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Three recent incidents of extremist settler violence against Palestinians

1 Comment 25 February 2018

In the first clip (see below), an extremist runs into Palestinian agricultural area and shoots into the air despite no apparent threat. He turns and retreats, his body language seems relaxed and unthreatened. Other extremist settlers appear, throwing rocks. The extremist continues to curse, and Israeli soldiers above him ignore the situation, appearing indifferent.

In another scene, extremist settlers throw stones at a Palestinian house in the same village.

In the final clip, extremist settlers throw rocks at Palestinian farmers in an olive grove, while an Israeli soldier throws stun grenades at them instead of arresting the attackers and the trespasses.

These three incidents took place this past weekend (Feb 23-24 2018) in the Palestinian village of Burin, near the Yitzhar settlement and the illegal Givat Ronen outpost. Footage was captured by Yesh Din and Rabbis for Human Rights.

Rabbis for Human Rights will continue to demand answers from the military authorities in the face of this lawlessness and disregard for the security of Palestinians.

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  1. Ann Sprayregen says:

    disgusting behavior..they have identified with, not learned lessons of freedom and humanity from their oppressors throughout the centuries,,,and backed by the IDF, they are cowards

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