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4 Palestinian Children attacked, one badly injured, by Israeli Extremists

No Comments 24 April 2014

Israeli settlers attacked with stones four Palestinian children who were returning home from school with their mother

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Restoring Planning Authority to the Palestinians: The State Responds

No Comments 24 April 2014

Before a petition goes to court, the state first sends its arguments to the petitioners. Read on for a summary of the state’s response to the Area C Planning Appeal petition set to be heard at the High Court Monday April 28th. Continue Reading

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Weekly Parasha: A Just People Based on a Moral Present

1 Comment 23 April 2014

In parashat Kdoshim, Rabbi Kobi Weiss warns us of the dangers of using our past and future as a chosen, holy people for justification of an immoral present.  Continue Reading

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Remembering the most vulnerable victims of housing demolitions

3 Comments 22 April 2014

Often silent on-lookers, children are perhaps the most vulnerable victims of demolitions, and their suffering is all too often overlooked. As RHR prepares for our High Court date April 28th, we will have in our hearts all of the top students whose grades plummeted, the young children who searched for a beloved toy in the rubble, and the older children who wet their beds because they were too afraid to leave them in the middle of the night.  Read on for a look into how demolitions rip apart the lives of the children whose homes are destroyed. Continue Reading

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Giving answers to public housing residents: An RHR intern on her public housing field work

No Comments 20 April 2014

Reut Srugo interviews Natalie Levy on behalf of Practicum newsletter of the Department of Human Services at Jezreel Valley College (In Hebrew). Natalie is participating in a practical training course for the public housing residents’ empowerment groups as a part of a project with Rabbis for Human Rights. Two years ago, the practicum project earned first prize at a Yezreel Valley College contest (link in Hebrew). Read how the project influences the students participating in it and as well as the field itself.  Continue Reading

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APRIL 28th: RHR Planning Appeal seeks to restore planning authority in Area C to Palestinians

No Comments 20 April 2014

April 17th | PRESS RELEASE

For the first time, a legal appeal seeks to limit the control of the West Bank military regime on the civilian lives of the Palestinians


Why should the military control areas of civilian life, without any security justification,  in a developed country?

The hearing on the petition of several villages and organizations, seeking to restore planning authority to Palestinians in their residential areas in the West Bank, will take place at Israel’s High Court of Justice on April 28. This issue carries aspects of great public importance. Should planning authority be returned to Palestinians, the  need for administrative housing demolitions will be greatly reduced. Continue Reading


May 4th: Join the Canadian Friends of RHR for a “Pastoral in Palestine”

2 Comments 19 April 2014

The Montreal Dialogue Group and Canadian Friends of Rabbis for Human Rights Present:

An Illustrated Lecture by Neil Hertz

Prof Emeritus, Humanities Center, John Hopkins University

In 2011 and again in 2013, Neil Hertz lived in Ramallah and taught at Al-Quds University in Abu Dis, just outside Jerusalem. His talk offers a personal take on life in the Occupied Territories and East Jerusalem, reporting on how people on both sides of the increasingly bizarre frontier have come to terms with what they refer to, hopelessly, as “The Situation.” Copies of “Pastoral in Palestine” as door prizes. Continue Reading

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Two systems, two purposes: Military planning system discrimination by numbers

4 Comments 17 April 2014

In most of the area of the West Bank under Israeli control (Area C), a two-tier planning system operates based on ethnic-national background. There is a military planning system without representation of residents for the Palestinians, while the Israeli settlers enjoy a civil and representative planning system. Does this structure lead to discrimination in practice? You bet.


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Weekly parasha: Dry Bones, Fecund Land, and Vital Prayer

No Comments 15 April 2014

In this week’s parasha (Chol Hamo-eid Pesach, Exodus 33:12-34:26)  Rabbi Dalia Marx examines the prophecy of the dry bones, and the power of God to not only deliver us physically from slavery, but to also revive our spirits as well.

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So too must we remember our promise: Passover thoughts 5774

No Comments 14 April 2014

As we prepare for the celebration of the Passover, the Jewish holiday marking the Israelites’ liberation from Egyptian slavery and the beginning of their cohesion as a “people,” Rabbi Arik Ascherman, senior rabbi and president of RHR, shares his Passover thoughts on the holiday, the horrors of housing demolitions,  and RHR’s upcoming High Court date that could end them for good.

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April 28: RHR Planning Appeal against housing demolitions!

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