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Court’s Message: Violent attacks on human rights workers are worth it

0 Comments 18 December 2017

Before leaving Rabbis for Human Rights (RHR), Rabbi Arik Ascherman, then serving as RHR’s president, experienced a violent attack which was filmed by our field director Zakaria Sadah. This Saturday night (December 16th) the Magistrate’s Court in Petach Tikvah ruled that the youth will not be handed a criminal sentence.

We certainly accept the principle that when it comes to minors, rehabilitation is preferable to punishment. At the same time, conviction is not necessarily a threat to rehabilitation but rather also a statement to the public. A non-conviction in criminal cases sends the message that a crime has not been committed. This is a harmful message to send Israeli democracy, which is already struggling with the difficult question of how to deal with youth being incited to violence whose dangerous actions are not sufficiently addressed by the system.


The Times of Israel: Community service for settler teen who attacked activist rabbi at knifepoint


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