Update: Contribution to RHR withheld by the bank finally transferred to us

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An update from Rabbis for Human Rights regarding the withholding of funds from us by Bank Hapoalim and their eventual transfer early this week

Bank HaPoalim. By יעקב - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0

Bank HaPoalim. By יעקב – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0

If you recall a few weeks ago,  Haaretz covered how a large donation from a foundation headed by a Jewish businessman — a partner to Rabbis for Human Rights for many years— was delayed by Bank Hapoalim. At the time of publication, one of the grounds for delaying the donation on the part of the bank was their demand for a special document from the Income Tax Authority. We do not have this document nor are we required to in order to receive donations under the law.

Additionally, the bank did not provide us with a list of the documents they demanded of us. Only after multiple requests and a delay of weeks were we finally given such a document; prior to that,  each time we provided a requested document, we were met with a new demand for additional documentation. Had we received a complete list of necessary and relevant documents shortly following the transfer of money from the donor to the bank, we would have quickly and gladly produced what was needed, the donation would have been transferred to us after a reasonable amount of time, and the organization would not have been harmed. We regret this conduct by Bank Hapoalim, which turned what could have been a short and simple process into a long and damaging one.

These are unnecessary barriers along the path of the struggle for the moral character of the State of Israel.

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