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Friday: Tree planting in the occupied territories with Palestinians!

0 Comments 05 February 2018

Extremist settlers  try to destroy their agriculture  — but this Friday Israelis, Jews, and Palestinians will come together in the Jewish spirit of Tu B’Shevat to replant!

Tu B’Shevat, the Jewish holiday for tree planting, has just passed but the spirit of the holiday remains with us. This Friday we will honor its meaning and remember how we are obligated to treat the “stranger” by  joining a Palestinian village in the Northern West Bank for a special solidarity tree planting. We will go to a village where Israeli extremists have previously tried to destroy their agriculture, bring them olive saplings to donate, and help them put the trees in ground while conveying a powerful message of empathy and hope for a time when we may all live safely in fellowship and dignity.

Transportation from Jerusalem Liberty Bell Park. Depart 8 am and return around 12 noon. Register for transportation with our office: 02-6482757

Not in the area? Donate a tree instead! $10 buys one sapling! 


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