Canadian? Join Canadian Friends of Rabbis for Human Rights!

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Rabbis for Human Rights is proud to have friends and supporters all over the world! In Canada, Canadian Friends of Rabbis for Human Rights (CFRHR) is based out of Montreal and organizes various events related to RHR’s work as well as to justice for Israelis and Palestinian in general. Continue Reading

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RHR signs joint statement condemning denial of access for UN Special Rapporteur

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Rabbis for Human Rights has signed onto a joint statement with a number of other NGOs  to Acting Prime Minister Benjamin and Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman condemning the government’s decision not to grant entry visa to the UN Special  Rapporteur. Continue Reading

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Tu B’Shevat: Join us as we plant trees in a Palestinian village!

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Please join RHR on Wednesday, February 4th as we plant trees in a Palestinian village for Tu B’Shevat, the Jewish version of Arbor Day.


Already this year over 5,000 trees belonging to Palestinian farmers have been uprooted or hacked down by Jewish extremists.

Show a different, more compassionate face of Judaism to our Palestinian neighbors & help them plant new olive saplings on Tu B’Shevat, the Jewish version of Arbor Day. Not only is the solidarity so important, the trees themselves will benefit Palestinians for generations to come!



*For those concerned about Jewish law surrounding the Sabbatical year (Shmita), there are halakhic opinions allowing planting on lands owned by non-Jews. Additionally, we are also happy to have you come and help prepare the trees for planting, but not do the actual planting itself.

RSVP is a must! Transportation available from Jerusalem and Rosh HaAyin. Please see the flier for details.


Can’t make it in person? Donate a tree instead! $10 purchases one olive sapling, and makes a real investment in the future of generations of Palestinian to come. Help us reach our goal of donating 2,500 trees!

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Weekly Torah portion: Leaders and Leadership

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Moses is a true leader – though he is not perfect, his intention and his devotion to his people is true. In his Dvar Torah on Parashat Bo, Rabbi Dubi Hayun explores the process of becoming a great leader while differentiating between those who, like, Pharaoh, sought the position only to serve themselves.  Who will lead our country – those who follow Moses, or those who follow Pharaoh?  Continue Reading

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New Campaign: Donate an olive tree to a Palestinian farmer!

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RHR has launched a new Indigogo campaign raising funds to donate olive trees to Palestinian farmers. $10 buys one sapling for a Palestinian farmer who has either had his trees damaged or destroyed by Israeli extremists, or lives in an area in danger of being taken-over or expropriated by settlement expansion.

For the last ten years Rabbis for Human Rights has planted olive trees with our Palestinian partners in the Occupied Territories in what has become one of our most notable traditions.  As we witness new levels of vandalism against these ancient and precious trees, we see our mission as more urgent and valuable than ever. More than an international symbol of peace, our olive trees also represent the mending of  injustice and wrongs between Israeli Jews and Palestinians. Hope coming alive, these trees will one day bear beautiful olives that will benefit generations of Palestinians to come.


Please visit and donate to the campaign page by clicking here

In Israel? You can also take action by helping us plant the trees themselves!

February 4th – RHR’s annual Tu B’Shevat planting day event

February 6th – International student (but all are welcome) planting


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RHR helps in distribution of blankets to Jahalin Bedouin during winter storm

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The second week of January 2015 has brought with it unusually low temperatures, rain and even snow to our region. Tragically, for the most vulnerable populations among us, this is not merely an inconvenience but a serious and life threatening danger. Reports from Gaza reveal that two infants have lost their lives due to the freezing temperatures, while the African asylum seekers in Holot have been denied heaters and report a lack of warm blankets and clothing. RHR remains extremely concerned for the Bedouin in general, and for our friends at Al Arakib specifically, where cold and rain penetrate the frail structures that stand between demolitions. Nevertheless, a small act of kindness on Thursday January 8th has helped to alleviate the cold for some Jahalin Bedouin while sewing goodwill among neighbors.  Continue Reading

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Interreligious Coordinating Council in Israel (ICCI) becomes a new department of RHR

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As of January 1 2015, Rabbis for Human Rights is pleased to announce that the Interreligious Coordinating Council in Israel (ICCI) has now become a department of RHR. For more details from senior Rabbi Arik Ascherman and ICCI founder and director Dr. Rabbi Ron Kronish, please see below.  Continue Reading


STUDENTS: Plant trees with us in solidarity with Palestinians

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Dear Students, Partners and Friends,

I know that some of you are on vacation and others of you are studying for exams, and many of you are experiencing your first snow in Jerusalem. I am scheduled to return from England Friday morning, and wish I was in Jerusalem playing in the snow with my children.

