Donate today & receive a beautiful bag embroidered by Palestinian Bedouin women!

4 Comments 26 November 2017

Help us honor the Image of God in EVERY human being!

Today is #GivingTuesday — a global day dedicated to coming together as a world community in the spirit of giving back and making the world a better place!


To make the day extra special, Rabbis for Human Rights is offering a special gift to the first 10 individuals who donate $100 or more. Give now and receive a beautiful bag hand-embroidered by Jahalin Bedouin women from Jabal al Jahalin, just outside Jerusalem in the occupied territories.

In addition, IsraelGives will donate an additional 2% on top of every donation made on #GivingTuesday!

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Your generous #GivingTuesday gift will promote human rights in so many ways! It will…

  • Instill life-long values of human rights & justice in over 500 post-secondary Israelis enrolled in our Judaism & human rights academies each year
  • Restore hundreds of olive saplings to dozens of Palestinian farmers whose trees were ripped up, chopped down, burned or otherwise destroyed by extremist settlers
  • Increase the economic potential of and spread a love for learning for Jahalin Bedouin mothers and teachers in Wadi Katif through English language classes
  • Safeguard the right of Palestinians to earn a livelihood by ensure farmers with agricultural lands in areas prone to settler violence such as the illegal outposts Avigayil and Havat Gilad & the Itamar settlement can safely work their lands as Israeli law mandates
  • Fight for the dignity & social rights of hundreds of disadvantaged Israelis facing impenetrable bureaucracy, unscrupulous companies, and discriminatory policy
  • Amplify the voices of Israelis living in poverty to law-makers & demand the Jewish tradition of social justice be enshrined within Israeli policy
  • Demand extremist settlers stop imposing their radical worldview on the holy city of Hebron &
    stand up against the legitimization of a policy that pushes Palestinians out of the Israeli controlled area of Hebron
  • Bring a smile to the face of more than 200 Jahalin Bedouin children, all of whom live in poverty, and many of whom live under the threat of home demolitions and unsafe environmental conditions, through afterschool activities & summer camp programs and excursions.

Join the global movement for a day dedicated to making the world a better place! GIVE TODAY!

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