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3 Palestinians assaulted during army coordinated olive harvest

2 Comments 08 November 2017

3 Palestinians assaulted by Israeli extremists during army coordinated olive harvest, one lightly injured


At around 10 AM today November 8th, three Palestinians were assaulted by Israeli extremists as they harvested olives near the Palestinian village of Urif, not far from the Yitzhar settlement. The work was previously coordinated with the Israeli army. Police and army forces arrived after the attack and dressed the wound of an elderly farmer who was slightly wounded in the face. Rabbis for Human Rights assisted the Palestinians in filing complaints of the assault with the Israeli authorities. 

Just last week, settlers from Yitzhar delayed Palestinian farmers despite prior coordination with the army, and threatened them — in front of Israeli security forces — with violence and tree uprooting. No one was arrested. Rabbis for Human Rights’ calls on the security forces to make their best efforts to restore security in the region without violating human rights.


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  1. Herbert Grossman says:

    Omitted from the account is that the olive trees were not planted on the historic agricultural grounds for these Arabs but were planted as a political weapon to surround the settlement and prevent its lawful expansion. Usually, when harvesting the olives on what is really no-man’s-land, the Arabs bring along goons to attack the settlers who justifiably resist the political inspired interference with their lawful rights by Arabs falsely pretending that the land has historically been their’s.

  2. Rabbi Arik Ascherman says:

    Herbert, here are hundreds of photographs, legal decisions and documents to support the RHR post. Please show proof of your false contentions

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