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RHR to Shaked: Use influence to call for investigation into beating of Palestinian

0 Comments 20 December 2017


Rabbis for Human Rights calls for the military authorities to investigate a video documenting Israeli soldiers beating a bound Palestinian, and appealed to Minister of Justice Ayelet Shaked to use her influence to ensure the case is fully investigated, as she did when she called for an investigation into Breaking the Silence’s spokesperson.

Yesterday, Tuesday December 19th, Rabbis for Human Rights wrote to Col. Eyal Toledano, the legal advisor to Judea and Samaria, demanding an investigation into an incident documented by the ISM and published by journalist and blogger John Brown.  According to Brown, the video was filmed in Hebron last Thursday (December 14 2017). During the videos we see soldiers assault a handcuffed Palestinian, kneeing him in the face and knees and elbowing him in the head. In order to ensure that a thorough investigation will take place, RHR contacted the Minister of Justice, Ayelet Shaked due to her interest in ending the phenomenon of violence against Palestinians following her call for an investigation into Breaking the Silence spokesperson Dean Isaccharson, after he testified that he assaulted a Palestinian.

The letter to Shaked states, inter alia:

“In the past, you publicly called to investigate former army officer Dean Issacharoff regarding his testimony to Breaking the Silence, and made it clear that ‘the IDF is the most moral army in the world and incidents of violence must be investigated and dealt with.'”

“We are certain that you, who draws your worldview from the Jewish tradition, will act with determination to advance our common values ​​worthy of a Jewish state.”

“In fact, the case documented in this video is even more serious than the case described by Dean Issacharoff, which you called for him to be interrogated over.”

“Issacharoff described violence against a Palestinian who resisted his arrest, whereas in the current video the Palestinian is beaten while already in handcuffs.”

“We are sure that you agree that the rights of those who lack political power and representation in the Knesset are easily neglected, and we hope that this time your influential public voice will be used to promote our values”

Rabbis for Human Rights also understands that in the current political and media climate, this call may be regarded as an attempt to bait or tease, but this is not our intention: “We sincerely hope that you will see this as an opportunity to take advantage of the situation to clarify a principled  moral position. The moral stance needs to inform the political/ policy stance related to issues of jurisdiction in Judea and Samaria. This kind of violence must be publicly condemned from all sides of the political spectrum even when soldiers are dealing with a complicated and complex security reality.”

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