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Press release: High Court demands State explain denial of land access for Palestinians

No Comments 07 December 2016


Israel’s High Court gives State 60 days to explain why they have denied Palestinian farmers entrance to their lands, taken-over by settler from nearby Shani Livna. Rabbis for Human Rights represented the Palestinian petitioners.

Rabbis for Human Rights: High Court decision contradicts the attitude of Formalization Bill, acknowledging wrong of theft from non-Jews (“gerim”).
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Weekly Parasha: Human Rights Day

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As we observe International Human Rights day this week, which falls on the reading of Parashat VaYetze, Rabbi Yehiel Grenimann reminds us of the call, both ancient and modern, to walk in the path of justice and holiness. Continue Reading

Legal Work, Occupied Territories, Press Releases

Palestinian reports attack by 4 Israelis in West Bank

No Comments 03 December 2016


Issa Salich, 54, a Palestinian resident of the village Saviiya, south of Nablus, reported he was attacked yesterday (Friday, December 3) around 11:00 am near the entrance of the Palestinian village Sawiya, near the Israeli settlement Eli.

Salich reports that four Israelis emerged from a car that pulled up alongside him and beat him with rods while cursing him. The car then drove off, leaving him laying on the side of the road. 

Salich was admitted to Rafidia Hospital in Nablus with bone fractures (pictures below by Zakaria Sadeh, RHR). Rabbis for Human Rights will demand the security forces quickly investigate the incident.



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Weekly parasha: Together and Apart

No Comments 30 November 2016

What are the requirements of a strong and meaningful marriage? What about between nations, communities and peoples? In his Dvar Torah to Parashat Toldot this week, Rabbi Daniel Goldfarb inspires us to learn from Rebecca and Isaac. Continue Reading


#GivingTuesday! Donate today & receive gift bar of Palestinian olive oil soap!

No Comments 28 November 2016

Black Friday has passed. Cyber Monday is over. Now it’s time to give back.

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Call for activists at threatened Bedouin community of Umm al Hiran

No Comments 27 November 2016

Call for activists to join the Bedouin residents of Umm al Hiran, currently under the threat of immediate demolition. Continue Reading

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Weekly Parasha: See my suffering

1 Comment 23 November 2016

Parashat Hayyei Sarah has been used by many to justify the denial of human rights to the Palestinian residents of Hebron. In her dvar Torah to it, Rabbi Amy Klein shows us how Hayyei Sarah can also provide us with strength and resolve to seek justice for those suffering as a result of our failures.  Continue Reading


November 2016 London Discussions with Rabbi Idit Lev

1 Comment 23 November 2016

Friends in London – do not miss this opportunity to learn about human rights, Judaism, and the struggle for economic justice in Israelwith Rabbi Idit Lev of Rabbis for Human Rights!

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A message to Education Minister Naftali Bennett

No Comments 22 November 2016

Recently Naftali Bennett, Minster of Education, claimed that the vision of the two state solution is dead. RHR does not have a position favoring one political solution over another, but if the Minister of Education is certain of this, than it is even more incumbent upon him to ensure the human rights of Palestinians living in the West Bank —whom he envisions as a part of Israel — are granted. Continue Reading

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Renewed threat of demolition to Bedouin Umm al Hiran

No Comments 20 November 2016

Alarm at Bedouin village Umm al Hiran after authorities arrive this morning, Sunday November 20.

A large number of police and other enforcement authorities arrived this morning (November 20 2016) at Umm al Hiran in the Negev and left soon after. This raised alarm for residents concerned it signified preparation for a massive action in the village, which the state seeks to demolish and replace with a Jewish town to be called “Hiran.”

The following day, Monday the 21st, it was expected that the demolition of 15 homes in Umm al Hiran would occur the following morning of Tuesday, November 22nd and a call was made to activists to come to the village ASAP. However, the following morning no demolitions occurred. We believe this is a tactic by the authorities to exhaust the residents and activists of Umm al Hiran, making protest of the demolitions more difficult. Please continue to check-in regarding updates.

972 Magazine: Time’s up? State announces imminent demolition of Bedouin village

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