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RHR to legal advisor: Investigate tv host Avri Gilad for suspicion of incitement to violence

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Rabbis for Human Rights in letter to Israel’s Legal Advisor: Investigate television morning host Avri Gilad on suspicion of incitement

Avri Gilad By Self – Own work, Public Domain

The letter follows Gilad’s remarks on Channel 13’s morning program ostensibly implying support for collective violence against residents of Palestinian village of Kusra.

Yesterday, Monday, December 4th 2017, Rabbis for Human Rights sent a letter to Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit requesting the opening of an investigation of television host Avri Gilad for incitement following his apparent call for violence against the Palestinian residents of the village Kusra. The incident followed an event where the details are still being clarified in which a group of settlers with their children were attacked by Palestinians, and a Palestinian was shot and killed, apparently by one of the settlers.

The letter was sent by the director of the legal department of Rabbis for Human Rights, Yair Nehorai.

Rabbis for Human Rights have been proving protective presence and agricultural assistance to the village of Kusra for years. The call for violence against the residents of the village may be incitement, and it is certainly a call to take the law into ones’ own hands. But, more than that, the call to collective and indiscriminate action against all residents of the village is a call to harm innocent people. In an atmosphere where extremists are increasingly receiving support, the call of a figure considered to be relatively mainstream, such as Avri Gilad, is likely to give a wide-spread sense in the public that acts like these are legitimate. In addition, with these calls, tension has escalated in the region and God forbid there be additional violence & blood spilled. Only yesterday were we informed of another violent incident between Palestinians and settlers in the area of ​​Kusra, whose details will be clarified later on.

It must also be noted that the immoral call for collective violence of the kind advocated by Gilad is particularly morally twisted considering that even the settlers who were attacked during the incident claim that some of the Palestinian residents of Kusra acted in their defense. As a result of incitement, Palestinians who protected settlers from violence one day may be attacked by settlers simply for being residents of Kusra the next day.

Read full letter here [Hebrew]

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