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Weekly Parasha: Akharei Mot

No Comments 28 April 2016

From now until August, the Torah reading in the Land of Israel will be different than the Torah reading outside of the Land of Israel because this Shabbat we in Israel read “Akharei Mot,” while abroad Orthodox and Conservative Jews and some congregations in other movements celebrate an additional day of Passover. Abroad, even those who only celebrate 7 days of Passover, will read Akharei Mot next week.  This means that our readers and supporters abroad will have an additional week to ponder each dvar Torah. Continue Reading

Legal Work

RHR legal success: Settler encroaching on private Palestinian land to be removed

No Comments 27 April 2016

On April 11th, RHR achieved an important milestone in a seven year struggle to return to Palestinians from Kariyut the lands taken over by a settler from Shilo. In her ruling, the judge gave credence to Kariyut’s claim that their ability to access or defend their lands had been severely curtailed because of settler guns and army roadblocks.

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May 1: Canadian Friends of RHR “Partners for Peace” event & potluck in Montreal

No Comments 26 April 2016

Together with the Unitarian Church of Montreal, Canadian Friends of Rabbis for Human Rights invites you to “Partners for Peace.” Continue Reading

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Passover Thoughts 5776: Where is God’s Glory?

No Comments 26 April 2016

As we near the final days of Passover, Rabbi Arik Ascherman, president and senior rabbi for Rabbis for Human Rights, shares his thoughts on the holiday. Continue Reading

Justice in Israel

“I am embarrassed that the kids go to school with falling apart shoes”

No Comments 25 April 2016

“I am embarrased” she tells me “that I can’t pay for the cultural activities at school, and that the kids go to school with shoes that are falling apart.”

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Pre-military Israelis exposed for first time to Muslim & Christian religious leaders

1 Comment 24 April 2016

On April 6 2016, an “Abrahamic Team,” presented their personal stories and reflections on the topic of “Human Dignity and Sanctity of Life” to a group of 35 Jewish Israeli students studying this year in a pre-army academic preparatory course at Kibbutz Biram in the Upper Galilee.

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RHR statement on recent arrest of Jewish terror cell

1 Comment 20 April 2016

The Shin Bet today announced the arrest of six settlers and a soldier suspected of attacking Palestinians in the West Bank. RHR responds: Continue Reading


Passover lesson plan: This is the bread of affliction…Next year we will be free

No Comments 20 April 2016

Below please find a Passover human rights lesson plan by RHR education director Rabbi Nava Hefetz and deputy director Yael Gamon exploring the meaning of “freedom” in the context of poverty, our relationships with the non-Jews living among us, and the challenges of sovereignty.

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Who sits with us at our seder? Passover Haggadah supplements for 5776

No Comments 19 April 2016

As in years past, please find below RHR’s special human rights themed Passover haggadah supplements. They are: “Who sits with us at our seder” and “Commentary to the Torah by Rabbi Samson Rapael Hirsch.” Please note that Rabbi Ma’ayan Turner’s popular “Four Children at the Seder – Which Child am I?” is included this year in our refugee haggadah. Both supplements are copied below as well as available for download.  Please feel free to cut and paste as you see necessary in order to make your seder meaningful for you.  Continue Reading


Passover Dvar Torah: Choose to be free

No Comments 19 April 2016

Passover is a celebration of freedom. This Passover, what songs are the people of Israel singing? Which songs must we be singing?  Continue Reading

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