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APRIL 12TH: High Court to hear our petition demanding planning rights returned to Palestinians

No Comments 29 March 2015

Join us as the High Court hears our petition to return planning rights to Palestinians in Area C of the West Bank.  By allowing Palestinians to plan their own communities, the plague of administrative housing demolitions will effectively end. The discussion will be held in the Supreme Court building in Jerusalem, at 10am, on April 12th. Please join us and show  the world we are watching!
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A seder for all: RHR now collecting Kimcha d’pischa and chametz for donation

No Comments 23 March 2015

Once again, RHR is collecting for those in need throughout the country in the run-up to Passover. Our collections follow the Jewish tradition of ensuring that all who wish to celebrate the seder can do so, while also  putting food on the shelves in homes of needy non-Jews.  Continue Reading

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MARCH 27th: Study Tour to Unrecognized Bedouin villages

No Comments 19 March 2015

International students: Please join RHR on March 27th for a tour of the unrecognized Bedouin villages of the Negev.

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April 8th: Human rights seder with Canadian Friends of RHR in Montreal

No Comments 18 March 2015

Please join Canadian Friends of Rabbis for Human Rights in Montreal for a human rights seder on April 8th 2015. Continue Reading

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Interfaith prayer and High Court date for village of Dahmash

1 Comment 16 March 2015


Interfaith Prayer and legal action for Dahmash – an unrecognized village on the outskirts of Gush Dan that’s become a symbol of dispossession Continue Reading

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Purim Thoughts 5775: There is meaning in absurdity

No Comments 04 March 2015

With elections just two weeks away, Rabbi Ascherman, president and senior rabbi of RHR, shares his thoughts on Purim and the importance of knowing the difference between wrong and right. Continue Reading

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Weekly Torah portion: On Aaron the Peacemaker

No Comments 02 March 2015

In Parashat Ki Tissa, Rabbi Dr. Ron Kronish considers the leadership differences between Moses and Aaron, and challenges all of us, as elections approach, to ask ourselves which of our leaders can show the  compassion that made Aaron a “prophet of the people” and a true peacemaker.  Continue Reading


MARK YOUR CALENDARS: Co-Chair of RHR, Rabbi Amy Klein, March speaking tour

No Comments 01 March 2015

Co-Chair of RHR, Rabbi Amy Klein, will be speaking this March in North America. NOTE: Dates and times are subject to change.  Please check here for updates. Continue Reading

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House of my Dreams: Rabbi Ascherman on the Temple Mount

No Comments 01 March 2015

In an effort to reach new audiences and spark dialogue, this  piece by Rabbi Arik Ascherman on the Temple Mount originally appeared in the Israeli publication Makor Rishon. Makor Rishon is  known for its right-wing, religious readership. 

NOTE: Below is not an exact, word-for-word translation of the original Hebrew, but rather represents what Rabbi Ascherman wishes to express in English. 

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JOB OPENING: RHR is hiring a director of our new Interfaith department

No Comments 25 February 2015

Job Opening - Rabbis for Human Rights is seeks a Director of the Interreligious Coordinating Council in Israel (ICCI), a new RHR department as of January 1 2015.  RHR will be accepting applications for one addition week (until March 4th 2015). Continue Reading

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