Parashat Bo: When do we have free will?

No Comments 17 January 2018

What does it mean to have free will? In our modern era, what prevents us from enjoying true freedom of choice? In his dvar Torah to Parashat Bo, Rabbi Mordechai Goldberg examines these important questions that our sages have been pondering for generations. Continue Reading


On Martin Luther King Jr Day – January 15 2018

No Comments 15 January 2018

By Rabbi Yehiel Grenimann, RHR director of organization development

If the reverend Martin Luther King Junior and Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel were alive today they would certainly be “praying with their feet” and marching here with the human rights groups, marching in Nabi Salach and Sheikh Jarrah, active in opposing the destruction of villages and expulsion of their people in places like Khan Al Akhmar, Um Al Hiran and Susia, and passionately protesting the plans to expel African asylum seekers and refugees to a tragic fate in Africa, especially when these things are being done by representatives of a people who have themselves suffered expulsion, refugee status and worse in the past. Continue Reading

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The compromising of human rights and Israel’s status in the world

1 Comment 01 January 2018

Last Thursday, Ahed Tamimi’s detention was extended, making it appear she will be detained longer than the young man who attacked Rabbi Arik Ascherman in 2015.

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Happy New Year from Rabbis for Human Rights!

1 Comment 28 December 2017

As 2017 comes to a close,  please take a stand for the dignity of Israelis and Palestinians by making an end-of-year donation to Rabbis for Human Rights. 

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December 24: Rabbi David Forman Memorial Fund Annual Human Rights Prize

No Comments 19 December 2017

Rabbi David Forman, Of Blessed Memory, was a founder of Rabbis for Human Rights (RHR). RHR is once again proud to announce and share with you the invitation to the Rabbi David Forman Memorial Fund’s annual human rights prize event on 24 December at 19:00 at Kehilat Kol Haneshama in Jerusalem. This year’s recipient is the human rights NGO Machsom Watch. Continue Reading


Hanukkah 5778: A Miracle of Dedication & Faith

No Comments 14 December 2017

Below please find a Hanukkah message from Rabbis for Human Rights’ Chair Rabbi Ed Rettig. Continue Reading

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Our father Abraham would speak out against Lieberman

No Comments 11 December 2017

Rabbis for Human Rights strongly condemns Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman’s statement calling for the boycott of Arab residents of Wadi Ara following a handful of violence.

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Parashat VaYeshev: “Love of a Brother” – Joseph, his brothers & International Human Rights Day

No Comments 06 December 2017

Mocked as “a dreamer,” Joseph is hated by his brothers who come dangerously close to murdering him.  Generations later, Israeli human rights defenders find themselves similarly despised by their own “brothers.” In this week’s commentary to Parashat VaYeshev, Rabbi Yehiel Grenimann reminds us of the importance of our commitment, as a nation of Jews and as citizens of the world, to the protection of human rights. Continue Reading


RHR is hiring a part-time lawyer!

No Comments 05 December 2017

Hebrew and Arabic required. See full Hebrew posting here. Continue Reading

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Response to coalition proposal to triple cost for Palestinians petitioning the High Court

No Comments 29 November 2017

MK Yoav Kish, do not forget what it means to be a Jew. Let us not forget the verse:

“You shall have one law for stranger and citizen alike; for I am the LORD your God.”- Leviticus 24:22

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