RHR’s Legal Department

“Faithfulness and Truth shall meet, Justice and Peace embrace; Truth sprouts from the earth, Justice looks down from heaven.” – Psalms 85: 11-12

For over a decade, RHR has worked to legally prevent or reverse the takeover of Palestinian lands, ensure Palestinian farmers can safely work, and stop forced displacement of communities by freezing wide-spread demolition orders. Our innovative approach utilizing field workers as the “eyes and ears” of our legal team has allowed us to monitor, in nearly real-time, developments on the ground as well as the implementation of court rulings. The work of Rabbis for Human Rights’ legal team has returned Palestinian farmers from places like Yatta, Jennata and Jalud to their lands, and has prevented the demolitions of hundreds of structures in villages like Susiya, Dkeika & Safai.

Some of our cases in the Occupied Territories include intervention to allow critical road access for isolated Palestinian villages in the South Hebron Hills, protecting Palestinians’ right to earn a livelihood through agricultural work, preventing and reversing land take-overs, securing the cultural and human rights of Palestinians living in the Israeli occupied areas of Hebron, and protecting the rights of Palestinian minors.

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