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A (rainy) day of harvesting olives in the Yanoun Valley

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Rabbi Yehiel Grenimann, the director of Organizational Development at Rabbis for Human Rights (RHR), reflects on his experience taking out volunteers for the olive harvest early this season. Rabbi Grenimann has been involved with RHR in a number of capacities since its founding in 1988 and has developed meaningful relationships with Palestinians and Bedouin individuals all over the region, as reflected in his words below. 

Rabbi Yehiel Grenimann shelters from the rain in the Yanoun Valley with RHR volunteers and Palestinians

Rabbi Yehiel Grenimann shelters from the rain in the Yanoun Valley with RHR volunteers and Palestinians

We went out to the olive harvest (“the masik“) early on Monday October 9th,  I with two volunteers in my car from Jerusalem, and three that joined us from the central region (Rosh Haayin train station). We divided into two groups, one went to the Yanoun valley near the village of Awarta (opposite the Itamar settlement), while the other climbed the hill to an olive field of the Kufar Kalil village, near Bracha settlement. This second group was just below a new radical outpost in the olive grove that had been a source of attacks against the olive pickers and the army the day before — one of the main reasons we went out earlier than originally planned. After about two hours of work it begin to rain (pour!).  We (all the group) found shelter in an old abandoned building in the Yanoun valley until the rain stopped. There were no problems with the settlers that day… Although we were all soaked and the day’s picking ended early we were in good spirits and enjoyed having coffee with the Palestinian villagers. It was special for me to hear from one of the young men there that he remembered me picking olives with his father nearby when he was a boy.

Want to get involved? Join us for the olive harvest in the occupied territories and help ensure that Palestinian farmers complete their harvest safely! To join call our office at 02 648 2757

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