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National security, human rights & terrorism: The Myths and the Facts

No Comments 27 September 2016

It is commonly believed that terrorism cannot be fought while protecting human rights. This belief, however, goes directly against the empirical data. Continue Reading

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RHR sends  letter to Defense Minister demanding resolution to water crisis in OT

No Comments 27 September 2016


On Tuesday September 21st 2016, Rabbis for Human Rights sent a letter to the Minister of Defense Avigdor Lieberman, and COGAT commander, Major-General Yoav Mordechai, demanding action to solve the water crisis in the Occupied Palestinian Territories.

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September 29th Interreligious Abrahamic Team Panel: “Sanctity of Life – Human Dignity”

No Comments 25 September 2016

We hope to see on Thursday at this exciting and informative panel from our interreligious department in Abu Gosh…

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The take-over of Palestinian land is not a right vs. left issue

No Comments 25 September 2016

MK Benny Begin has recently demonstrated that the legalization of outposts built on private Palestinian lands is not an issue of the right or left but rather of fairness and humanitarianism. Continue Reading

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Violations against rights of nationalistic crime suspects must be monitored

No Comments 13 September 2016

RHR to Israel’s Internal Security Service: Human rights violations against those suspected of nationalistic crimes and terrorism must be monitored. Continue Reading

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“Why are you silent when settler homes are demolished?”

1 Comment 30 August 2016

“What’s the difference between the demolition of Palestinian homes and the demolition of settler homes? Settlers also get their homes demolished, no? “

This is a comment we’ve heard many times. Please find our response to it below.


Yovel outpost, Photo: B’tselem, 2001

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Aid Organizations Perform Vital Work in the Gaza Strip

No Comments 23 August 2016

We, the undersigned human rights organizations in Israel, consider the activity of international aid organizations operating for the benefit of the Gazan residents, who live in a reality of immense distress, to be of high importance. We call upon the State of Israel to refrain from placing obstacles before these humanitarian activities and to be careful not to besmirch the critical work carried out by the community of aid organizations.
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Israeli Soldiers Leave Palestinian’s Home in Shambles After Seizing It as an Outpost

1 Comment 23 August 2016

Introduction to the Act of Kindness by Rabbis for Human Rights’ field worker,  Zacharia Sadah

A Palestinian farmer, whose house was seized as an IDF outpost and vandalized, will receive compensation from the IDF. The vandalism included damage to property, defecation on furniture, and desecration of a copy of the Quran.

Rabbis for Human Rights, with the aid of our investigator Zacharia Saada, reported on the incident to the IDF and, together with others, pressured the IDF to give compensation to the home owner who was victimized. We see the willingness of the IDF to pay damages and to investigate the incident as a positive and welcome step. In our view, the compensation to the home owner and the punitive measures against those responsible should express the severity of the incident not just from the perspective of the physical damage. It is appropriate that the emotional damage be recognized as well, both in the desecration of a holy book and in the act of vandalism to a private living space. The IDF should also enact deterrence measures to prevent similar incidents in the future.

The seizure of private homes for security requirements (known as the “grass widow tactic”) is widespread in the Territories.

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The “catch-22” of poverty, bureaucracy, and vacations—and how it could easily be solved

No Comments 22 August 2016

On Sunday [August 21st, 2016], a woman arrived at our Hadera Rights Center. She works as a kindergarten aide. This month she is on vacation, not of her own choice, but because all kindergartens are closed. Since she gets paid per hour of work (known as an hourly employee), she does not get a salary for this month. She had hoped to take advantage of these vacation days in order to run some errands. However:

  • The Social Security Office is on hiatus;
  • The Welfare Office is on hiatus.

Without documents from these offices, she cannot run her other errands. After we helped her arrange a schedule for all her tasks, she said: “When they [these governmental offices] come back from their break, I will be back at work, and won’t be able to take off vacation days so as to go to them.”

Hourly employees may take off paid vacation days only under specific conditions, and if they are living in poor conditions, every vacation day without pay is problematic for them. Moreover, hourly employees have difficulty taking vacation days at the timing they require because of their weak status at their jobs. Often, they are very limited in their options. Thus, our kindergarten aide is in a “catch-22.”

A simple solution would be that the bureaucratic offices of public and governmental bodies who address the needs of the public, especially of those who live in poverty, would work in the afternoon hours at least part of the week, so that the public could reach them after their work day. In contrast to the stereotype, most of those who live in poverty are employed, and most of those employed work from the morning to the afternoon.  Opening various institutions in the afternoon would benefit us all, but for those living in poverty, this is especially crucial.


Rabbi Idit Lev


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Update on Susya High Court hearing

3 Comments 18 August 2016

See below for recent updates on the renewed threat to the Palestinian village of Susya.

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