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Israeli detective charged with beating Palestinian minor to elicit confession

2 Comments 12 March 2018

An accidental voice recording revealed that a police officer allegedly beat a Palestinian minor into falsely confessing to throwing stones. The Justice Ministry has accused him of the relatively minor offense of assault without aggravating circumstances.

Israeli police car. Credit: By Gellerj – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0

Israeli news outlet Haaretz broke the story of a detective who documented the interrogation of 17-year-old Mohammad Shakir. The Justice Ministry decided to prosecute him for a relatively minor offense of assault, as opposed to aggravated assault, and he continues to serve in the police. Rabbis for Human Rights Palestinian field director Zakaria Sadah assisted in the facilitation of the case.

From the article:

“The two were handed over to the police. Shakir was questioned at the police station in Kadima by Gigi, who according to his own indictment tried to force Shakir to confess to trying to hit Israeli-owned vehicles. When he refused, Gigi roughly shoved Shakir off the chair, yelled at him to get up and slapped his face when he stood up. As a result, Shakir gave Gigi the desired confession. ‘I confessed because he beat me,’ the teen told his lawyer, only after she asked him about it when she listened to the recording.”

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  1. Ann Sprayregen says:

    is a little something better than nothing?

  2. Philip McFedries says:

    How much more can Israel [with American help] sweep under the carpet???

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