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Clarification regarding issue of asylum seekers in light of media misrepresentation

1 Comment 30 January 2018

Contrary to the impression created by various media publications, Rabbis for Human Rights is not calling for the public to hide asylum seekers or violate the law in any  way.   Together with the Shalom Hartman Institute, we organized a conference on the Jewish moral responsibility  regarding asylum seekers. At the end there was a time devoted for audience members to express themselves.   In this context, a proposal was made to conceal asylum seekers. This proposal is not an initiative of Rabbis for Human Rights and not part of our activity.

Moreover, for the avoidance of doubt, Rabbis for Human Rights strongly disapproves of language that creates a parallel between Israel and the Nazi regime with regard to the issue of asylum seekers. The issue of deporting asylum seekers – a deportation to which we oppose – is important and painful enough in and of itself, and it should be considered  a major moral issue facing us as a Jewish and democratic state.

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  1. I think your organisation deserves huge praise.
    I agree that there is no direct parallel between Israel and the Nazi regime. BUT I have to question how a Jewish state, conscious of the unspeakable horrors of the holocaust, so cruelly oppresses Palestinian people and continues to extend illegal Israeli settlements into stolen Palestinian land . It is immeasurably sad that Mr Netanyahu and his government can get away with this travesty of justice. I have been to Israel and Palestine more than once and have witnessed what is happening and have wept for the poor Palestinian people in the same way I wept for the Jewish people in Europe during the second world war. Two wrongs do not make a right. But I have been heartened to meet up with many brave Jewish people who are working for justice for their downtrodden fellow citizens. AS a citizen of a country which suffered more than its share of persecution and deprivation I salute those who seek after justice and fair play for all, whether they be Jewish, Moslem, Christian or atheist. Every good luck with your wonderful work.

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