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Public housing tenant wins courtroom victory against Amidar, is not evicted

No Comments 30 November 2015


We are proud to report Rabbis for Human Rights has had an important, precedent setting court victory with potentially deep implications for public housing in Israel! Amidar, one of the major public housing firms in the country, has been prevented from evicting a tenant due to unreliable, contradictory documentation from home inspections.
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Dec 18: Int’l Student Program on the Face of Poverty in Israel

No Comments 17 November 2015

Over one third of Israel’s children are poor. Additionally, a 2013 report showed that Israel has the highest poverty rate out of all the OECD countries . Continue Reading

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The right to a stable home: Important policy shifts announced at Public Housing Day!

No Comments 28 October 2015


The Housing Ministry: There will not be an increase of rental rates and the tenants of public housing will be able to purchase new apartments at the price of old apartments in the framework of urban renewal.

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The struggle against poverty comes to the Knesset

No Comments 21 October 2015

From the Forum for the Struggle Against Poverty, on the conference to mark International Day for the Struggle Against Poverty:

Yesterday, 61 members of the Knesset signed a promise to support a bill, to be submitted soon, ensuring disability pension will be paid at a rate comparable to minimum wage.

The event was an initiative of the Forum for the Struggle Against Poverty (of which RHR is an active member) along with members of the anti-poverty caucus (MK Ilan Gilon, Eli Elalouf, Ayman Odeh, and Meir Cohen) in collaboration with other organizations. The event was attended by over 300 activists, who participated in about 10 break-away sessions. The event concluded with a major conference attended by Knesset members Amir Peretz, Michal Rozin and Tamar Zandberg. During the day, a number of important statements were made relating to the fight against poverty:

Dr. Daniel Gottlieb, vice president of research and planning for National Insurance Institute:

“If there was an operative and quantitative target for reducing poverty, we would be able to monitor and report on changes, but there is currently such a target.”

Dr. Ronnie Strier, University of Haifa:

“During the conference, all the evidence shows that there are barriers in various aspects for ending the cycle of poverty, and all are a matter of government policies.”

“We have seen how poverty passes from generation to generation. These barriers are not accidental, they are systematic. This is a denial of basic rights. We have to demand our leaders change it.”

During the day’s main conference MK Meir Cohen declared:

“Poverty is an ongoing terrorist attack”.

Raheli an activist from The Joint Haifa Poverty Chain group, a member of the Forum for the Struggle Against Poverty:

“MKs have to understand that for them Poverty Day is held one day a year, for us it 365 days a year, a daily reality- MKs should know that we will not give up and continue to fight for a national program to combat poverty. “

MK Alaluf (former Chairman of the Committee for Fighting Poverty):

“There is not enough money in the budget to fulfill the Committee’s conclusions to fight poverty.”

MK Ayman Odeh:

“Even if we are full of fear and despair today, I still remember the summer of 2011 when we walked in Haifa and declared in Hebrew and Arabic ‘The people demand social justice.”

Dr. Daniel Gottlieb, a representative of the National Insurance:

“We oppose the new index for calculating poverty that was introduced in the Arrangements Law. The index is skewed and is not an operational and quantitative target for reducing poverty. “



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Join us in fighting poverty October 20th at the Knesset

No Comments 14 October 2015

If you believe poverty is not decreed from the sky but rather is the result of policy, than join us in reminding Knesset policymakers that fighting poverty is their responsibility!

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Oct 27 is Public Housing Day at the Knesset!

No Comments 12 October 2015

October 27 is Public Housing Day at the Knesset!

Public Housing Day is an initiative of the Public Housing Forum and the heads of the Knesset’s housing caucus- Dov Hanin, Orly Levy Abekasis, Ilan Gilon, Omer Bar-Lev, Itzik Shmuli, Stav Shafir and Eli Cohen. Continue Reading

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Rabbi Lev criticises govt’s lack of overall plan for fighting poverty

No Comments 29 September 2015

A Hebrew article on Ynet on recommendations for the war on poverty cites the criticism of Rabbi Idit Lev of RHR against the current state budget. Continue Reading

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July 21: Knesset Housing Caucus conference on “pinui/binui” plans

No Comments 16 July 2015

Although RHR and our partner advocates for public housing still have many concerns, we praise the fact that for the first time in years there is a serious plan that reverses the long standing policies to neglect/dismantle public housing. Continue Reading

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Press Release: Forum for Public Housing response to new public housing plan

No Comments 16 July 2015

This week Housing Minister Yoav Galant released a 5 point plan related to public housing in Israel. The Forum for Public Housing, in which RHR is an active member, responds to the plan in the following statement. Continue Reading

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Turning curses into blessings: Rabbi Ascherman reflects on 20 years with RHR

1 Comment 06 July 2015

Rabbi Arik Ascherman, senior rabbi and president of RHR,  reflects on his 20th year with RHR and what keeps him going when so many others have lost hope or burnt out.

The rabbis and staff of RHR extend a profound “thank you” to Rabbi Ascherman for his leadership, spirit and unwavering commitment to justice and dignity for all humans created in God’s Image. He is an inspiration to all of us. Continue Reading

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