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September 29th Interreligious Abrahamic Team Panel: “Sanctity of Life – Human Dignity”

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The Local Council of Abu Gosh and ICCI, the Interreligious Department of Rabbis for Human Rights invite you to an interreligious evening…

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General, Occupied Territories

The take-over of Palestinian land is not a right vs. left issue

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MK Benny Begin has recently demonstrated that the legalization of outposts built on private Palestinian lands is not an issue of the right or left but rather of fairness and humanitarianism. Continue Reading

Parasha / E-Letter

Weekly Parasha: The Fight Against Human Trafficking

1 Comment 14 September 2016

As we read the dvar Torah of Rabbi Gail Diamond to Parashat Ki Teitzei, we are reminded that sex slavery and human trafficking are tragedies that persist across the centuries, from biblical times to modern day Israel. What is being done to combat these atrocious abuses of human rights? Continue Reading

General, Justice in Israel, Occupied Territories

Violations against rights of nationalistic crime suspects must be monitored

No Comments 13 September 2016

RHR to Israel’s Internal Security Service: Human rights violations against those suspected of nationalistic crimes and terrorism must be monitored. Continue Reading

Field Reports, Occupied Territories

Road blockages disrupt lives of 90,000 Palestinians in Northern West Bank

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Blockages and barricades in a number of Palestinian villages in the Northern West Bank have disrupted the lives of 90,000 people since Monday evening. The action is an unreasonable form of collective punishment in response to claims by the army of stone throwing on Route 60.    Rabbis for Human Rights has written an urgent request to the army to remove the barricades immediately since they  are disproportionate and in contradiction to a High Court of Justice decision. In addition to disrupting day to day life, the barricades may delay the movement of those in need of medical assistance.

UPDATE [September 11 2016]:

Blockages of Palestinian villages in northern West Bank mostly removed.

Yesterday [Saturday Sept 10 2016], the Israel army removed the major roadblocks disrupting the lives of Palestinians in the Huwara area of the northern West Bank. A small number of the blockages remain on backroads. As part of our ongoing work, Rabbis for Human Rights will pressure the army to also remove them. We will continue to monitor the situation on the ground, observing if the roadblocks will be returned after the celebration of the Muslim holiday of Eid el-Adha.

Below: Children  forced to take a detour when returning to their homes

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Below: Blockages at the entrance to Palestinian village of Burin

IMG-20160906-WA0003 (1)


Photos:  Zakaria Sadah, Rabbis for Human Rights field worker

Parasha / E-Letter

Weekly parasha: A Unity of Differences

No Comments 06 September 2016

In her commentary to Parashat Shoftim, Rabbi Mira Raz shows us that just as we must pursue balance, justice and equality in our laws and our society, we must also pursue such within ourselves.   

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Justice in Israel

Initial Progress on Recouping Bail Fees

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Although there is still no explanation as to how one can recoup bail fees on the Israeli police website,  we have discovered that now there is a system for tracking the status of the bail funds paid by uncharged suspects.

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Legal Work, Occupied Territories, Press Releases

Lieberman expresses desire to come to agreed upon solution regarding Susya

No Comments 04 September 2016

We are pleased to hear Minister of Defense Lieberman’s statement on his desire to come to an agreed upon solution in regards to the Palestinian village of Susya. We hope that behind this rhetoric of reconciliation stands a sincere intention to find a just solution and not an attempt to divert criticism. Continue Reading

Justice in Israel

Response of the Forum for the Struggle Against Poverty to the Approval of the State Budget

No Comments 01 September 2016

The Forum for the Struggle Against Poverty calls upon the Government to act on its promise to implement the recommendations of the “Committee for Combatting Poverty,”  leading to a steady decline in the extent and depth of poverty and the expansion of equal opportunities. Continue Reading

Parasha / E-Letter

Weekly Parasha: All who are thirsty come to the water…

No Comments 31 August 2016

In this week’s Dvar Torah, Rabbi Jeremy Milgrom reminds us that despite all the human rights abuses swirling around us, there are still stories of success where the rights of the most vulnerable are protected. Continue Reading

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