On our Jewish mandate to protect all human life

No Comments 26 November 2015

Tractate Sanhedrin 72a-74a teaches us that we have an absolute right to use the minimum necessary amount of lethal force to save human life, but we ourselves become murderers if we use more force than necessary.  Continue Reading


RHR & other Israeli NGOs send letter to Knesset opposing “Transparency Bill”

No Comments 24 November 2015

A new bill currently in the Knesset known as the Transparency Law seeks to single out Israeli civil society organizations receiving funds from foreign governments. This will be done by requiring the organisations to declare their funding sources in a number of new ways including the wearing of name tags when in the Knesset, in meetings with public workers or officials, and in all publications and reports.  Although the bill claims to be about ensuring transparency, the true intention  is to delegitimize the work of Israeli civil society organisations by attempting to brand them as agents of foreign states acting on an agenda contrary to the best interests of Israel.  Continue Reading


RHR condemns recent violence and prays for the victims

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Rabbis for Human Rights mourns the murder of 18- year-old Ziv Mizrahi, an Israeli soldier stabbed by a Palestinian extremist on route 443 today. His death marks the 7th person brutally murdered this week in attacks and the third to die under the age of twenty. We pray for God to bring comfort to his family during this horrendous time, and we condemn this senseless violence. Continue Reading


November 30: 3rd “Engaging in Creative Activism” workshop

No Comments 23 November 2015

RHR is very pleased to announce that Noga Shragai, our Israeli National Service volunteer,  will be directing a series of trainings on creative activism. The third training will be November 30th. Continue Reading

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Police not investigating beating and stabbing of Bedouin citizen mistaken for a terrorist

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If the media is correct in reporting that Israeli police will not investigate the beating and stabbing of a Bedouin citizen in Kiryat Gat by other citizens who, they claim, wrongly believed him to be a terrorist, then this is a gravely misinformed decision. Continue Reading

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December 2: Interreligious Conference on the 50th anniversary of Nostra Aetate

1 Comment 22 November 2015

The Interreligious Coordinating Council in Israel, RHR’s interreligious department, along with its co-sponsors The Van Leer Jerusalem Institute, the Tantur Ecumenical Institute, and the Centro Interculturale Raimon Panikkar, invites you to attend a  conference on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of Nostra Aetate. The conference, focusing on the future of interreligious dialogue in Israel, will be held at the Van Leer Institute in Jerusalem. Entrance is free with all sessions in English. Registration required. See details below: Continue Reading


WATCH: Rabbi Ascherman on Israeli TV on punitive home demolitions

No Comments 20 November 2015

This week Rabbi Ascherman participated in a panel on Channel 2′s morning program on punitive demolitions of the homes of the families of terrorists. It starts at minute 30:06, and is in Hebrew.

Continue Reading


RHR mourns the death of 5 murdered today by Palestinian extremists

No Comments 19 November 2015

Rabbis for Human Rights mourns the death five people murdered today in two separate attacks by Palestinian extremists – one in Tel Aviv and one near Alon Shvut in Gush Etzion. The dead are Reuven Aviram from Ramle; Rabbi Aharon Yesiab from Tel Aviv; 18 year old American Ezra Schwartz, on a volunteer program in Israel; Shadi Arafa, a Palestinian man from Hebron, and an Israeli father named Yaakov Don, from Alon Shvut. We pray that God will comfort their loved ones during this awful time, and for a quick and speedy recovery for the wounded. RHR strongly condemns this senseless violence.

Continue Reading


Surrendering to Jewish Terror: A Summary of the 2015 Olive Harvest

No Comments 19 November 2015


Rabbis For Human Rights has a message for the military authorities at the conclusion of the Olive harvest: Continue Reading

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Dec 18: Int’l Student Program on the Face of Poverty in Israel

No Comments 17 November 2015

Over one third of Israel’s children are poor. Additionally, a 2013 report showed that Israel has the highest poverty rate out of all the OECD countries . Continue Reading

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