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Volunteers needed: Join us in the olive groves & ensure a safe & smooth harvest!

2 Comments 11 October 2017

This year we are blessed with a large and bountiful crop, and Palestinian farmers in areas threatened by extremist violence and army interference need your help harvesting!

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Our presence with the olive farmers deters extremist settlers from violence while ensuring the army does not place unnecessary and unfair restrictions and limitations on the farmers’ right to harvest.  The harvest also provides a unique opportunity to meet Palestinian farmers while helping them document an incidents where their rights are violated.

Starting Monday October 16th we will once again bring volunteers with us to harvest side-by-side in solidarity with Palestinian farmers. We will likely be going out for the entire month of October going into November.

Join us in the groves, get your hands dirty, and help enable a safe and fruitful olive harvest season!

To sign up, call our office at 02 648 2757 or email us at [email protected]

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  1. Leanore Lieblein says:

    An Israeli friend tells me he is “not allowed” to go into the West Bank, or even if allowed would be afraid of jeopardizing his (I’m not sure what). Am I correct that this is not the case. My recollection was that there were Israelis on the bus that left Jerusalem for the olive harvest.
    / Leanore

  2. Hi Leanore – Israelis can and do go. We will only be in Area C where Israelis are permitted entry. Area A is the area where Israelis are not permitted.

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