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4 Comments 26 November 2017

Help us honor the Image of God in EVERY human being!

Today is #GivingTuesday — a global day dedicated to coming together as a world community in the spirit of giving back and making the world a better place! Continue Reading

Parasha / E-Letter

Parashat VaYetze: Moving Forward in Solidarity & Commitment

1 Comment 22 November 2017

To many, Leah’s story is shrouded in sadness. In this week’s commentary to Parashat VaYetze, Rabbi Gail Diamond shows us what we can learn from Leah about spiritual activism and solidarity work. Continue Reading

General, Occupied Territories

Rabbis for Human Rights stands with our colleagues at Breaking the Silence

1 Comment 21 November 2017

Rabbis for Human Rights responds to the recent persecution of Breaking the Silence, an Israeli anti-occupation organization. Continue Reading


Update: Contribution to RHR withheld by the bank finally transferred to us

No Comments 21 November 2017

An update from Rabbis for Human Rights regarding the withholding of funds from us by Bank Hapoalim and their eventual transfer early this week Continue Reading

Justice in Israel

WATCH: Rabbi Idit Lev on social justice work, poverty & recent urban renewal victories

No Comments 20 November 2017

Rabbi Idit Lev is the director of Rabbis for Human Rights’ socio-economic justice program.  Continue Reading

Field Reports, General, Occupied Territories

Full story behind the attack against Palestinian human rights workers

2 Comments 19 November 2017

The full story behind the Friday November 17 attack on Palestinian human rights activists and the response of the soldiers on the ground

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Some Israelis think human rights are incompatible with Judaism. They’re wrong

No Comments 17 November 2017

We must reject the false choice between giving up on our traditions and accepting narrow, tribal, and racist interpretations of Judaism.

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General, Parasha / E-Letter

Parashat Toldot: Brothers together & apart

No Comments 16 November 2017

In his dvar Torah to Parashat Toldot, Rabbi Shmuel Reuven Shaish explores the rocky relationship between Jacob and Esau, a dynamic we see play out in numerous examples across history. Despite the divergence between the brothers, the Torah reminds us of the common source connecting us all.

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General, Occupied Territories

Understanding the Occupation: Theft via “Special Security Zones”

No Comments 15 November 2017

Extremist settlers use a variety of methods to steal land from Palestinians. One of the less talked-about methods is known by the acronym “SSZ.” Continue Reading

Parasha / E-Letter

Parashat Chayei Sarah: Bringing Healing

No Comments 09 November 2017

In her commentary to Parashat Chayei Sarah, Rabbi Miri Gold highlights the good deeds of Isaac and Ishmael in promoting healing within their family, and the importance of exercising our right as a society to choose our leaders wisely. 

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