Human Rights in the Occupied Territories

“Justice, justice, shall you pursue” Deuteronomy 16:20

RHR’s Department of Palestinian Rights in the Occupied Territories works to protect the rights of Palestinians and Bedouins in the West Bank and East Jerusalem. One of our strongest focuses is ensuring Palestinian farmers safe access to their lands throughout the agricultural year, and we also engage in the promotion of the rights of the Jahalin Bedouin, near Maaleh Adumim. Finally,  we have also been active in East Jerusalem (particularly in Silwan and Sheikh Jarrah) on issues of housing discrimination, home demolitions, and evictions.

Olive Harvest and the Agricultural Year

OlivesOct13-4We work with approximately 35 villages in the West Bank, particularly during the olive harvest season, when we bring bus loads of volunteers to harvest olives with Palestinian farmers. This occurs in areas of conflict or tension with Israeli settlers and/or where there are issues of access with the Israeli army. More on the olive harvest

Jahalin Bedouin

JahalinkidsWe also promote the rights of the Jahalin Bedouin, near Maaleh Adumim. Currently, we are engaged in advocacy against plans to relocate them to an area around a garbage dump in Abu Dis. We also promote their rights to education, run a year-round afterschool program at Al Jabal, assist in summer camp  programs in multiple locations, and,  with the Italian NGO Viento de Terra, helped build a school. More on the Jalahin Bedouin

Tag Meir Coalition (“Bright Tag”)

tagmeirRHR is a proud member of the Tag Meir Coalition, founded in 2011 in response to the vandalism and destruction committed under the name “Price Tag.” Tag Meir acts as a voice of tolerance and respect by organizing acts of solidarity with victims and communities who have been targeted by radical extremists. More on Tag Meir

Field Reports

burningolivetreesBy maintaining a presence in the field during the agricultural seasons, monitoring implementation of various court rulings, and remaining connected to Palestinian communities,  we are able to inform the Israeli public and the international community about the complicated realities of the West Bank. More on field reports


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