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New High Court Petition: Electricity is a basic human necessity

No Comments 11 January 2017

Five people living in poverty who had their electricity shut off have petitioned the High Court demanding to stop the power cut. The current situation neglects Israeli citizens who cannot afford their bills due to economic hardship and injures the elderly, the disabled, the sick, children and single mothers. This petition was submitted by the Association for Civil Rights in Israel (ACRI) and Rabbis for Human Rights (RHR) through Adi Nir Benyamini of the human Rights clinic at Tel Aviv University and Advocate Maskit Bendel of ACRI. Continue Reading

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Unbelievable! Driver’s Licenses of those who drive for a living revoked due to debts

1 Comment 29 December 2016

According to estimates, hundreds of driver’s licenses are frozen each year by the Bailiff’s Office. For many Israelis, this immediately results in their inability to earn money and pay off the debt they owe.

In a story published in Haaretz on this issue, journalist Lee Yaron interviewed Rabbis for Human Rights’ staff Rabbi Idit Lev and Rabbi Sigal Asher in response to information we acquired at our Rights Center in Hadera, where we provide assistance to economically vulnerable Israelis.

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Forum for the Struggle Against Poverty responds to new report from National Insurance

No Comments 15 December 2016

A new report released today (December 15 2016) by the National Insurance on poverty in Israel showed that while the numbers of individuals living in poverty decreased, the number of families in poverty increased. The report also showed that the situation of those living in poverty deteriorated in 2015, and that there has been a significant reduction in poverty rates in the Haredi (ultra-Orthodox) community after sustained measures were taken by the government to combat the high rates often found in that community. Below please find the response of the Forum for the Struggle Against Poverty , of which RHR is an active member, to the report: Continue Reading

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The right of single parents to attend university & receive guaranteed minimum income

No Comments 09 November 2016

 The Knesset has enacted a law allowing single parents to pursue academic studies while receiving a guaranteed income, but government regulations are preventing the realization of this right. Continue Reading

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Thursday: Information session on new debt and bankruptcy legislation

No Comments 06 November 2016

Many people deal with debt, and for some,  bankruptcy is an opportunity to start a new page.  The Knesset is currently discussing a new proposed law dealing with this issue.  We at Rabbis for Human Rights, after consulting with people who are living in debt,  have already studied the legislation and identified points that, in our opinion, need to be changed.  Continue Reading

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Violations against rights of nationalistic crime suspects must be monitored

No Comments 13 September 2016

RHR to Israel’s Internal Security Service: Human rights violations against those suspected of nationalistic crimes and terrorism must be monitored. Continue Reading

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Initial Progress on Recouping Bail Fees

No Comments 05 September 2016

Although there is still no explanation as to how one can recoup bail fees on the Israeli police website,  we have discovered that now there is a system for tracking the status of the bail funds paid by uncharged suspects.

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Response of the Forum for the Struggle Against Poverty to the Approval of the State Budget

No Comments 01 September 2016

The Forum for the Struggle Against Poverty calls upon the Government to act on its promise to implement the recommendations of the “Committee for Combatting Poverty,”  leading to a steady decline in the extent and depth of poverty and the expansion of equal opportunities. Continue Reading

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Difficulties recouping bail hurts the nation’s weakest

No Comments 29 August 2016

An article in Haaretz was published on August 29th in response to a “Freedom of Information Act” request filed by Rabbis for Human Rights coupled with months of assistance trying to recoup the cost of bail for a struggling Ethiopian family.

Read the full article here

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The “catch-22” of poverty, bureaucracy, and vacations—and how it could easily be solved

No Comments 22 August 2016

On Sunday [August 21st, 2016], a woman arrived at our Hadera Rights Center. She works as a kindergarten aide. This month she is on vacation, not of her own choice, but because all kindergartens are closed. Since she gets paid per hour of work (known as an hourly employee), she does not get a salary for this month. She had hoped to take advantage of these vacation days in order to run some errands. However:

  • The Social Security Office is on hiatus;
  • The Welfare Office is on hiatus.

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