Some of you may have heard that last week some 5,000 Palestinian trees were uprooted in the village of Turmosaya. This may have been retribution for the fact that RHR ensured that, despite strong protest from settlers, Fawzi Ibrahim was able to plow his nearby land with army protection the day before.

It will therefore be particularly meaningful for you and your friends to join us in a day of tree planting where trees have been uprooted on Friday, February 6th at 8:30 am, returning at 2:30 pm. We will leave from the Liberty Bell Garden parking lot.

Student-tree planting1

PLEASE RESERVE A SPACE BY CONTACTING THE RHR OFFICE: 02-6482757, You can contact me with any questions at 050-5607034,

RHR’s Tu B’Shevat Events – February 4th

For those of you who are not in class, our big Tu B’Shvat event for Israelis will be on the actual date of Tu B’Shvat, Wednesday, February 4th. We will leave in the morning to plant trees with Palestinian farmers, plant in the Jewish Katamonim neighborhood in the afternoon, and conclude with a Tu Bshvat seder. Again, please sign up in the office.

Short clip from Israel Social TV of last year’s Tu B’Shvat planting

Additional Reminder: Student programs for the rest of the year

Friday, February 20th: Poverty in Israel
Learn about the face of Israeli poverty, its roots and causes, and what RHR is doing about it. RHR’s Socio-Economic Rights Center in Hadera

Friday, March 21st: Israel and the Negev Bedouin
RHR, with the help of the American Jewish community, has contributed to the freezing of plans to demolish tens of Bedouin villages, transfering some 40,000 citizens of Israel from their homes to crime ridden townships while dispossessing them of most of their remaining lands. Nevertheless, the threat remains. Various locations, Negev Desert

Friday,  April 17th: Preparation for Yom HaAtzmaut & year summary
Has this year changed us? How do we work for a better Isael without delegitmizing Israel, or giving up on the nation? And, how do we celebrate Israel without sweeping its challenges under the rug? When we return home, how will we speak of Israel and can we remain involved? Location: TBA

Friday, May 1st: The Cave Dwellers of the South Hebron Hills
Learn about the unique culture of the Palestinian cave dwellers and find out what RHR does to protect them. South Hebron Hills


For more details, please click here. You MUST RSVP with our offices for all events. Please note: While these events are specially geared towards rabbinical, cantorial and education students, they are open to all.


Rabbi Arik Ascherman

Photos from last year’s Tu B’Shvat planting:
Rabbi Ascherman and RHR's Palestinian field worker, Zakaria Sadah

Rabbi Ascherman and RHR’s Palestinian field worker, Zakaria Sadah

Planting in Jerusalem's low-income Katamon neighborhood

Planting in Jerusalem’s low-income Katamon neighborhood


On the loss of Rabbi Harold Schulweis z”l

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This week saw the loss of two major Jewish leaders in the pursuit of justice and peace, Rabbi Harold Schulweis z”l and Rabbi Leonard Beerman z”l. Here, Rabbi Arik Ascherman, RHR’s president and senior rabbi, remembers Rabbi Schulweis z”l.

Continue Reading


On the loss of Rabbi Leonard Beerman z”l

4 Comments 29 December 2014

This week saw the loss of two major Jewish leaders in the pursuit of justice and peace, Rabbi Harold Schulweis z”l and Rabbi Leonard Beerman z”l. Here, Rabbi Arik Ascherman, RHR’s president and senior rabbi, remembers Rabbi Beerman z”l. Continue Reading

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