning plannining authority to Palestinian hands, or to accept proposals for non-binding consultations with Palestinians that won’t prevent more pictures like this.   Continue Reading

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Friday: Student study tour to the South Hebron Hills

No Comments 26 April 2015

International students, join RHR this Friday, May 1st for a study tour of the South Hebron Hills and a visit to the village of Susya. Continue Reading

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Farmers work land which army prevented access to on day of Palestinian minister’s death

No Comments 21 April 2015

Through coordination with the NGO Yesh Din as well as with the Israeli army, farmers in Turmus Ayya were able to work their land. Previously, the army had prevented them from working this same area.

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