RHR’s Legal Department

“Faithfulness and Truth shall meet, Justice and Peace embrace; Truth sprouts from the earth, Justice looks down from heaven.” – Psalms 85: 11-12

RHR’s Legal Department was established in 2004 and today includes lawyers & volunteer field activists. The department deals with cases in various areas of the West Bank with a  focus on the South Hebron Hills area. We provide consultation and legal representation to Palestinians on issues of access to private lands, prevention of and evacuation during land take over, policy planning, home demolitions and human rights violations in the territories. The legal services include ongoing follow up with the legal authorities, the army, and the police as well as appeals to the High Court and to committees of the Civil Administration.

Securing Palestinian Farmer’s Access to their Lands

3479_431558590239238_333188035_nAlthough without legal basis, access of farmers to their lands is systematically prevented by settlers and security forces. Despite our legal victory in 2006, violent extremists use intimidation methods, threats with weapons, crop destruction, and physical violence to expel Palestinian farmers and shepherds from their lands.  

Planning and Home Demolitions Policy in the West Bank

a800px-Starr_020323-0034_Prosopis_pallida-500x300 International law requires the conquering state to maintain public order and ensure the welfare of the conquered residents through planning. Despite this, the planning and building policy in the West Bank does not allow the Palestinians to receive building permits. Without other options, Palestinians are forced to build illegally, which leads to administrative home demolitions.

 Appeals based on International and Human Rights Law 

The legal department appeals against  international and human rights law violations by the State of Israel and the Israeli authorities in the Occupied Territories. For example, appeals on the issues of the separation fence, “security” barriers in the West Bank, permanent residency in the seam area and expelling residents from their villages, were submitted.

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