October 18th: Canadian Friends of RHR general meeting and film screening in Quebec

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The Canadian Friends of Rabbis for Human Rights invite you to attend their general meeting followed by a film screening on October 18th in Quebec. Continue Reading

Occupied Territories

The olive harvest has begun: Volunteers needed for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday!

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We need folks to sign up to join us for the harvest THIS Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. For those of you who have already signed up, now is the time for you to work with our office to specify a date.

Please email or call 02 678 3876 to sign up. Dates are also available until Nov 6th.


Things in the territories are changing frequently because of the tense situation. We are in touch with both Palestinians and security forces in order to know where the harvest is taking place, where we are needed, and to know that we aren’t taking undo risk. We will be in touch those who have signed up the afternoon before in order to reconfirm with them.



Please bring protection from the sun (hat, sunglasses, sunscreen), plenty of water and a bagged lunch. Be sure to wear comfortable, closed toe shoes. We also request that you dress modestly and according to traditional Palestinian social norms (no shorts, exposed arms). Finally, please bring passports and/or ID cards.


With the help of our dedicated volunteers, Rabbis for Human Rights has succeeded in changing the lives of Palestinian landowners throughout the occupied territories for more than a decade. A major component of improving the reality on the ground for these landowners is RHR’s yearly olive harvest campaign. During the fall and winter months, hundreds of local and international volunteers work side-by-side in solidarity with Palestinian farmers to safely harvest olives in high-risk areas where farmers are either threatened by attacks or intimidation tactics by radical Jews, or are in danger of having their land taken-over by settlements. Our presence discourages radical settlers from making trouble, allowing farmers to complete their work in peace, while also showing them a new and different face of Judaism – one that is compassionate and committed to brotherhood and human rights.





Occupied Territories, Press Releases

Series of violent incidents against Palestinians follows recent bloody events

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Series of violent incidents against Palestinians in the southern West Bank follows recent bloody events. Continue Reading


RHR’s response to recent murders of Israelis and subsequent Jewish violence

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In addition to condemning the recent murders of Israelis, the greatest human rights violation of all, RHR also condemns the almost entirely unreported Jewish terror (attacks on people and cars ) that came in response to Thursday’s murders throughout the West Bank that very evening. There were also Palestinian reports of attacks by settlers on farmers from the villages of Burin and Huwara on Saturday, where settlers reportedly even attempted to enter but were repelled by Israeli security forces.  While we support these efforts of the security forces to prevent escalation, we also question if they are doing enough, seeing as how Palestinians in Burin report the security forces were protecting the Israelis more than defending the Palestinians.

RHR calls for restraint on all sides. Continue Reading

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RHR condemns recent murders of Israelis and prays for the recovery of the injured

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Rabbis For Human Rights condemns the murders of Eitam and Naama Henkin Thursday (October 1 2015) evening, and the additional murders of two Israelis in the Old City today, Saturday October 3rd.   We pray for the quick recovery of those injured in the Old City stabbing today, and for the loved ones of the dead.

Continue Reading

Parasha / E-Letter

Weekly Parasha: Neither pursued nor pursue

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In this week’s parasha, Rabbi Jeremy Milgrom examines what it means to be the pursuer and the pursued. As a people pursued for so long, what beliefs must we adapt in order to keep our faith? How can we overcome the cycle of pursued and pursuing in order to reach a true peace with all sides? Continue Reading


On Gates of Justice, Joy, and Um El Khiran: Sukkot Thoughts 5776

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Rabbi Arik Ascherman
President and Senior Rabbi – Rabbis For Human Rights

Continue Reading

Justice in Israel

Rabbi Lev criticises govt’s lack of overall plan for fighting poverty

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A Hebrew article on Ynet on recommendations for the war on poverty cites the criticism of Rabbi Idit Lev of RHR against the current state budget. Continue Reading


Rabbis for Human Rights Annual Sukkot Assif 5776

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Sukkot is also known as the khag hassif, the harvest holiday because farmers would bring offerings from their harvest to the Temple in Jerusalem. Most of us are not farmers. However, after a brutally honest examination of our individual and collective faults during the High Holy Days, we celebrate our assif rukhani (spiritual harvest) on Sukkot. Neither the RHR vidui (confession), nor the RHR assif alone gives an accurate picture of Israel and Israeli society. Continue Reading

Occupied Territories

American Senator Dianne Feinstein graciously receives Susya & Um Al Kheir families

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On September 22 2015, California Senator Dianne Feinstein graciously received representatives from the villages of Susya and Um Al Kheir – two villages under the threat of demolition by the state of Israel. In July of this year, Senator Feinstein sent a letter to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu asking him to halt any demolition orders for the village of Susya. Continue Reading

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