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WATCH: Rabbi Idit Lev on social justice work, poverty & recent urban renewal victories

0 Comments 20 November 2017

Rabbi Idit Lev is the director of Rabbis for Human Rights’ socio-economic justice program. 


She is extremely active in the struggle to enshrine the Jewish values of social justice into Israeli legislation. Her work together with many partners throughout the country brings the voices of women, people living in poverty, Arabs, the disabled and more to the Knesset. She is a sought after guest on Israeli radio and television and an authority in Israel today on the nation’s fight against poverty. RHR is extremely proud of the many legislative, policy, and direct service successes we have made in the struggle to fight economic inequality and ensure a life of dignity for all Israelis. In the following short clips, Rabbi Lev discusses the cycle of poverty in Israel, the way in which Rabbis for Human Rights works to make change in the Knesset, and one of our recent successes ensuring the protection of vulnerable Israelis living in areas undergoing urban renewal.

Special thanks to Joy Howse of Canadian Friends of Rabbis for Human Rights for footage.


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