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Press release: High Court Petitioned to halt destruction of two villages in Firing Zone 918

1 Comment 11 February 2016


High Court of Justice Petitioned to halt destruction of two Palestinian villages in West Bank’s Firing Zone 918

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Response to the burning of Jewish holy books at the Givat Sorek outpost

No Comments 07 February 2016

The burning of Jewish holy books is a shocking sight. We hope for a rapid police investigation that will result in uncovering those responsible for this heinous arson. Continue Reading

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RHR responds to the recent arrest of three human rights activists

No Comments 24 January 2016

“You shall do no unrighteousness in judgment; do not favour the person of the poor, nor favour the person of the mighty; but in righteousness shall you judge your neighbour.” – (Leviticus, 19,15)

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RHR statement concerning Israeli TV report “Uvda” and Ezra Nawi

No Comments 13 January 2016

A recent report on the Israeli television show “Uvda”  accused activist Ezra Nawi of informing to the Palestinian Authority on a Palestinian individual allegedly interested in fraudulently selling land to Jewish Israelis that did not belong to him.  The PA has a record of torturing Palestinians held in detention – something that is also documented by Palestinian human rights organisations.  Rabbis for Human Rights first learned of his incident involving Nawi through the broadcast of the show.   Continue Reading

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Police close investigation of Jewish terror while announcing developments in another

No Comments 03 December 2015


Parallel to announcing progress in investigation a case of Jewish terror, the police close investigation into the throwing of a Molotov cocktail into a Palestinian home Continue Reading

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Israeli settlers campaign for state sanctioned theft of Palestinian lands

No Comments 09 November 2015

Israeli settlers have recently launched a massive campaign to “come to an arrangement” regarding a settler planted vineyard which the legal advisor in the Occupied Territories has called to be a removed following legal intervention by Rabbis for Human Rights. However,  this call “to make an arrangement”  is simply a form of “doublespeak” demanding the state legalize the vineyard, thus backing the theft of Palestinian land.
English translation of the Hebrew graphic below is: “A laundry of words [a common idiom in Hebrew used to denote a euphemism] to steal Palestinian lands”
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WATCH: Video of COGAT in the Knesset reveals danger of displacement for Susiya remains

1 Comment 08 September 2015

A video showing the Coordinator of Government Activities in the Occupied Territories (COGAT) speaking on Susiya demonstrates that the residents of Susiya still very much face the threat of forced displacement, despite the demolitions not occurring this summer and a postponement of their High Court hearing. Continue Reading

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Save Susya: All donations up to 10,000 pounds to be doubled!

1 Comment 17 August 2015

A generous donor has offered to match all financial support up to 10,000 British Sterling ($15,620) to fund RHR’s efforts to save the Palestinian cave community of Susya! This means, any donation made in the name of Susya will be doubled! Click here to donate online. Please read on for an appeal from Rabbi Ascherman on why our work with Susya is far from over.
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High Court throws out petition against illegal outpost near Carmei Tzur

No Comments 06 August 2015

PRESS RELEASE | Aug 3 2015


High Court throws out petition against outpost encroaching on Palestinian land even though state has no intention of evacuating the it. 

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Susya update: High Court hearing postponed

1 Comment 30 July 2015

There is a postponement of the High Court hearing scheduled for August 3rd  on the appeal of the  residents of Susya, represented by RHR,  against the rejection of the master building plan submitted to the  Civil Administration planning committee.

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