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Preliminary Palestinian testimony regarding shooting of farmer by settler near Kusra

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The following testimony was given by Palestinian residents of Kusra to Zakaria Sadah, head of the field department at Rabbis for Human Rights:

Illegal outpost of Esh Kodesh. By Oren Rozen – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

According to Kusra residents, a Palestinian farmer was shot and killed today while in a private grove belonging to him. The residents claim that at the time, the farmer was accompanied as he worked on the land only by his 6 year old son; no other Palestinians were present. According to the Palestinians, the child called residents of the village from his father’s cell phone to notify them his father, wounded and still conscious at the time, had been shot. Following the phone call, hundreds of Palestinians rushed to the scene and threw stones.

Rabbis for Human Rights calls upon the security forces to exhaust all means of inquiry and questioning in order to get to the root of the circumstances of this unfortunate incident. Enough details have been provided to permit an effective investigative and inquiry into the truth. RHR strongly opposes violence, especially against civilians.

Times of Israel: Settlers attacked during West Bank hike, shoot Palestinian dead

UPDATE: Palestinian Report: Settlers attack Palestinian village of Kusra, injuries reported

Palestinians reported on Thursday (December 30) to Rabbis for Human Rights’ director of field work, Zakaria Sadah, that dozens of settlers went to the entrance of the Palestinian village Kusra and threw stones, breaking the windows of an ambulance. They also reported that a home was hit by a firebomb, and that tear gas and stun grenades were employed by the army. Children present in the homes hit by the grenades were injured. No serious injuries were reported.

Earlier in the day, a Palestinian was shot and killed and another wounded. According to the reports, the shooting came in the context of violent attacks and stone throwing by Palestinians against a group of settlers and children on a hike. Several settlers were reported injured. According to the Palestinian report, the incident took place on privately owned Palestinian land.

Rabbis for Human Rights will try to obtain a more accurate picture of the circumstances of these unfortunate events.

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