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Dvar Torah for Shabbat of Sukkot: Vanity of Vanities — All is Vanity

No Comments 20 October 2016

 In this week’s dvar Torah for the Shabbat of Sukkot, Rabbi Yehiel Grenimann reminds us that in addition to being a time of joy and family, Sukkot is also a time to remember the fleeting nature of life and all that is part of it.  Continue Reading

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RHR stands in solidarity with our colleagues at B’Tselem and American Friends of Peace Now

1 Comment 20 October 2016

Rabbis for Human Rights supports our colleagues at American Friends of Peace Now and the Israeli human rights NGO B’tselem on their appearance before the United Nations Security Council and stands in solidarity with them in light of recent attacks  against them – especially by the Prime Minister – after their criticising of the occupation. Continue Reading


Recent changes at Rabbis for Human Rights

No Comments 18 October 2016


In order to be fully transparent to the public, we want to update you regarding a number of recent changes within Rabbis for Human Rights. Rabbi Arik Asherman, formerly president and senior rabbi of the organization, has recently decided to resign. We wish him the best of luck. Additionally, two additional staff members also resigned. We have already welcomed new and highly experienced team members to fill their positions, and they are well on their way promoting the mission of RHR. Continue Reading


Statement of concern regarding language on recent resolution passed by UNESCO

No Comments 18 October 2016

Rabbis for Human Rights is concerned by the wording choice on the recent resolution passed by UNESCO describing the holy places of the two religions under their Arab/Muslim names only. Wording such as this disrespects the relationship between Judaism and the Temple Mount [Har HaBait] and the Western Wall.

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RHR’s Sukkot Harvest (“Assif”) of Rights: Positive Trends in the Area of Human Rights in Israel

No Comments 13 October 2016

In this brief collection, we will present positive trends in the area of human rights in Israel — including social rights — achieved in the past year. We will also focus on the achievements of Rabbis for Human Rights. We believe it is extremely important to put an emphasis on positive trends even during challenging and difficult times in which we are experiencing multiple instances of injustice and failures in Israel and the territories under its control. The vast majority of these achievements did not happen by themselves. They are the result of stubborn and continuous struggles. This teaches us that we still have considerable ability to make a difference and promote rights. Continue Reading

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Don’t miss: Rabbi Ron Kronish & Mayor Issa Jaber Oct/Nov East Coast Speaking Tour

No Comments 13 October 2016

Friends on the East Coast of the United States – do not miss this opportunity to hear Rabbi Ron Kornish and Mayor Issa Jaber speak about their work together on issues relating to Arab-Jewish coexistence, inter-religious dialogue, and the search for peace. Check below to find the location nearest you! Continue Reading

Education, General

Lesson Plan: Yom Kippur 5777

No Comments 10 October 2016

Please feel free to use the following lesson plan, prepared by the education department of Rabbis for Human Rights, as you see fit.

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RHR Yom Kippur vidui (confession) for 5777

No Comments 09 October 2016

Rabbis, cantors, prayer leaders,  facilitators and anyone else are invited to use this vidui in the synagogue or other settings.  It would never be possible to be comprehensive, so please feel free to copy and paste and add and subtract to create your own personal/societal viduit. The point is to challenge you to engage in chesbon nefesh (soul searching), not to silence or intimidate. Continue Reading

Field Reports, Occupied Territories

Extremist settlers threaten Palestinian farmers & RHR volunteers

No Comments 09 October 2016

Today was the first morning for our volunteers in this olive harvest season. As soon as we got to our chosen harvest location, an extremist settler from the Tapuah outpost came with a large stick towards us, threatening both the Palestinians and our volunteers. He tried to expel the Palestinians from the land, but we stood between him and the Palestinians, and we’re now our way to file a complaint with the police. Continue Reading

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RHR, with help of the Harvest Coalition, kicks off the Palestinian olive harvest season

No Comments 09 October 2016


Rabbis for Human Rights, with the help of the Harvest Coalition, kicks off the Palestinian olive harvest season in the West Bank Continue Reading

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