Photos: RHR Education Department Annual Conference in Haifa

No Comments 23 July 2015

Yesterday, July 22 2015, RHR education staff and teaching rabbis came together for an end of the year review and study session. After another successful year educating nearly 800 pre-army young Israelis on the connections between Israel, Judaism and human rights in our mechinot (pre-military training programs), the staff sat down together to discuss how the year went and plan for the following year. Afterwards, the group engaged in a study session exploring ideas around Judaism, Zionism, human rights, and Israel’s Declaration of Independence.

Special thanks to RHR member Rabbi Dubi Hayun for hosting us in his community’s space in Haifa! 

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May 20th: Rabbis to Holot hold prayer vigil with detained asylum seekers

No Comments 26 May 2015

On May 20th, RHR education director Rabbi Nava Hefetz, and RHR member Rabbi Susan Silverman, along with support from the New Israel Fund, held an event at the Holot “Open” Detention Center in honor of Shavuot, the holiday of respecting the “strangers” among us.  Some 70 male and female rabbis and members of the public attended, while about 70 or 80 asylum seekers participated. Continue Reading

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May 20th: Rabbis to visit the Holot “open” Detention Facility!

No Comments 17 May 2015

On Wednesday, March 20th, a gathering of rabbis will be held at the Holot Detention Center in the Negev. Non-rabbis are also welcome and buses will be leaving from Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. The event is planned by Rabbi Nava Hefetz, RHR’s director of education, and Rabbi Susan Silverman, a member of RHR. Continue Reading

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March 2015 Elections: What do the parties say on refugees and asylum seekers?

No Comments 15 March 2015

As Israel prepares to go to the polls on Tuesday, RHR encourages all to bring the values of human rights with them into the booth. We therefore will be releasing the stated platforms of the political parties concerning the human rights issues we work on. Below are the position on issues concerning refugees, asylum seekers and migrant workers.  We encourage all to read over the information and make a decision based on the value of honoring the Image of God in all of humankind.  Continue Reading

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Newsletter in honor of International Women’s Day (Hebrew and Arabic)

No Comments 10 March 2015

In honor of International Women’s Day, the students of Social Engagement Department at Emek Yisrael College prepared this lovely newsletter on organization working for women. Continue Reading

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March 2015 elections: Questionnaire for political candidates

No Comments 08 March 2015

As elections draw closer, we have been pleased to note that there has been a great deal of discussion regarding  public housing and other socioeconomic justice issues. However, we in RHR are asking all of Israel’s parties to tell voters what their positions are on some of the other issues we work on, such as Palestinian human rights, African asylum seekers and our Negev Bedouin citizens.  The questionnaire can be read below. Since we have limited ourselves to issues we deal with, it is by no means exhaustive even for Israel Continue Reading


RHR’s Human rights & Judaism students tour West Jerusalem

No Comments 31 January 2015

RHR’s course in Judaism and human rights is taught at ten pre-military academies (known as “mechinot”) throughout the country. The course teaches that human rights are rooted in Jewish sources and Jewish tradition, and should not be considered marginal or external to Israeli society. Classroom work is supplemented by field visits to expose students to the gritty underbelly of Israeli society, allowing them to meet first hand the victims of human rights abuses. The course and especially the trips again and again prove life-changing as participants “get out of their bubble” to confront Israel’s complexities. Below Rabbi Nava Hefetz, director of RHR’s education department,  updates us on a recent trip one of the groups took in Jerusalem.

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Lesson Plan: The Temple Mount, Holiness, and Holy Places

3 Comments 03 December 2014

The issue of ascending  the Temple Mount is a major  public “hot-button”  discussion today in Israel and in the Muslim world. Education Director of Rabbis for Human Rights, Rabbi Nava Hefetz, has therefore composed a lesson plan consisting of a number of Jewish and Israeli sources relating to this issue and the related topics of “holiness” and “holy places.” We encourage rabbis and other Jewish educators to utilize these texts and discussion questions in order to delve deeply into and then grapple with these complex questions. Continue Reading

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International Student Programs and Study Tour Dates – 5775 (2014-2015)

2 Comments 14 October 2014

RABBINICAL, CANTORIAL, AND EDUCATION STUDENTS: Get involved and learn how Israel can truly embody  our highest Jewish values! Join us this year in any number of ways and study the profound connection between human rights and Judaism. RHR offers student tours, service opportunities, and internship possibilities in a range of areas focusing on everything from socio-economic justice in Israel and the Negev Bedouin to African asylum seekers.

NOTE: While these programs are specially geared towards international students in rabbinical, cantorial, and Jewish education fields, they are open to all.

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“Come as Far as you Can”: RHR’s High Holiday Appeal

1 Comment 22 September 2014

An appeal by Rabbis for Human Rights Co-chairs Rabbi Amy Klein, and Rabbi Moshe Yehudai, and Rabbi Arik Ascherman, president and senior rabbi for RHR, on the upcoming High Holidays. Continue Reading

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