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February 21: Knesset Day for the Struggle Against Poverty

No Comments 19 February 2017

A new study on the right to live in dignity for families of various configurations, released by Israel’s National Insurance and the first of its kind by a governmental body, will be revealed during the main event of the Knesset’s Day for the Struggle Against Poverty on February 21 2017.   In the light of this new index,  government benefits as well as minimum wage rates can be assessed. The Day for the Struggle Against Poverty is the fruit of cooperation between the Forum for the Struggle Against Poverty, of which Rabbis for Human Rights is an active member,  and Members of Knesset from various parties. Continue Reading

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Weekly parasha: Two different concepts

No Comments 15 February 2017

In her commentary to Parashat Yitro, Rabbi Mira Raz explores what it means to be a “treasured people.” How can the Jewish people strive to respond to complex situations with an “understanding heart” so that they may reach their destiny as a light unto nations? Continue Reading

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Police commissioner must be investigated on suspicion of incitement & false statements

1 Comment 14 February 2017


Rabbis for Human Rights to police internal affairs: Investigate Police Commissioner on suspicion of incitement and false statements regarding Umm al Hiran Continue Reading

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Tu B’Shevat tree planting 5777: Trees of Hope in Turmous Ayya & Umm al Hiran!

1 Comment 13 February 2017

In honor of Tu B’Shevat, the Jewish “new year” for the trees, Rabbis for Human Rights once again brought Israeli and international volunteers to plant “trees of hope” as an act of solidarity against Jewish extremism and discrimination against “the other.” Continue Reading

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RHR calls upon int’l community to prepare for when two-state solution becomes unachievable

No Comments 09 February 2017

PRESS RELEASE | February 8 2017

Jerusalem: In a letter to several international bodies,  Israeli Human Rights NGO Rabbis for Human Rights is calling to draft a framework for human rights for the day when the two-state solution becomes unachievable. Amongst the recipients of the letter are officials in charge of human rights and\or foreign affairs in the American administration, European Union and the United Nations. Continue Reading

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Weekly Parasha: Jewish ethics of warfare

No Comments 07 February 2017

Certain passages in the Torah strike a “triumphalist” war-like tone that makes many of us uncomfortable. As revealed by Rabbi Ron Kronish in his commentary to Parashat Beshalach, these feelings are not new to our people, and in fact, the rabbis of the Talmudic period — who established our tradition as it is today — offered creative, humanistic interpretation that must be remembered today. 

Pharaoh's army engulfed by the sea. By Frederick Arthur Bridgman

Pharaoh’s army engulfed by the sea. By Frederick Arthur Bridgman. Public domain

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The flexibility of Umm al Hiran Residents vs the government’s intransigence

No Comments 05 February 2017

On January 18 2017, the Israeli government attempted to begin erasing the entire Bedouin Israeli village of Umm al Hiran in order to build a Jewish community on the rubble. The attempt had disastrous results for both Bedouin and Jews, of which the details are still unclear. Rabbis for Human Rights mourns these painful killings, wishes a speedy recovery to the injured, and calls for a commission to investigate fully the events of this morning. We also call on the government to seek a resolution that is just and acceptable to the residents of Umm al-Hiran regarding the future of their village.

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How much is left after rent?

No Comments 05 February 2017

At Rabbis for Human Rights’ socio-economic rights center in Hadera, Rabbi Idit Lev sat with two different men. Continue Reading

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Weekly parasha: Strength of hand or a strengthening hand?

No Comments 31 January 2017

When faced with conflict, is using power, force and shock necessary in order to drive home a point? In his Dvar Torah to Parashat Bo, Rabbi Peretz Rodman examines the wisdom of choosing to use a strong hand. Continue Reading

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February 10: Tu B’Shevat tree planting with Palestinians and Bedouin!

No Comments 30 January 2017


Rabbis for Human Rights invites you to celebrate Tu B’Shevat with us on February 10th at our annual tree planting with Palestinians in the occupied territories, and at Bedouin village Umm al Hiran! 

Tu BShevat flier EnglishJPEG2

Rabbis for Human Rights will hold tree planting events in order to celebrate the Jewish “New Year of the Trees” (Tu B’Shevat) in a West Bank Palestinian village where olive trees were uprooted, and in the unrecognized Bedouin village of Umm al-Hiran in the Negev. The event in Umm Al Hiran will be held in a partnership with the Negev Recognition Forum and Oz Veshalom-Netivot Shalom, the Orthodox-Jewish religious peace organization; and Rabbinical students from T’ruah: The Rabbinic Call for Human Rights, will participate in the event. Both events will take place on Friday February 10th.

Event in the West Bank

Every year, Rabbis for Human Rights donates olive trees to Palestinian villages where extremist settlers have previously uprooted or destroyed olive trees. Once again on Tu B’Shevat of 5777 [2017], we will join these farmers in the field, helping them put the trees in the ground.

Together with volunteers from both Israel and from Jewish communities across the world, we show a different face of Judaism and express our condemnation of the injustice perpetrated against Palestinian farmers and their agriculture. Returning trees to the ground acts as a powerful symbol of hope for peace between the two peoples!

Olive trees are integral to life in the West Bank. According to OCHA , around 183,000 hectares of land in occupied territories are cultivated for agriculture, nearly half of it for olive trees, mostly in the North and Northwest West Bank. “Between 80,000 and 100,000 families are said to rely on olives and olive oil for primary or secondary sources of income and the sector employs large numbers of unskilled laborers and approximately 15 per cent of working women.” Olive trees connect the Palestinian people to their land and their ancestors, provide income and substance for generations, and are an important symbol of Palestinian culture.

Transportation leaving from Tel Aviv and Jerusalem at 8am with an estimated return at 2pm. It will be available based on the number of participants who sign up. RSVP REQUIRED!!!!  Register here 

Facebook event here

The Tree Planting event in Umm El Hiran:

This coming Friday (10/2) 14th of Shvat, we will also conduct a symbolic tree planting in the yard of the mosque in Umm El Hiran at 10.00 a.m. We will be there to strengthen and express our solidarity to the community.

The unrecognized Bedouin village has recently been in the news because of the Israeli Government`s plan to expel its residents to the township of Hura; and also because of the tragic death there of a police officer and a resident of the village in the action to begin the destruction of the village.

The planting is in cooperation with “Negev Recognition Forum” and with the “Oz VeShalom” movement; and Rabbinical students from T’ruah: The Rabbinic Call for Human Rights, will participate in the event.

Transportation & registration  From Beit Shmuel, Jerusalem on Friday, 8:00 a.m. It is possible to contact our office tel. 02-6482757 regarding possible transportation from other places and we will inform you if there will be transportation from Tel Aviv. To sign up, please call our office at 02 -6482757 or email at info@rhr.israel.net.


Not in the area or can’t make it? Donate a tree instead! Just $10 purchases an olive sapling. Go here to donate, and be sure to choose “olive tree campaign” in the pull down menu titled projects.

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