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International Women’s Day: A Struggle on Many Fronts

1 Comment 08 March 2018

Leah Shakdiel

By Leah Shakdiel

International Women’s Day, March 8 has its origins within the socialist movement of the United States, and later was adopted by Socialist International. The first country to annually commemorate this date was the Soviet Union following the Communist Revolution  thanks to the tireless work of Clara Zetkin and other women. Only in the 1960s, when the socialist movement inspired the birth of the radical feminism, did others, including Israel,   adopt this date and began to struggle for its international observance. Continue Reading


Jewish voices at Hebrew University Beit Midrash for Human Rights

No Comments 20 February 2018

By Rabbi Ezra Ende, head of Rabbis for Human Rights Beit Midrash for Human Rights at Hebrew University Continue Reading

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Clarification regarding issue of asylum seekers in light of media misrepresentation

1 Comment 30 January 2018

Contrary to the impression created by various media publications, Rabbis for Human Rights is not calling for the public to hide asylum seekers or violate the law in any  way.   Together with the Shalom Hartman Institute, we organized a conference on the Jewish moral responsibility  regarding asylum seekers. At the end there was a time devoted for audience members to express themselves.   In this context, a proposal was made to conceal asylum seekers. This proposal is not an initiative of Rabbis for Human Rights and not part of our activity.

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Conference Summary: Jewish Moral Responsibility and Asylum Seekers and Refugees in Israel

No Comments 23 January 2018


A conference of rabbis and educators at the Shalom Hartman Institute in Jerusalem expressed the Jewish moral response to the government’s intention to deport asylum seekers and refugees. The conference was in partnership between Rabbis for Human Rights and the Shalom Hartman Institute. Key quotes, images, and video below. Continue Reading

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2 Comments 04 January 2018

Rabbis for Human Rights in cooperation with the Hartman Institute invite you for an evening of study, thought and action on Jewish moral responsibility and the issue of asylum seekers and refugees in Israel today. The event will be held in Hebrew on Tuesday, January 16th at the Hartman Institute in Jerusalem at 16:30 (9:30 AM Eastern Standard Time).

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Touring Jerusalem with RHR’s Jezreel Valley College Beit Midrash students

No Comments 07 May 2017

On Tuesday April 18 2017 participants of RHR’s human rights Beit Midrash program at Jezreel Valley College toured Jerusalem and learned about human rights on both sides of the wall.

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Join us Thursday April 6 for a special refugee seder at Holot

1 Comment 04 April 2017

Please join us on Thursday April 6 for a special celebration of Passover, the Jewish festival of freedom, at the Holot “open” detention center in the Negev.   The event will consist of a seder and other activities in order to raise awareness of the detention center and the African asylum seekers currently detained there. Together, we will call to close the detention center and to release the asylum seekers while making the connection between  Passover and the meaning of freedom and liberty in Israel. Continue Reading

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Rabbi Grenimann at Knesset: “The occupation is corrupting our Judaism”

No Comments 20 February 2017

As we face the news of a renewed demolition threat for the tire school of Khan al Akhmar, a Jahalin Bedouin community located on the outskirts of the Jerusalem,  along with forty other structures in in the village, this week we also worked to raise awareness of the village in the Knesset….

Khan al Ahmar school

Khan al Akhmar school

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A Hanukkah lesson plan: Shalom bayit and the Hasmonian daughter

No Comments 29 December 2016

Please feel free to use the following lesson plan, written by Rabbi Nava Hefetz, director of Rabbis for Human Rights’ education program, as you see fit.  Continue Reading

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Lesson Plan: Yom Kippur 5777

No Comments 10 October 2016

Please feel free to use the following lesson plan, prepared by the education department of Rabbis for Human Rights, as you see fit.

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