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My son, the Israeli soldier, and human rights: Thoughts by Rabbi Yehiel Grenimann

1 Comment 27 July 2014

Rabbi Yehiel Grenimann is RHR’s director of human rights in the occupied territories. A dedicated Israeli activist, Rabbi Grenimann has spent much of his life committed to justice and equality in Israel and the Palestinian territories. Yet Rabbi Grenimann is also a husband and a father, and his son was recently called up as a reservist. Continue Reading

General, Occupied Territories, Reflections from RHR Rabbis & Staff

Promise: Can we see the light amidst all the darkness?

No Comments 27 July 2014

 In this very personal piece originally published in his blog on The Times of Israel, Yonatan Shefa, Assistant Director of Human Rights in the Occupied Territories for RHR, challenges us to live up to God’s promise to the Jewish people by destroying the cancer that seems to be eating away at us. Continue Reading

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Hunting hidden rockets – mass killing with no security benefit?: A Preliminary Inquiry

No Comments 26 July 2014

In a preliminary inquiry by Rabbis for Human Rights, we question the morality behind depleting Hamas’s rocket inventory  through targeted attacks, at the expense of dozens or even hundreds of innocent men, women and children, when the likelihood the rocket inventory will very soon be replaced is quite high.  Continue Reading

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HR orgs call for immediate arrangement of channel for civilians to escape battle zone

1 Comment 25 July 2014

An urgent letter to Israel’s Minister of Defense and Chief of Staff, RHR joins with a number of other human rights NGOs in a call for an arrangement of a secure area in the Gaza Strip to which civilians can escape from battle zones. This call is in line with the stipulation of the Rambam that when a city is under siege, one side must be left open for people to escapeContinue Reading

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Why Jerusalem?: Two bereaved fathers give hope for the Jewish and Palestinian peoples

No Comments 24 July 2014

Israeli society, and Jerusalem in particular, is currently living through days and nights of violence, racism and revenge. The fragile calm of the last few years is gone.  Almost every evening, groups of extremists in the streets call for “death to Arabs” and “revenge.” Nevertheless, a handful of citizens try to calm passions, to talk and to explain that these actions are not a Jewish way to act. The words fall on too many deaf ears, while rockets continue to fall throughout the country, and Gazans are left without protection from attacks on their cities. Rabbi Nava Hefetz visits a meeting of the Bereaved Families Forum, and sees a glimmer of something different. Continue Reading

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Human Rights Organizations in Urgent Call: Gaza Strip civilian infrastructure is collapsing

2 Comments 23 July 2014

In an urgent letter to Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon, 12 human rights organizations (including RHR) demand today (July 23 2014) that Israel fulfill its obligations and ensure that the humanitarian needs of the civilian population of Gaza are met, particularly with respect to the dwindling supply of water and electricity. More than half of Gaza’s population, 1.2 million people, currently were affected by lack of adequate access to water and sanitation services. Hundreds of thousands are completely without power, while additional hundreds of thousands are rationed up to 5 hours of electricity per day. Continue Reading

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Weekly parasha: On the connection between the war on poverty and the war on Hamas

No Comments 23 July 2014

Human life in war and peace is intertwined, just as negligent decisions by the High Priest can cause loss of innocent life. Rabbi Kobi Weiss on the causes of war and destruction: Continue Reading

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Joint letter by Israeli HR organizations to Attorney General and JAG

3 Comments 22 July 2014

Ten Israeli human rights organizations, including RHR, sent a letter of concern to the Attorney General and JAG (Judge Advocate General) regarding Operation Protective Edge. Continue Reading

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Job opening: RHR seeks a lobbyist

No Comments 20 July 2014

Rabbis for Human Rights seeks a lobbyist. See below for requirements.  (Hebrew speakers only, please)

logo - with othersדרוש/ה מקדם/ת מדיניות Continue Reading

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Urgent letter to state demands procedure to evacuate injured in Gaza Strip

1 Comment 20 July 2014

In an urgent letter sent to The Ministry of Defense the morning of July 18th 2014,   eight Israeli human rights organization including RHR demand a procedure to evacuate the injured in the Gaza Strip.

"Palestinian Red Crescent ambulances that tried to reach them, as well as other sites in the neighborhood encountered firing."Palestinian Red Crescent ambulance at checkpoint. Photo:Justin McIntosh. CC-wkipedia

“Palestinian Red Crescent ambulances that tried to reach them, as well as other sites in the neighborhood encountered firing.”Palestinian Red Crescent ambulance at checkpoint. Photo: Justin McIntosh. CC-wikipedia

Continue Reading

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