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Report: 20 Israeli extremists attack Palestinian tractor with driver inside

0 Comments 06 March 2018

BREAKING: Palestinians report that about one hour ago (March 6 2018), twenty extremists descended from the Yitzhar settlement towards Palestinian village Einabus and attacked a tractor with the Palestinian driver inside. According to the driver’s testimony, he feared that the assailants, armed with knives, would try to stab him. Despite being able to run them over in the tractor, he acted with restraint.

The tractor was damaged, and the driver was not injured. RHR field director Zakaria Sadeh is on-site with the DCO (local authorities of the Israeli army in charge of contact with Palestinians) to help investigate the incident.

UPDATE: RHR has sent a letter to the army demanding this incident be investigated.

Haaretz: Israeli Soldiers Filmed doing Nothing as Settlers Attack Palestinians

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